Group Sponsor Giveaway - February Edition >>>

This is a giveaway after my own heart!  Im so honored to present all of these amazing handcrafted items to one lucky winner!  Id personally be thrilled to win each of these, so Im sure many of you would be too!  To enter, please visit each shop and tell me your favorite item from each.  For a bonus entry, tell me why you love to buy or wear handmade.  Please leave only one comment with all of your answers & include your email address.

J U S T     L O V E L Y    T H I N G S

F L O U R I S H    L E A T H E R

T H E    G I N G H A M    O W L

K I K I    K O Y O T E

T H E    P E A C E F U L    P E A C O C K
*This reading offers a sense of grounding when all your pies are in the sky and your head is in the clouds.  We examine the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of your situation in order to bring insight and clarity, putting your feet back on the ground*

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  1. I LOVE to buy handmade because I love knowing what a direct impact it has on someone's day. It always warms my heart a little to see a sale in my inbox. <3


  2. http://www.justloveshop.com/product/jersey-braidband-blueberry

    i like handmade because it is more personal and has details that you can't find in a regular shop or from machine made items . there are more ideas and creativity that stem from it and it goes directly to the person who made it no the company or corporation .
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com
    intl. thanks

  3. Just lovely things: Sugar bowband Infant or Jersey braid band desert
    Flourish Leather: Oxblood Handcut Leather Cuff Bracelet
    The Gingham Owl: ethereal feather photograph
    Kiki Koyote: The Beacon Rock triangle necklace
    The Peaceful Peacock: A simple soul reading
    Mae Lo: Antler Necklace

    I love to buy and wear handmade because you get to connect with people over the world. There soul has been infused into their work and it's a treasure to behold. When you buy handmade you are supporting someone's art. You are supporting their life. Not the pockets of corporations. Plus, having homemade unique items are just cooler. ;)

  4. I love buying handmade and handmaking things myself because each and every item is unique and a little bit different. Handmade allows you to wear/use exactly what you want and like. You don't have to be a slave to what is currently fashionable and popular, anything and everything is available through handmade/independant stores and making things yourself. Plus, you are giving people the chance to have the best jobs ever!
    Here are the items I love :)

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/91859340/antler-necklace-jewelry-hand-painted from Maloe, ohmy its so pretty!

    http://www.etsy.com/listing/89317762/simple-soul-reading-email-or-mp3 from The Peaceful peacock, this looks so interesting and relaxing and lovely

    The Giant's Causeway bib necklace from KIKI KOYOTE - reminds me of the giants causeway here in Ireland where I live :)

    All the cute little owl prints on The Gingham owl

    The cutout leather bracelets by Flourish

    AND (finally haha)

    I love all the bow bands at Just Lovely Things - can't choose!


  5. 1. Woolworth bowband

    2.Cinnamon Red Textured Leather Braided Bracelet

    3. Mint pastel nursery art ferris wheel

    4.The Fairy Chimneys tribal necklace- minty blue, red bamboo, metalic bronze and ivory seed beads

    5.Organic teabags, set of two

    6.Antler Hair Accessories Jewelry - Wearable Art Hand Painted - Deer Antler - Bohemian Tribal Folk Ethnic

    Such beautiful things! I love handmade items because so much time, thought and effort goes into them and it really shows in the end result. They're usually what stands out and gets the most compliments. One of the best gifts I have ever received was a handmade fake chocolate bracelet from my Friend. It was so quirky and thoughtful and they look like real chocolates!:D

    great giveaway! <3

  6. fav items:

    JLT - the cream puff bowband (or any of the bows)
    Flourish - any of the leather bracelets
    Gingham Owl - vintage strawberry jar glass kitchen jar France
    KK - Single Sedimentary necklace -pine green and peach, wooden beads, brass chain
    PP - lilac sage bundle
    MaeLo - Antler Long Earrings - Wearable Art - Organic Natural - Deer Antler Slice - Bohemian Tribal Folk

    Why handmade? (almost) No one else has it ;)

  7. Just Lovely Things: Cranberry Bowband!
    Flourish Leather: Bliss Mustard Yellow Braided Leather Bracelet or Lush Green Soft Leather Woven Bracelet
    The Gingham Owl: Neutral Art for Nursery Owl Photo
    Kiki Koyote: The Tunnel Rock Necklace (Peach, Green & Red)
    The Peaceful Peacock: the Simple Soul reading sounds amazing!
    Maloe: all of it! The fact that she uses antlers to make the jewelry is amazingly genius!

