Say Hello to my Little Friends - January Edition >>>

I started out just wanting to tell a few people who were close to me how grateful I was they had helped me to just keep going through a very difficult time. They held my hand and kept reminding me that with some things in this life, the only way out is through. They reminded me that no matter what was happening, we could get through it together. There wasn’t anything I could give them to symbolize how vitally important their support was during that time, and so the first creative seeds of Parachute Promise were born. 

But this isn’t about a product, this is about an idea. It's a representation of something really big and very difficult to articulate. In simple terms, it's an expression of gratitude for people who have had an impact on your life, but it’s bigger than that. At its core is something that allows people to connect on the deepest level to the most meaningful people in their lives. It asks the question, Who matters in your life? And why? And it encourages you to risk telling those people how much they mean to you. Parachute Promise is a vehicle that allows that to happen. 

Hey there, I'm Elisabeth from Manic Mrs. Stone.  I am a [super] young mama to 2 little goddess girls and am happily married to my BFF.  I blog about my offbeat adventures in "hippie" life and motherhood - so some pretty regular topics are natural living & mothering, daily musings, creativity & inspiration, vegan food, and sustainable living.

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 Im a Passionate S.F. Bay Area girl who runs a cute small business. I create art with my hands, in the form of crochet accessories & hand sewn clothes, that are unique, eclectic and hippie inspired.

Hello! I'm Mary, the creatress of all the wearable art you will find in my shop, Perpetual Sunshine Creations. Hemp is my media of choice, with accents of natural stones and original knot work designs. I am a designer, architect, lover and artist. I've found that my most inspired pieces are born naturally by letting them flow through me, which often surprise me in the end. I hope you enjoy!

Moorea is 25 years old, a lover of nature, chevrons, triangles, metals, bears, juice drinks, this really tall boy she knows, and is naked without a gaudy ring or two on her fingers. You can often find her scavenging through the city and countryside in search of something unique and inspiring, from the mixture of nature's colors, to the sparking lights of the city. She spends most of her time in Seattle, so if you see her, don't be afraid to say hello! She loves new friends.

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Insightful readings, pretty things, and a hint of a modern outlaw on the mend. I roll with my intuition, I dig my heels deep into the earth. Let's just say I know a soul who's lost when I see one, and it's my soul's calling to herd 'em up.

Lost Boys + Lovers is a carefully curated shop bringing you the best California-girl vintage in addition to handmade artistic accessories.

The GIngham Owl offers Vintage Home Decor, Housewares,  Original Fine Art Photography, Nursery Wall Art, Dreamy Nature Prints, Whimsical Carnival Prints, and Sweet Owl Art Prints.
Im a photographer, vintage hound and creation-inspired jewelry maker.  My small shop is called myAvonlea (my-Ah-von-lee).  Thank you for your Love and Support.

I'm michelle, a work from home mama who enjoys creating all sorts of things, i love to make, grow, cook, play & eat. i've been keeping my family clean since early 2009 and began this little company in may of 2010. my speciality is infusing love & good juju into all the bath & beauty goodies i make.

We think personal style is just another form of self-expression, and we make shoes for creative girls who can put together a look with effortless originality. Blowfish takes a break from the ordinary and a cue from the past. There’s something unexpected in every shoe we create, just as there’s something unexpected about every girl who wears them. 

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Melissa Baswell Williams is a Chicago-based artist, sustainable fashion designer, and blogger who works too much but attempts to find moments between the chaos for things like live music, estate sale adventures, traveling with her husband's band, and playing dress up.  Bubby and Bean, her line of art, features illustrations and other goodies inspired by positive messages and the memory of her sweet Bubby dog.  Her blog by the same name focuses on living creatively through design/art/fashion/DIY.  And Mountains of the Moon, her sustainable womenswear line, features vintage-inspired clothing made from eco-friendly fabrics.

I'm Kelly Ann, a twenty-something designer and photographer from sunny California.  I have a deep love for vinyl records, messy hair, french films, and mexican food.  I'm a firm believer in compassion, humour, and multiple cups of coffee.  I started The Flowerchild Dwelling as a place to share my love for music, photography, design, film, and all the things that inspire my world.

Laura Cordell a lover of all things vintage.  I run MontanaSnowVintage and MontanaSnowVintage2 (for the home) . A sucker for chihuahuas, an 80s music lover and most importanly a lucky mother of 2 handsome young men.  A 21 yr old who is an amazing musician and a 15 yr old that has imbraced our Native American Culture so much so that he is considered an "Elder" be his time. 

