Im so happy the weather has cooled down enough for me to wear these awesome pants from Mountain Girl Clothing.  Ive had them for a while now, but got them in the middle of summer and they were just way too hot.  I love Margaret's work and these are no exception!  And this is the first Poor Pitiful Pearl top I ever got, and is still my favorite piece in my closet from Shauna.  I think these two make the perfect combo.  You might remember this beautiful fringed purse from this outfit.  It's from Lost Boys and Lovers, another true favorite.  The oh so pretty headband is from Spirit Y Sol.  It was a piece from the latest Bohemian Collective lookbook. And last but definitely not least, this handmade medicine pouch from Vision Wise.  Lauren is a sweet heart sister of mine and she made this for me with special stones and medicine for some things Im working through.  I keep it next to my bed when I am not wearing it.  Lauren is the one who runs the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary which I am a part of.  Lots of soul there.  Being in this community of artists sets my heart ablaze.  I love having creative friends I can trade goodies with, and support as well. 

This post is being pre-written right now.  As you are reading this, I am most likely in my backyard spending time with a dear sweet friend of mine whom I haven't seen in a while.  Im savoring every sweet moment.  I will be back monday with yet another amazing giveaway!  And Ill announce the winners for the Chicnova giveaway and the Crochet Headwrap giveaway!

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Some instagram snapshots from the past week or so.

1. my daily cup of coffee in my special mug from my friend Rain.
2. playing kissy face with my phone.
3. bella being silly on the picnic bench.
4. threads - blowfish sandals
5. giving my plant healing energy from being broken.
6. seashell and wood fossil
7. old thick seashell against a potted plant.
8. my moms old red buddha.
9. tom petty - wildflowers
10. my first cup of hot cocoa this season
11. reading in women who run with the wolves.
12. got my first pair of bcfootwear boots.
13. rearranged lots of plants.
14. my moms little jade buddha.
15. bella laying in the sacred space.
16. pretty old sea glass.
17. first sun ray in the morning.
18. bella laying on the picnic bench.
19. reading disfunkshion magazine (blowfish tennis)
20. my bed upon waking. 

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My babies like to play in the dirt.  And I think its pretty cute.  One day, Im sure my real babies will look just like this.
Speaking of playing in the dirt, James and I have been doing the same.  James mowed the lawn yesterday morning, and before I knew it, I came outside and he was digging in the ground by our steps.  He decided he wanted to put in a little stone area coming off our steps.  A good idea b/c it always gets muddy there.  Within 24 hours, it was a done deal.  We finished up this morning!  Its so cute!  It's so funny b/c both of the animals are afraid to walk on it.  It's still foreign to the them, ha ha.  They walk around it and jump over it.  It wont be long though before they are sprawled out laying on it.

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This is what we wore the night before our anniversary, when we went on our pizza date.  James let me snap a photo of him.  That doesn't happen very often...  I pretty much was in love with the combo of this outfit.  I picked up this skirt at goodwill a few weeks ago, and my friend Staci from A Ruby Rosebud came over and helped me turn it into a hi-lo skirt, from a long granny skirt.  I love it now!  I think the hi-lo style is my absolute favorite.  Im realizing how much I love layering my harvest moon top from Lune Vintage with florals or patterns with color.  Remember this outfit?  And anyone who has been following for a while knows how much I love this fringe vest from f21.  I layer it with so much!  The spark for this entire outfit through was these amazing boots from BCFootwear, (they are called snake eyes).  Someone commented on my instagram pic of them asking if they made these just for me!!  Ha, I think they did subconciously.  They are absolutely perfect boots.  Each pair they hand distress to give them a vintage worn feel.  I accessorized with this amazing antler necklace from Run With The Tribe, and a discontinued bracelet from Flourish Leather.

We had a really nice date that night at Fralo's pizza.  It was jam packed with people.  We stood to get a table for almost an hour!  But we enjoyed ourselves.  I think we have now gone to Fralo's for our anniversary for 4 our of 5 years... I think.  James is off for an entire week right now.  We are taking care of some things out at my dad's house, running errands, getting ready for company all weekend, and friday I'll be getting my tattoo sleeve finished!  Im so excited.  It's been paid for since my last session which was well over a year ago.  The week has filled up quick with to-do's, so I hope James feels like he actually gets a little break from work by the time its over...  

Here's to another beautiful fall day.  Loving this weather!

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Sheinside Fall 1

Today Im excited to bring you another rad fashion giveaway from Sheinside.com.  I made a little polyvore collage above with some of my favorites from their shop.  You might remember this awesome skirt I received from them a while back...

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The winner for the Abundant Wild Life giveaway was announced on The Bohemian Collective this morning.

Today is the last day to enter the Chicnova giveaway.

