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Ahhhhh..... *big sigh - wishing i was in my yoga class now saying...'ahhhhh' with the classroom*  As you know this past week has been an interesting one, along with being completely full of responsibilities, I have felt like their was not much room to breathe.  I realized last night I had not even read in my books all week, I had not been able to really participate in my Soulodge journey, or even do anything physical, like hoop or dance.  This morning marks my first real 'ahhhhh' moment.  That moment you feel you can finally exhale.  Last night before I was about to crawl into bed, I saw my little desk next to my bed, in complete disarray, full of strewn out books, tissues, empty water cups... so unattended.  I realized what I needed to do was to get my little space back to feeling sacred.  I grabbed several little trinkets that have special meaning to me from around the house and created a loving, inviting space for me to bath in before I go to bed each night. 

I feel like I need to go outside and shake myself off like a wet dog does, ha ha.  Fling off this past week and let it dissipate into the air.  It is time for me and nature to have a little oneness.  Clear my head a bit and welcome back in the great spirits of the north. 



  1. that is an amazing photo.

    is that mum and dad?

    so precious.

  2. I love your little space. I don't really have one at my house as I plan to move out of my family soon, but I hope it's as pretty as yours! <3

    Kaye x

  3. whoops, I meant to say family home*

  4. It's always good to keep the things that make you happy close to you, I really enjoy reading your blog it's always an inspiration.

  5. What a precious space! It looks very special and I can see how it would provide some fuel and inspiration for you. : ] I'm glad you're shaking stuff off already!

    And I especially love your bookends! There's a small spot in my heart that's filled with a love for rocks--been collecting them since I was a kid : ]

  6. carly, yes that is my mom and dad :) see the smoke in the background? my mom always said it was their kiss that made that smoke! love it!

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  8. I can relate to this post more than you know--beautiful words and beautiful little place. lovely, lovely.

  9. *gasp*
    i spy...
    and honey, i'm so honored. you have no idea.

  10. I love this so much and I totally know how you feel (I say that to you a lot, don't I?!) My word for February is balance, mostly inner balance. I want to check up on my chakra, do more tarot readings, etc. so I really am hoping for a little bit of extra income this month (mainly for a new tarot deck!) Plus, now that I'm over my cold, I don't mind being outside in the cold temp!

  11. Laura, it just looks so inviting and cozy. I hope it's working wonders for you! Being at ease before you fall asleep can lead to more restful slumber and a much more rejuvenated feeling in the morning! Now, to make my own "sacred space"... :)

  12. Your place reminds me like of the woods, it looks so cozy! Hope you can have a nice break from all the work :) Take care!

  13. So pretty! :) What a nice view to drift off to sleep to!

  14. Hey Laura! Just wanted to pop in to say that I think you're really awesome. You seem wise beyond your years and reading your blog is always calming.

    I want to create more of a sanctuary by my side of the bed...it's definitely in disarray right now and I want a calm spot!

    Thanks for the inspiration. <3

    -Elise [from Blowfish]


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