    I love to wear handmade because it always makes me feel like the item was MADE for me. Like someone put a lot of TLC into the birth of what I’m wearing – handmade is a lot of work, and I really appreciate all the time that goes into each piece.


  8. Oh I'm so excited about this giveaway. Everything is so cute.
    I would choose the adorabow from just lovely things. The labrynth leather bracelet from Flourish, the mint pastel nursery ferris wheel art from the gingham owl. THe Giants causeway bib necklace from Kiki Koyote, the organic tea bags from the peaceful peackock and the antler necklace from Maloe. I hope I win.

  9. Just Lovely Things : pretty petal ruffle headband
    Flourish Leather : Bliss mustard yellow braided leather bracelet
    The gingham owl : mint butterfly print
    Kiki Koyote : The fairy chimneys tribal necklace
    The peaceful peacock : organic teabags
    Maloe : This necklace : http://www.etsy.com/listing/91137842/antler-necklace-jewelry-wearable-art

    I buy handmade for a couple reasons, one being that as a someday hopeful shop owner myself, I know how important it will be to have people supporting me! Also because I love how unique handmade things are :)


    xo Heather

  10. just.lovely.things: The Adorabow is too cute!
    Flourish Leather: the Mustard Yellow Braided Leather Bracelet is my fave, love the color.
    The Gingham Owl: The Corning Floral Bouquet cookware set is too cute!
    Kiki Koyote: The Giant's Causeway bib necklace is my fave.
    The Peaceful Peacock: I love the organic teabags, I want a few of my own!
    MaeLo: I love all of her bohemian antler necklaces and jewelry!

    I love to buy handmade because I know I am directly supporting the artist, and helping the economy in a much more real way than buying mass-produced stuff. I love knowing that what I'm wearing/using was made with love and care by someone who absolutely loves what they are doing.

    xo, Megan

  11. This IS a fabulous giveaway!

    Just Love - Golden Glitter Ruffle Headband
    Flourish Leather - Ore Handcut Leather Cuff Bracelet
    The Gingham Owl - Best Friends Print
    Kiki Koyote - The Fairy Chimney's tribal necklace
    Peaceful Peacock - organic tea bags
    Maloe - Antler hair accessories, Bohemian Tribal Folk Ethic

  12. F L O U R I S H L E A T H E R: Purple Shimmer Braided Leather Bracelet

    J U S T L O V E L Y T H I N G S :Clip/Lapels

    T H E G I N G H A M O W L:neutral art for nursery owl photo cream beige soft neutrals browns earthy natural rustic woodland baby room shabby chic home decor

    K I K I K O Y O T E:

    The Fairy Chimneys tribal necklace- periwinkle and carnary yellow, brass, bamboo, jade and amazonite, ivory seed beads

    T H E P E A C E F U L P E A C O C K:Simple Soul Reading - Email or mp3 &Lilac Sage Bundle - Arizona Grown

    M A L O E:Antler Jewelry Ring Set - Wearable Art Hand Painted - Deer Antler - Bohemian Tribal Folk - Bear Woodland -Free Earrings

    I would prefer to but handmade is it's made with love and unique.


