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Daily Outfit >>> Jimi Hendrix

 It is raining outside.  Im listening to First Aid Kit.  Bella is sitting next to me.  It is peaceful.  Today I wore my daddies Jimi Hendrix tshirt.  I cut it up a bit to be a bit more girly.  He wore this shirt all the time when he was going out.  I always thought it was cute, it was his idea of a nice shirt.  And gosh he looked handsome in gray shades with his salt and pepper hair.  I told him how good he looked everytime he wore this shirt, maybe that is why he wore it so much.  I miss him everyday.  It is the oddest feeling in the world to walk this journey with no parents by my side.  Everything I do I want to call them and show them.  There are so many exciting things happening in my life right now, I just want to jump up and down and talk ninety miles an hour to my mom.  And hear my dad say 'alright kiddo'!  Anyways... Im glad I have his shirt.  It made me smile today wearing it.

 I have also been swimming in beads!  Im working on new things like crazy.  I have so much to list.  I havent posted the new stuff on here yet, but I have been adding new things to the Roots and Feathers shop.  And there are a few cute ones coming to Violet Bella soon too.  I have a bunch of new feather in a bottle necklaces in the works that you can see below.  And the pic of me below is me working in my studio :)

 I snapped the cutest photo ever of Bella last night!  Is she not precious?  She follows me EVERYWHERE.  I mean everywhere.  She is such a mommas girl, its almost ridiculous at times.  But I do love it.  Id much rather a cat with her butt in my face all the time, than a kitty who didnt like snuggles and love!  We had peas with dinner last night which made her a happy little girl.  She LOVES peas.  We dont really feed our animals people food, just tiny little hints here and there.  Bella loves peas and corn, her favorites!  She got two peas :) 

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Bird Watching >>>

One thing I love love love about our new house is how close I am to our wildlife outside.  At our house in town we still had alot of birdies around, but never close enough to get photos of them.  We have two areas set up in the backyard for them to play in, and they come everymorning and evening to feed, get some water and play.  This gorgeous cardinal mom and pop below have been hanging out in the feeder outside my studio window.  Im so glad we hung it up there, now I can watch them while I work!  The other day I saw a bright orange bird, but it flew off before I could capture.  Im waiting for the day it returns when I have my camera in hand.  It was sooooo amazing!  I definitely have a deep spot in my heart for these little feathered creatures.  I feel so blessed to have them around me.

And these little guys come everyday to steal away the birdies food, little rascals.  Violet loves chasing them, but they are way too quick and nimble for her.  I caught this one sprawled out on the bird bath the other day, just hanging out for a long time.  I think it was cool on his belly.  All of these pics were taken through the window from inside the house.  I scare them away when I open the door...

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A slice of beauty >>>

 This beautiful girl is Maryam of Pamplemousse.  I just had to show off her gorgeous photos real quick.  She recently purchased one of my long single feather earrings and a honeycomb ring from Roots and Feathers, and wore them in this outfit post on her blog.  Lets just say the love is mutual.  Check out the rest of her photos from this shoot on her blog here.  She just recently gave birth to her first child, a beautiful little girl named Margaux.  Her photos will make you squeal from the pure adorableness of this little girl.  Go have a play date on her blog!



Studio Tour >>>

 This is my special place to create.  I recently remodeled the whole room with some of my parents furniture, and hundreds of little trinkets that belonged to my parents that I have been holding onto.  It feels so wonderful to be completely surrounded by these things while I work each day.  It brings me constant little reminders of their love.  There are moments it makes me sad, but more often then not, it brings a sense of comfort.  I could spend hours telling you the story behind each little thing in this room... I could not have formed a more perfect little sanctuary to spend my days in.  I just wish my mom could see it.  She would be so delighted.  The AMAZING cubby shelf my dad built a long time ago.  Im so honored to have it in my home now.  I love love love my studio!

You can view all of the photos in my flickr set here also.



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