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This cool front that came through the day after groundhog day has allowed me to sneak in a few more winter outfits, and Im loving it.  Yesterday I wore a few of my old favorite handmade pieces from Poor Pitiful Pearl and Mountain Girl Clothing, along with a new necklace c/o Kiki Koyote and purse from Lost Boys & Lovers.  I love being decked out in my artist friends clothes and accessories.  Feels so special.
As much as I love to talk about real things, life, spirituality, all of those things... I love to talk about fashion.  Gotta have some balance somewhere right?  This girl loves clothes.  Kind of a clothes hoarder.  Now that spring is here, and we are trying to save up for a new car, I just had a huge virtual garage sale on facebook and sold about 100 things out of my closet!  It feels so good to lighten the load, and Im digging things out of my closet I havent seen in a while, like this ppp sweater!  Ive decided to only keep things I truly love to wear and of course some sentimental ones I just cant ever let go of.  Ill end up saving lots of my clothes for my hopeful one day daughter b/c I know how much I love the pieces my mother kept.  She may hate them, but then again, they may become those sooooo very special pieces in her closet. 

So... this PPP sweater is one of my favorites of hers.  I love the color, the fabric, the simplicity of it.  So very versatile.  Shauna does a pretty amazing job of creating one of a kind pieces.  And beyond her clothes, she is such a crazy cool momma with a true passionate heart.

This necklace from Kiki Koyote is pretty awesome.  For such a big statement piece, its soooo lightweight since the big beads are made from 100% recycled material.  Im so happy to have found her, or should I say have her find me.  Truly great work!  And again, a sweetheart of a girl!

I have about 5 pairs of Mountain Girl Clothing's leg warmers and I love love love each pair.  She finds the raddest sweaters to upcycle.  This is one of my favorites, I love the way they bell out.  And not to sound cliche, but again, another super sweet gal!!!

Last but definitely not least, this purse from Lost Boys & Lovers.  I have admired her upcycled bags for some time now... I was thrilled to be surprised with this one.  She said it called my name and she was ever so right!  And one part that I flipped over beside the general beauty of it, is that the original bag brand is called Crazy Horse!!!  (like neil young and crazy horse) ahhhh!!!  So perfect.  And again, another true gem of a girl.

And even though they are not one of a kind handmade shoes, my Blowfish shoes are my FAVORITE.  The girls behind blowfish are sooooo genuine and sweet.  The only shoe company Ive bought from who have been so personal.  I love the way they operate.   They are currently having a HUGE clearance on winter boots.  Like more than half off of many of them.  But they are going super fast!!!

Way beyond loving these girls handmade products, Im honored to call them friends.  People I truly admire for who they are beyond what they do.  We are so much more than what we do.  It gets me excited to talk about people when I know they are soooo wonderful!  Ive said it a million times, but I love the community of girls I have found online. 

Enough about clothes???  ha ha.  Sorry, it really do excite me.  How silly huh? 



  1. I love the little tribal detail hanging out the bottom of your little sweater dress, so cute! And I'm in love with that fringe bag!


  2. I love how effortless you make this look! Those legwarmers that slightly flare are so awesome. I know if I wore them I'd feel like a crazy person! Your style is awesome...I love your outfit posts!

  3. Just fell in looove with Mountain Girl!!!! Love o many pieces in her shop. I must get some soon. Thanks for this lovely post! You wear the pieces well.

  4. Not silly at all! Your fashion love pays off big time. The outfits you put together I wouldn't see in a million years but on you it all comes together and sometimes I think "Why didn't I think of that?!" haha! This must be another one of your gifts : ]

  5. Ooo gypsy woman. I think it's important to be passionate about what you wear. Especially to know where it's coming from. Knowing that someone took time to create an item you love feels so much better than knowing it was created by a machine somewhere.


  6. Everything about this outfit is stunning, and you are brilliantly beautiful!! I'm so honored to work with you, m'dear! :)

  7. the bag is amazing! i just love how you rock all your outfits! the skirt is really awesome and the leg warmers are just amazing! i always do a little clean up of my closet and have a huge bag i need to go sell!

  8. I want the bag and the skirt! I love them both!!


  9. you are beautiful. xoxo thanks for your sweet words.

  10. Clothes are indeed such a great thing to talk about, to focus on a bit. Something about wearing clothes I love enough to want to talk about always makes me feel really great :)

    Love the combination of knits here!


  11. You totally rock it, Laura. :)

  12. Adore those leg warmers. I may have to get a pair! :)

    I'm astounded by the volume of clothes in your closet! And a little jealous! ;)

  13. i adore that necklace. & the fringed purse is TOO cute.

  14. love these photos, that purse is amazing !

  15. You look lovely!
    The sweater and bag are my favourite pieces.

  16. I LOVE your hair like this! How do you do it?!

  17. Oh noooo! You have launched full on Esty fashion lust in my world today! :p

  18. Oh my gosh Laura I think this is my favourite ever outfit on you :)

  19. I must know... who takes your photos? Are you doing a self-photography session with your blog or do you have a special somebody who takes them? I plan to someday blog myself and I am a former fashion model but I am curious how many people are using self-photography? And what is the trick?!


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