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These are all images from the day of our anniversary (saturday).  I had planned on getting some more pics of us together, like I do every year, for my reminiscing purposes, but that failed.  We spent the day in the city.  We planned to go to the plant nursery, but by the time we were done with the other stuff we put on our list since we were in town, we didn't make it.  I wont lie, it was not the best day, and there were even some tears involved.  Even after being married for 5 years, there will always be stuff that needs worked out.  We are both so very human, and still very much act like it.  So instead of your typical sweet lovey dovey day that everyone expects on their anniversary, we spent it working through some things.  It wasn't all bad.  We enjoyed a good part of the day, but I'm not going to sugar coat anything for the sake of what one might want to hear.  Luckily, we really celebrated our anniversary the night before, and that was a great night.  Ill share some images from then later.  And today we will be visiting the plant nursery along with James parents.  I miss them, so it will be perfect.

And this little guy.... oh my gosh I wanted to take him home.  We had to go to the pet store to pick up Nico's food, and I ALWAYS have to visit the dwarf hamsters while we are there.  I want one so bad.  But really, I want THIS one.  I can't stop looking at his little face on my phone.  Our biggest worry is having him with our cat Bella.  And Ive never had any type of hamster before, so Im not sure how they are.  But I want to find out!!!  Ahhhhh.....

When the sun was going down that night, we decided to go down to our river to go rock hunting.  I snapped a few pics along the way...

Those amazing earrings above are from Aquarian Soul.  I posted yesterday at the Bohemian Collective an Ally Sand's dream home... Im so in love with her space, you MUST go see!

 Ill be back later today (or tomorrow) with a giveaway from Sheinside

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I just found this image above via pinterest, and immediately wanted to eat this!  So I headed over to the blog it came from to see what she put in it, and it was so simple.  I made my own (below), and within 15 minutes of seeing this pic, I was in food heaven myself.  Yum.  Thank you pinterest on this fine sunday afternoon for the inspiration.

I have spent the day cleaning house and rearranging.  Adding in all the river rocks we picked up yesterday.  I'll post some pics from our anniversary within the next few days.  

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(outfit details:  crochet top - festival // paisley dress - hand-me-down // hi lo skirt - lulu's.com // belt - ruche // sandals - blowfish shoes // necklace - roots and feathers // earrings - belle la vie)

Fall has re-ignited my passion for layering.  I really wanted to wear this gorgeous hi-lo skirt from Lulu's.com the other day, but didn't feel like having bare legs.  I ended up layering it over this printed maxi dress and paired it with one of my alltime favorite wardrobe pieces, this little crochet crop top.  Ive had this top for about 15 years now.  I will wear it until it falls apart.  This outfit could easily transition into fall with a sweater and boots.  The necklace is a preview of new jewelry coming to Roots and Feathers

I feel like Ive been blogging alot more frequently lately.  For the first time last month, I actually got a calendar just for my blogging and nothing else.  Before, I would include just important posts I needed to remember, like giveaways, along with all of my other daily life events... but I would always forget to check.  Keeping this calendar dedicated to just my blog has helped me stay more organized.  And has allowed me to visually see and keep up with all the things I want to blog.  Sometimes I takes photos of things throughout my day, and they never end up here because I forget!  Im a very forgetful person.  If I dont write something down when Im thinking about, Ill forget.  And half the time, I forget to check my notes.  Probably b/c Im also pretty unorganized, and tend to write things on post it notes, or random pieces of paper on my desk, and they get all jumbled in piles.  So for once, I feel organized!  At least in one area.  And I have seen how much it has helped me!  I definitely feel quality vs. quantity is best, so I hope it hasn't been overwhelming with all the posting lately, but it has all been stuff I truly want to share.  Maybe its the season too, tends to get my creative sparks a flyin.  

Im getting very excited for the upcoming Bohemian Collective lookbook!  It's still almost 2 months away from the release, but the photographing will start mid next month.  The collection of artists is so amazing.  And it will be fun to bring out a bit of my darker side in this round.  Im truly giddy.  And we have designed a new Skyline Fever design just for the collective, eeek!  (by the way, James is having a 20% off sale in his shop right now, with the code FALL20).

Tomorrow is the Autumn Equinox, which also means is James and I's anniversary!  5 years.  Dang.  Im kind of proud of us.  Marriage is not a cake walk.  It can be rough and messy and sometimes look so foreign.  But through all the mud, Im glad we have found ways to see the light in each other.  We will be celebrating tonite with some pizza and beer (well, Ill drink beer, hell drink a coke).  And most likely some yummy dessert.  We are sooooo fancy, ha.  That is what you get when you are saving for a car.  But we don't mind.  We dont need a fancy getaway to celebrate.  

Im in a ramblin' mood.  Geez.  I started on a fun outdoors project this morning.  I just need to get some dirt and some more rocks.  I want to get my fall garden started so bad, its time!  The weather outside is amazing.  The babies have been soaking it up!  So have the hummingbirds!  

I have a post coming up about the Autumn Equinox on The Mama Earth Project, so be on the lookout over there this weekend!

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