  13. From Just Lovely Things - the jersey braidband in blueberry
    From Flourish Leather - the Oxblood handcut leather cuff bracelet
    From The Gingham Owl - the simple white beach shell print
    From Kiki Koyote - the fairy chimneys tribal necklace
    From The peaceful peacock - The nature based tarot reading - how cool is this?!
    From Mae Lo - from antler jewelry ring

    I love to buy handmade because i love items that i have a history - if its old i imagine who owned it and where it has been. if it's been made by hand i think of how it came from nothing and became beautiful! i rarely want something beautiful that came brand new off a machine.

    smith.d.brittany at gmail.com

  14. my faves
    maelo: custom order
    peaceful peacock: angel reading
    kiki koyote: Fairy Chimneys tribal necklace
    gigham owl: xo sweet love print flourish leather: Glitz Pewter Bracelet just lovely things: shine on elastic

    handmade features shops of true artists
    that makes my heart happy :)

  15. Just had a lovely time looking round your sponsors shops and picking out my fave stuff!
    The apple ruffle headband from Just Lovely things is adorable
    The oxblood bracelet from flourish leather is so pretty
    nursery art ferris wheel from The Gingham Owl is really cute and makes me want to be on holiday.
    beacon rock triangle necklace from Kiki koyote
    Peaceful Peacock: would be fun to try out the nature tarot reading.
    From Maloe I adore this jewellery set http://www.etsy.com/listing/90947714/antler-jewelry-set-necklace-earrings
    I love handmade because of that extra care and attention that goes into making it and it feels really nice that you are helping to support someone else in doing what makes them happy :)
    hazel (dot) mason (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. I love the adorabow in the color shown..looks kind of like metallic so cool! And the Oxblood handcut cuff too! I love the teeny tiny little whoo print from the gingham owl. I love the single sedimentary rock necklace from Kiki Koyote. Soul reading sounds really cool. I like the blue gold antler set from Maloe. Great giveaway! Thank you!! :) -Lo

  17. lovely sponsors!

    Just Lovely Things: Clip Lapel Greens in fabric # 9
    Flourish Leather: Au Naturel Soft Leather Woven Bracelet
    The Gingham Owl: rustic neutral empty nest print
    Kiki Koyote: The Fairy Chimneys tribal necklace
    The Peaceful Peacock: The Simple Soul Reading
    Maloe: Antler Jewelry Set - Wearable Art Hand Painted - Deer Antler - Bohemian Tribal Folk - Yellow Orange Teal - Free Ring

    Every since I found etsy I've been in love with buying handmade things. I love the passion and spirit that are in each of the items I own that are handmade. I love the little notes and wrapping detail that they come with. I also really love that many times I can customize and tweak my orders to my liking. I purchased the circlet I wore on my wedding on etsy, and it felt great when I could send the seller a picture of her creation on my head. I find myself continually coming back for more!

    Email: fedaeid@gmail.com

  18. Sooo many beautiful things!
    I love:
    Just lovely things: Adorabow {metal}
    Flourish Leather: Oxblood Handcut Leather Cuff Bracelet
    The Gingham Owl: vintage mice salt pepper shaker set
    Kiki Koyote: The Fairy Chimneys tribal necklace
    The Peaceful Peacock: Elemental Chakra Reading
    Mae Lo: Antler Necklace Earrings Jewelry Bohemian Tribal Folk - Orange Blue

    I like handmade things because they are unique, not like everyone else has and the quality is so much better. Love the fact that someone put their effort and heart in it too.

    My mail is zanec87 (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. It was sooo hard to choose from all the lovely items..
    MaeLo: http://www.etsy.com/listing/91137124/antler-necklace-earrings-jewelry
    The Peaceful Peacock:http://www.etsy.com/listing/69877644/organic-teabags-set-of-two
    kiki koyote:http://www.etsy.com/listing/90806463/the-stone-forest-necklace-in-deep-purple
    The Gingham Owl:http://www.etsy.com/listing/93209803/8-vintage-fostoria-champagne-glasses-or
    Flourish: http://www.etsy.com/listing/88694048/labyrinth-purple-handcut-leather-cuff
    Just Lovely Things: http://www.justloveshop.com/product/bella-ruffle-headband-infant

    I love handmade beacause it is unique and made with love

    loststitch (at) gmail (dot) com

  20. fun giveaway!!

    here are the items that i love

    just lovely things - adorabow

    flourish - sweet pink braided bracelet

    ginham owl - morning beach print or any of the ferris wheel prints

    kiki koyote - fairy chimneys tribal necklacce

    peaceful peacock - lilac sage bundle

    mae lo - antler jewlery set

    i like to buy homemade things because they are so personal. i know somebody touched it carefully with their own hands. besides an artist always realizes the time and and value behind the product. i like hand made clothes and jewlery because those are things i have made myself as well.


    so did i get it correct that i only enter one comment for both of my enteries??