A Ruby Rosebud is full of eclectic vintage clothing and accessories mainly with an 80's vibe.  From sweet and darling to biker chick.  

I have always enjoyed creating! As an artist I look for items to be added to my jewelry that can catch the light, provoke interest or make you smile. Mainly my inspiration comes through nature. My favorite part of making jewelry is spending time with my daughter. She is usually in my studio while I am creating, telling me about her day, or giving her input on designs.

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Hi, my name is Natacha. I have always loved crafts and I started my small business 6 months agoSince then, I attended a few craft fairs and my passion for handmade only grew.  I hope you will like my jewelry as much as I enjoy creating them!



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Instagram Love >>>

Just popping in with another Instagram post. These are a few I shared throughout this past week.  If you are an instagram user you can follow me at lauramazurek.

 the most adorable blowfish shoes ever.

 me and my nephew aiden.

 breakfast: broccoli & eggs, jam & toast, fruit

 pics of my parents on my desk.

 going to town.

 reorganized craft space.

bella  helping me make jewelry.

breakfast: yogurt, granola & fruit

 flattened my hair for the first time in foreverrrr.

crazy day after hair.

This week has been a crazy one.  Starting off with finding the most hurtful insensitive email of my life from someone.  Then James hit two deer.  Luckily he is a-okay!!!  We did find out two days ago though that his car is considered totaled, so now we have to get a new vehicle.  Totally did not see that one coming.  And just this week we seriously started talking about saving up for a new vehicle.  Funny how this world works.  Now we HAVE to, and fast!  We will be a one car family for the next several months while we save up for a new car.  I will be honest, its kind of been stressing me out.  Also my nanna's man has been in the hospital and that has been weighing heavy on my heart.  He is going to be okay, its just been rough for him lately and makes me so sad.  And the night of the concert I posted about in my last post, I got super sad about my dad.  Places like Floore's just make me think of all the times going out with my parents... and how much my dad LOVED music.  He would have enjoyed that show.  And we ran into some of his friends that he normally would of gone with, which made me sad.  We were listening to the Smashing Pumpkins on the way to the show, and they have a cover of Landslide, and the words have a whole new meaning now... and I lost it.  I held it together and still fully enjoyed the show, but by the time we got home I was just done for.  My emotional levy finally broke.  And it flooded all through yesterday too.  I couldnt hardly crack a smile all day.  Most days I can accept the reality of it all, but then others I just cant.  I just want my parents here damnit!  Its just been one of those weeks!  Symbolically Im glad tomorrow is Monday.  Time to start anew.  I woke up this morning and decided to just stay focused on work to get me through this day.  I posted lots of new goodies in my Roots and Feathers shop, and Im about to go work more on Ruche.  Keep my hands busy.  (thanks for listening to me vent and rant)



A Night out with Fred Eaglesmith >>>

 Last night we saw one of my alltime favorite musicians play at Floores.  Fred Eaglesmith holds a sweet spot in my heart, and especially b/c its shared between me and my bestie.  The songs from Paradise Motel just bring me back to a time in my life and make me want to weep everytime I hear them.  This was the first time seeing him since his mandolin player passed away.  He is now paired up with The Ginn Sisters (who are from Texas) for this tour.  They were amazing and made me want more more more.  They kind of intoxicated me.  Im so glad that this canadian loves to come to our home town about once a year.  Ill never forget the first time I saw him play at the Cabaret in our hometown before it shut down.  And then another time that was just so very special... The first week James and I started dating.  We drove to Gruene with our friends and had a magical evening.  One of my top memories for several reasons.

Of course I was excited to get dolled up for a night out... you know how I love the clothes.  A true weakness.  I thought Id show you real quick how I transitioned what I wore during the day to my evening outfit.  Simple change of the shorts to a skirt, mocs to boots and throw on a sweater and accessories.  These are my favorite kind of outfits.  Do you spy miss Violet in the background?  :)
 <<< outfit details >>>
sweater - threadsence
tank - forever 21
skirt - forever 21
 tights - target
boots - blowfish
 necklace & bracelet - moorea seal
 earrings - roots and feathers (coming soon)

Here are just a few of my favorite Fred Eaglesmith songs:


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