About Me

My name is Laura Michelle Mazurek.  I live in the beautiful Texas hillcountry with my husband and 3 pets, along with all of the native creatures in our backyard.  I enjoy creating art, being with friends, sitting in the river, stargazing, tent dates, long drives, coffee, yoga, learning about myself and growing in spirit, creating sacred spaces in my home, finding new music, and creating deep connections.  Among many other things.  

I am the designer of Roots & Feathers and Violet Bella on etsy.  I grew with artisan parents, so its always run deep in my core to create.  My mother was a jeweler and founder of Broken China Jewelry, and my father was an incredible wood craftsmen, among any other talent he set his mind to.  Both of my parents have left this earth within the last few years, and Im learning daily how to keep them close to me in spirit.

My life is honestly very simple.  I work from home, and spend my days creating, blogging, taking photos, loving on my animals, cooking meals for me and my husband, taking time to work on my soul growth, and occasionally giving myself space to do things for my body, like hooping and yoga.  I love to garden and water my plants everyday, and talk to the birds outside.  Im contsantly redecorating my home and creating little spaces of peace in my immediate atmosphere, I find a big importance in this since I am here all day long.  

Im just like anyone else with all difference facets of self.  I have alot of silly fears, like driving and giving birth (just to name two).  I have alot of emotional healing to work through from many things that have fallen on my path thus far.  I sometimes have great social anxiety, and sometimes am very free spirited and can talk to anyone... it fluxuates with the moon I suppose.  And the list goes on. 

me and my boy
(photo taken around 2010)

Bella, Nico & Violet.

I love all of my babies (and babe) above so much.  They are my world within these four walls we call our home. 

My blog here is my little sacred space to share my life.  It encompasses all parts of my life for the most part.  I share silly things like outfits I love to wear and things I like to eat or drink, along with much deeper things, like what is on my heart, or healing that I am going through.  I also love to talk about other artisans I admire, and occasionally give updates on my own work.  I dont have a set of rules here on my blog, like many do.  Its pretty diverse in content, but always a part of me.  I have a love for photography, so every post highlights photos I take, or ones that I find inspiring.

 (personal disclaimer)
I enjoy allowing myself to be open here in this space, although it leaves me vulnerable at times.  In the past I have had a few people write me with the most hurtful things to say.  Although I know myself well enough to just brush it off and remain who I am, it does hurt.  I ask you to please be kind while commenting, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.  If I ever post something that offends you, or makes you not like me, please just kindly turn away and dont read my blog.  We are all in this journey called life together, all from different paths, different upbringings, and different trials.  I would love for this space to be an extension of love in this sometimes harsh world, please respect this.



  1. So happy to stumble upon this blog..I used to read Violet Bella, then life sort of took over and I wasn't really online for a long time. I could not remember the name of it for anything. You seem like such an incredible, honest person. Thank you for your heartfelt, honest, and beautiful posts. xoxo

  2. I have always loved your blog Laura.. I just got a little more immersed in it right now, while my baby is napping. I think I can relate with you a lot! I have a fear of driving and have never got my liscence..people always bother me about it :( I also had a fear of giving birth.. until I got pregnant (unexpectedly) and had to get over that.. :P He is 5 mths now and the joy of my life.. never deprive yourself the gift of a chil because of your fear! :):)
    I can also either be socially awkward, or the life of the party.. haha depends on my mood!
    Keep up the great work, and I will continue to read, as always, - - Chrissie - -

  3. Beautiful blog you have here, Laura! I stumbled upon it this afternoon via another blog -- I think it was The Flowerchild Dwelling. :)

    Such lovely pets, by the way! So sweet. We seem to have a quite a bit in common, from what I read of your bio and the blog posts I read, looking forward to reading more from you! :)


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