  21. Just Lovely Things- Jersey Braidband in Galaxy

    Flourish- Ore Cuff

    Gingham Owl- Nashville Print

    Kiki Koyote- Fair Chimney Tribal

    The Peaceful Peacock- Nature Based Tarot Reading

    Mae- Antler Tribal Necklace

    I buy handmade to support small indie business instead of giant corporations.

  22. Just Lovely Things: http://www.justloveshop.com/product/em-belt-ishment
    Gingham Owl:http://www.etsy.com/listing/91938287/simple-white-beach-shell-print-zen
    Kiki Koyote:http://www.etsy.com/listing/91345298/the-fairy-chimneys-tribal-necklace
    The Peaceful Peacock:http://www.etsy.com/listing/89851758/lilac-sage-bundle-arizona-grown

    I like wearing handmade because handmade items are unique and made with love and care.


  23. JUST LOVE SHOP- i like the braided bands
    flourish leather- i like the simple braided bands, espically the yellows!
    the gingham owl- def would pick the rustic bible
    kiki koyote- i would pick the tribal necklace in lime green and the single sedimentary necklace in teal blue
    peaceful peacock- i would grab a sage bundle
    maloe- i like her boho necklaces, espically the teal ones

    i like to buy handmade bc im supporting (semi) local artist like myself. i dont buy a lot of stuff bc of my budget, but i like to support local and stick it to the big man!!! lol

  24. My favorites from each:

    Just Lovely: Love the apple ruffle headband!
    Flourish: Any of the adorable soft leather woven bracelets!
    Gingham Owl: The owl love nursery print is so cute!
    Kiki Koyote: Really diggin' the Beacon Rock triangle necklace.
    Peaceful Peacock: I'd love a simple soul reading!
    Mae Lo: all of the antler jewelry is AMAZING! I can't pick just one!


  25. Buying and wearing handmade is such a wonderful, unique way of expressing yourself. And I love supporting the artists who make them - I know it's going to someone who really deserves it! :)

  26. Just Lovely Things: I love the belt (em.belt.ishment)! It would look great with so much!

    Flourish Leather: The oxblood leather cutout bracelet pictured is definitely my favorite!

    The Gingham Owl: Love the rustic brown tree print

    Kiki Koyote: the Mesa necklace is so beautiful and ethnic

    The Peaceful Peacock: I would love a huntress spread or elemental chakra reading :)

    MaeLo: I think the nautical themed antler jewelry set is really cute!

    I love to wear handmaid because each piece is absolutely and truly unique. No one else will have the piece that you own. Also, wearing a handmaid piece because you cherish that piece so much more.

    Thanks! Kelly Bailey

  27. This is so amazing! I live in Chile and I'm not sure if this is an international giveaway, but i hope so! (and sorry for the bad english)

    1.jersey braidband (blueberry)
    it's so beautiful and subtle

    2. Indulgence Blue Metallic Leather Woven Bracelet
    i'm in love with the rich blue color

    3.vintage brass candle stick holders set of 2
    would be a perfect additon to my house

    4.Single Sedimentary necklace -pine green and peach, wooden beads, brass chain
    i always wear a pink quartz, and they would look perfect together

    5.Elemental Chakra Reading
    i belive in the power of staiang grounded and conected to yourself, but find it hard to do sometimes. this seems very in tune with where i am right now

    6. Antler Jewelry Necklace Earring Set - Wearable Art - Hand Painted - Natural Shed Deer Antler - Bohemian Tribal Folk - Blue Gold
    love it's uniqueness

    i've always made things, and so has my mom, she even had a handmade line years ago, so i feel that is a subject close to my heart. last year while i was at a bad place, a reiki master told me that the chakra of love is conected with the heart, the arms and the hands, so working with them coneccts you to the universal energy of love. a fact that i think summs up the importance of handmade in this caothic time.


