Mind and Body - Day One >>>

Day one of 30 Days Mind and Body is beautiful.  It is amazing how a little encouragement from others can do so much.  Knowing that this awesome group of girls who is now up to 24 of us... are all in this together.  Such a great feeling!  Today was day one, so its not too late to link up with us.  Read my post here for more info.  (And really you can link up anytime and extend it to any 30 days).  

Im feeling much better!  The sickies never fully made their way in!!!  Last night we went out to our friends house in Tarpley and had another genuinely amazing evening with them.  Their family has been so completely grounding and loving for us.  We feel like we are going home when we go out there.  The moment we drive into their driveway I feel all of my senses relax and rejuvenate at the same time.  All of my cares go away and I feel so very safe and uninhibited.  And then are welcomed with more love then Ive ever experienced from one family.  I feel so very lucky to have people like this in my life.  So... I had an awesome night of hooping my heart away with the girls while the boys played guitar on the porch, there was a love toast made with all of us in a circle, tree swing with twinkle lights and great hilarious and almost inappropriate conversations, lots of hugs and laughter.  My kind of night. 

And for my day one of the yoga challenge, I did my hour yoga session along with my dvd of my local yoga teacher.  Then I made another yummy green drink.  After I get all my work done today, I plan to turn on some tunes and hoop.  It feels soooo good to excitedly take care of my body.  I welcome you to join up with us!  The facebook group has been an amazing source of encouragement and welcoming.  Loving it!



  1. :D I'm glad you guys came out and had so much fun! I dig that you like chris murray so much too, such a wonderful traditional ska artist.

    <3 you guys

  2. I'm inspired! Checking out the FB group now :) Awesome green drink.

  3. Yay, I'm a hooper too, it's so wonderful having a creative and active hobby to rotate with hours of studio time :)


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