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Not very common I get around to outfit posts two days in a row!  I got my new Blowfish sandals in yesterday and just couldnt wait to wear them!  These ones are called Sea Dream, ahhh...  I cannot say enough good things about Blowfish.  Seriously love their shoes.  AND this amazing necklace and bracelet from Spiral DriftThe bracelet has the sun and moon etched into it.  I highly recommend this girls work! 
*yes I painted my toes just for these shoes*

<<< outfit details >>>
sweater - thrifted
tank - friends garage sale
pants - friends garage sale
shoes - c/o blowfish
necklace & bracelet - spiral drift



  1. ooooh goodness, those are SO pretty! i love the pattern and they are definitely your style.

    i totally agree, i can't believe how comfortable blowfish shoes are...i've been an advocate since i was in high school and got my first pair. i've sworn by them because you never have to break them in...they're just THAT comfy!

  2. just gorgeous print on that shirt and the shoes, I'd paint my toes to wear them too.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  3. Definitely loooving that top!

  4. Ah! I must have those shoes! :)

  5. those are fantastic!! so are you..as always! xoxoxo

  6. Spiral drift has such lovely things! I love your choices. Their tribal style and Midwestern feel is perfect. I love the bags they have too. Great pics!

  7. Those shoes...I'm in love! You are the perfect example of eclectic fashion. You make everything just work together so nicely!

    PS This is my first comment here. I'm officially not a lurker anymore! :-D

  8. Laura! I always love your outfits, but this is the first time (ok, well second if you count your yellow polka dot cardigan) I've ever truly truly wanted something you own--your top! The shoes are super cute too, but I really love that top. What a lucky find you've found!

    And I am a big proponent of toenail painting. I think the longest I've gone without having color on my toenails is probably a week--out of the past like 12 years. It's just normal for me ; ]

  9. Aaahhh, your top has elephants on it! I love it!

    Those shoes are pretty sweet looking too. I'm a Blowfish virgin ... I might need to do something about that.

    Wow, Blowfish virgin? ... That sounds scandalous.

  10. I love youre sense of style!
    fashonhypnotised girl

  11. You are SO pretty and I love this outfit!!! I also love hole-y jeans. Most of my family - okay, all of my family, except Jen - give me dirty looks whenever I wear hole-y jeans. Like I'm "dirty" or something... I love them! When I wear them I feel care free and relaxed. I feel down to earth. And they're all naturally worn through with love!!!

  12. Such a great look. Found you via Flowerchild (loved your guest post). So glad I did! :) Love your blog.

  13. ADORABLE! I am loving your outfit. This feels real. I like outfit posts most of the time, but sometimes, they are just too unrealistic for me. This is something I know I would wear and you are totally rocking it! :) Oh and gorgeous lighting btw :)



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