Homeade pop tart picnic >>>

Yesterday afternoon I made the homeade pop tarts that were featured on A Beautiful Mess a few weeks ago. Ive been thinking about them ever since that post!  And I finally got a day available to do so.  I made the apple and pumpkin ones.  And I wore my adorable purple crocheted apron the Amber from Hoot-n-Annie made me!!!  It was a beautiful day outside yesterday, so I decided to turn it into a picnic (dinner).  Maybe not the best idea to have pop tarts and milk for dinner, we both got tummy aches afterwards, but it was so good and so fun!  And Violet tried her best to get in on the fun as well.  James and I have been dreaming lately of how we want to fix up the back yard next year.  We havent done much with it yet since weve only been here for half a year (I cant believe its already been that long).  But we dream of a back covered deck, a full garden, lots of plants and colorful trees, little pathways and green grass.  One day...

Have I said lately how much I love my husband???  He is the most adorable boy I know.  And so so sweet to me.  I love him so much I could pop.



Behind the scenes >>>

Behind the scenes in camera shots...  I just dont think Ill ever get over my love affair with camera photos.  There is just something about so simplistically perfect about them.  See those cookies below?  Ive been eating them by the handful everyday!  Somebody stop me!  Today I am allowing myself to take it easy.  Ill still be working, but at my own pace.  

Today is the last day Ill be accepting sponsor submissions, which also means I need all of the info submitted by today as well.  Next month is going to be off the hook with sponsors and giveaways!  And today is also the last day to enter all 3 giveaways going on!  You can click on the images to your right under the giveaway section to go to each giveaway to enter.  Ill be announcing winners at the beginning of November. 

1.packages  2.mantel  3.bella made a tissue paper bed  4.james and violet kissing 
5.jonny on his birthday  6.converse  7.cute pup  8.driving  9.me  10.cookies

Since I have been so booked up with work this month, I have yet to even think about Halloween... so out of character.  So I now have approx 30 hours to figure it out!  Yikes!  Wish me luck!



New Skyline Fever available >>>

 So excited to have new Skyline Fever duds in the shop!  Only of each size in the two first shirts available!  And new scarves just in time for the chilly season.  And my favorite, the crop top!



One big update >>>

 It's me!  Im back!  What an amazing week this has been.  Most of you know I was the featured seller on etsy last week.  If not, you can read the interview here.  It was everything I thought it would be.  The moment it went on the front page, the orders and emails started pouring in.  So so very cool and exciting.  It had ebbs and flows, it wasnt crazy all day long.  Just enough to really handle.  It was quite perfect.  By day two, I got a bit overwhelmed with the work ahead of me, but I think only because I was sick.  Ive been fighting being sick this whole week.  Im feeling much better today, just an icky cough.  And for the first time today, after finishing up the last of my packaging from this week, like feels like normal.  I even cleaned house a bit last night, and Im baking cookies right now!  Whew!  Im soooo ready to get back into my studio and start creating again.  Funny, even though Ive worked my butt off this week, I still really want to work (but on the creative side, not the shipping/business side).  I can only go so long without creating something new.  That is how I know I really really love what I do.  

Besides all of the etsy stuff this week, we have also been to either Kerrville or SA three times and to Tarpley for a birthday party.  Its been a full week and Im surprised I can still see straight :)  We also made lots of new Skyline Fever shirts, some for James etsy shop and some for a local shop.  They should be going up any day now...  

I got several requests during the week for sponsors spots that are no longer available.  Im down to just small spots only for November.  Ill be changing things up next month to fit in a new size button, so be on the lookout towards mid-month for that announcement.  I have a waiting list for large spots for months now, so if you want a spot you might need to be quick next month.  Thank you so much for all of the amazing support.  

Speaking of support, I cannot believe the amazingly wonderful comments I received on the feature seller interview.  Everyone was so kind and receptive to my open interview.  Putting things out there in this world that are vulnerable and personal can sometimes make you feel a bit nervous, but it was taken with such good response, it was encouraging.  Which by the way, I know I havent written about my dad or anything personal on here in a while just b/c Ive been so overwhelmed with work this past month.  Its sort of been my emotional break.  A much needed break at that.  Im so lucky I have my nanna and my aunt lisa to call up and keep me balanced.  I have very strong woman to look up to in my family. 
This beautiful moon shot was taken mid month during the full moon.  The day I took this, I had myself convinced I was ready to start having kids.  Even though the attempt was farrrrr from reality, the seed was planted in my heart that night.  James and I both know we want kids, but we are both silly scared to make the plunge.  But it feels like the world is turning around us in ways to prepare us for it.  I think our hearts are beginning to really form around the idea.  As free spirited as some of you may think I am, Im a super planner also.  And so is James.  Im a cancer and he is a capricorn, polar opposites, but both all about security.  Me, emotionally, James, financially.  But we are getting there.  I think I should make a post dedicated to my fears one day.  The list is probably longer than I think.  Maybe some of you can help me put some things into perspective... 

On another note, Id like to say thank you to all of my lovely friends who supported me this week with their amazing guest posts.  All I told them was the word 'feather', and they each came up with such unique, creative ideas.  I was so overjoyed each time one came to me in my email.  An awesome group of girls!!!
Wow, can you tell Ive missed my little blog?  I feel like I could write all day long.  Until next time...