  28. You always have the most wonderful sponsors! Thank you to each and every one of them for giving us the chance to win such lovely treasures. :)

    Just Lovely Things: http://www.justloveshop.com/product/em-belt-ishment

    Flourish Leather: http://www.etsy.com/listing/94038177/summer-sherbert-braided-leather-bracelet

    The Gingham Owl: http://www.etsy.com/listing/64069934/nursey-art-photo-print-whimsical

    Kiki Koyote: http://www.etsy.com/listing/91961637/the-beacon-rock-triangle-necklace-ice

    The Peaceful Peacock: http://www.etsy.com/listing/89317762/simple-soul-reading-email-or-mp3

    Maloe: http://www.etsy.com/listing/90906249/antler-jewelry-set-wearable-art-hand

    I love to buy and wear handmade for the same reason I love to buy and wear vintage... quality. I have handmade clothing from the 1940's that look just as good, if not better, than new items I purchased last month. Granted they require special care, but I probably will too when I'm 70. ;)


  29. Just Lovely: jersey braidbands
    FlourishLeather: leather cuff bracelet
    The Gingham Owl: vintage green tumblers
    Kiki Koyote: the mesa necklace
    Peaceful Peacock: lilac sage bundle
    Maelo: the rings

    buying handmade is important because beauty is important, creativity is important. i want my dollars to go to an individual and not a giant corporation if possible. Also it's so much fun to have one of a kind items! buying in the same old stores as everybody else= BORING.



  30. Just Lovely Things: Adorabow (elastic) in charcoal
    Flourish Leather: Twinkle Purple Shimmer Braided Leather Bracelet
    Gingham Owl: mint dragonfly print turquoise green aqua blue lime teal brown beige earthy nature rustic farmhouse boho indie chic d├ęcor
    KikiKoyote: The Beacon Rock triangle necklace - ice blue, brass chain
    The peaceful Peacock: Nature Based Tarot Reading (huntress spread)
    Maelo: Antler Hair Accessories Jewelry - Wearable Art Hand Painted - Deer Antler - Bohemian Tribal Folk Ethnic

    I LOVE handmade because you are getting something made with heart and soul, besides being totally awesome and unique!!

    Love & Light

  31. I like these items:

    just lovely things - cream puff bowband

    flourish leather - Lush Green Soft Leather Woven Bracelet

    the gingham owl - turquoise ocean beach print

    kiki koyote - The Mesa necklace

    the peaceful peacock - Simple Soul Reading

    Maloe - Antler Hair Accessories Jewelry

    I like handmade items, because they are made with love and idea.

  32. Just Lovely Things - Shop is on a creative break, so I can't see the items! :(

    Flourish Leather - Burgundy Braided Leather Bracelet

    The gingham Owl - Vintage Carnival Print

    Kiki Koyote - Fairy Chimney's Tribal Necklace

    Peaceful Peacock - Lilac Sage Bundle

    Maloe - Teal Gold Blue necklace

    I love buying handmade because I get to own things that are made all over the world, I support independent businesses and the things I wear and own are unique and made with love!!!!



    amykaireen at hotmail dot com

  33. Just Lovely Things - Shop is on a creative break, so I can't see the items! :(

    Flourish Leather - Burgundy Braided Leather Bracelet

    The gingham Owl - Vintage Carnival Print

    Kiki Koyote - Fairy Chimney's Tribal Necklace

    Peaceful Peacock - Lilac Sage Bundle

    Maloe - Teal Gold Blue necklace

    I love buying handmade because I get to own things that are made all over the world, I support independent businesses and the things I wear and own are unique and made with love!!!!



    amykaireen at hotmail dot com

  34. just lovely - on a break
    flourish - I love all the braided bracelets - simple & chic
    gingham owl - green vintage glasses
    kiki koyote - round rock necklace
    peaceful peacock - organic teabags
    maloe - antler long earrings

    great sponsors! hope the giveaway is still open :)
    x Hilary
    hilary . l. adams @ gmail . com


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!