Guest Post - Skunkboy Creatures - Feather Lantern DIY >>>

 Today's super simple and beautiful DIY is brought to you by the adorable Katie of Skunkboy Creatures.  For those of you who may not know her, she makes the most amazing plushies ever.  She has such a vision and brings them to life with such style.  >>>
***Using any mason jars, glasses, or vases you may have around your house, fill them with feathers.  Place a flameless candle in the center and *VOILA*!  Beautiful mood lighting!***
*this would make a perfect christmas decoration or for a romantic home dinner*



Guest Post - Paper Feathers DIY - Sookie Says & A Cup of T >>>

I love this adorable and versatile DIY by Leah of Sookie Says and Tia of A Cup of T.  They show you 3 different ways you can use these paper feathers below!  These two girls are not just adorable, but crafty in every since, and they are best friends!  You can see a cute lookbook they recently did together here

*leah is wearing her Skyline Fever shirt below*

Supplies: (besides pictured)
~paper and fabric scissors
~yarn, lace, ribbon etc
~ embroidery hoop or wire hanger molded into circle
~water and paper towels for food coloring
~any other creative supplies you can think of!

First, we made our feathers. We went ahead and cut out all kinds of different size feathers with our paper.

 *We started with food coloring by taking handcut paper feathers and folding them and dipping them in the food color bowls at various angles...you can get really creative/messy with this!! have fun with it! after we made plenty we laid them out on paper towels to dry.

 *Next we cut fabric to the size of our paper feathers and used pipe cleaners as our stem and glued the fabric to the paper backing (you can use any kind of glue, we used Mod Podge and hot glue for the trickier fabric!! Fabric glue would probably work best).

*After we were satisfied with our feather selection, we took paper scissors and slit them all the way up the sides, diagonally.

Then we put it all together! We used the dyed paper feathers for our "Feather & Lace Mobile" by punching holes and tying yarn and lace around a hoop.  Simple and Sweet!

We used the brighter, fabric covered feathers for a banner! we just cut the pipe cleaners at different lengths and attached them to some heavy yarn by wrapping the pipe cleaner... Easy Peasy!! 
And after all of that, we used the left over feathers to use as packaging decorations!!:) 
*i adore how it looks in their home space with these vintage pillows*



Guest Post - Katelyn Demidow - Feather Inspired Photoshoot >>>

"In nature you will find the tools to live life. The sun can soothe. The moon can heal. The flowers bloom. Birds can teach us about freedom. Life is continually renewing itself in new and unexpected ways. A bad mood can find peace. Little hands learn new sensations. Be open to learn from the world around you. Dance with the wind. Soak up the sun. Slow down. Breathe."

Peace and Love. 

*All of these beautiful images were taken by my dear friend Katelyn Demidow.  She did this project just for me!  I wanted her to be a part of my crazy busy days after the featured seller spot on etsy.  All I told her was the word 'feather' and her imagination and talent ran wild.  This is why I love this girl (among many more)...  Her beautiful model is Jerikaye Magdalena, who you will also see in this video below performing two fire dances as a part of Katelyn's recent blessing way for the awaited birth of her second child!!!  So sacred and beautiful.*



Guest Post - A Beautiful Mess - Feather Hair Clip >>>

 Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess & Food Coma have created a super fun feather hair clip DIY.  I love how they made it unique with hand painting them!

1. Collect the feathers, clip, and twine (this could be rope, hemp, leather, anything you choose).  2. Paint your feathers with fun simple designs.  3. Tape them together just how you want them to lay.  4. Tie the twine to both your feathers and your clip (you may want to add a dab of glue for extra strength).  5. Enjoy!  Clip it in your hair or to your favorite bag!



Guest Post - The Flowerchild Dewlling - Feather Desktop Background >>>

Hello Violet Bella readers! I'm Kelly Ann from The Flowerchild Dwelling, and I am incredibly honored to be a part of Laura's world today. She is such a dear friend and I was so excited when she asked me to guest post. :)

For my "feather-inspired" post, I thought I would design a desktop background, using one of my favourites poems by Emily Dickinson. I love that her wording is simple, yet intense - and so beautiful. Hope is in all of us, and so often it takes us through many, many storms without breaking.
Here is the poem in its entirety:

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune--without the words,
And never stops at all,
And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.
I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

I included a few different sizes below --- enjoy! xo, Kelly Ann


Guest Post - Lune Vintage - Feather Magnet DIY >>>

First off, congratulations to Laura of Violet Bella on the launch of her line Roots & Feathers. I was happy to be asked to guest post on Laura's blog, since her vibe is real easy to dig. And, since I have a thing for feathers too - this tutorial seemed like a perfect fit.

This one is quick and easy, but gives a really satisfying result. All you need is some loose feathers, a wooden clothes pin, a small amount of super glue and adhesive magnet strips.

Choose your feathers, deciding on their position from largest to smallest. I used 3 feathers in this example. With each feather, apply a strip of super glue and press firmly with your feather in place. The top feather (or last to glue) should be positioned closer to the tip of the pin, allowing the quill to hang over the edge. Once your glue is dry, snip the quill with sharp scissors. Apply the magnet strip, either with it's adhesive back or with a bit more glue.

 I used mine to display an old map I pulled from a book (air from Cairo) and some pressed flowers I saved from our trip to South Dakota this summer. This simple idea is easy to make, so make a few and adorn a fridge, magnet board, metal door or desk with beautiful feathers.

Please come visit me at Lune Vintage for more tutorials and tips on wearing, collecting and styling vintage clothing.