Birthday PHotos!!!

Birthday Photos!!!! (finally)

All of these photos be me or my friend Jennifer (Jen Jen), so I will put jen jen under the ones that she took. Check out her livejournal to see some amazing photography work. She is currently working on her second round of 365, which blows me away, I could only accomplish one week! Let alone 2 years!!! Amazing girl she is...

Jen Jen's livejournal

Here is a pic she captured of my in my dress!!!

(jen jen)

Started off the party with some good old Willie Nelson on vinyl, a must!

These tables clothes are the ones I made for my wedding.

She most beautiful cake my best friend Shelley made for me. I told her I wanted something light and summery, and she nailed it with a yummy lemon cake. Check out the beautiful way the put the lemons on the side. love it! And she wrote Happy Birthday to me in Italian, b/c she said lemon reminds her of when my mom went to Italy and came home raving about the lemon trees! So sweet, she really is an amazing friend!

Here she is with her little boy! Im so glad he came for just a bit.

Xavier enjoying a cracker :)

Renea looked so beautiful in the pillow case top she made! Love her!

Alyssa! This girl is so cute, I love her. James calls her Living Dead Girl b/c she is a mortician, lol! So funny.

Shelley! She radiates beauty. I am so glad her and Dominic got to stay later this year! Her mom watched the babies!!!

my cutie James :)

Jen Jen, the readheaded dreadie :)

She broke out the guitar! And I loved her nail polish, I got some yesterday just like it :)

Jen's pic of my dress from the back! We broke out the hula hoop and it was a hit! Everyone tried it and had alot of fun with it all nite.

Here is Alyssa with it. She and Jen are going to get one, or we might make some when Katelyn comes to texas! Eeeek, I cant wait!

Johnny was a natural. It was so fun watching everyone try it.

My plate of food before the burgers and cake!

All the boys gathered around where James was grilling.

James grilled for the first time! He grilled aldolph burgers, grilled mushrooms, asparagus, red bell pepper, zucchinni, yellow squash... it was all so yum, I was so proud!

We so enjoyed using our grill. I think we might grill homeade pizzas on it tonite! (if it doesnt rain)

There are more photos on my facebook if you are my friend on there. If you want to be, please send me a convo letting me know who you are, I dont add people if I dont know where they are from on there :)


New Threads and Jewels

Just a quick update to show you what is new in the shop. Birthday pics are coming soon, I am still working on editing them :)

I had the best birthday again, so thank you to all of my friends who wished me a happy birthday and who made it special for me.

Here is my newest pinafore jumper, I am in love with it, and I am not a blue person. This one is a size medium/large.

My new favorite dress, this style is also relatively new, it is my Patchwork Folk Top, revamped into a dress. I just love love love the colors of this one, and all of the ribbon detail, I used some of my favorite vintage ribbons...

The granny squares on these were handmade by my aunt karen :)

Here is another Patchwork Folk Dress, a playful childlike one...

My most favorite Patchwork Folk top I have made so far. Exquisite pieces are used in this one...

The back is my favorite part.

I also did a few simpler things this time, so patchwork tshirts. These are both super comfy long style t's from Mossimo. This one is a small.

And this one is a medium. I love this color so much.


New pink blossom ring, a simpler version.

New Dragonfly patina verdigris necklace with a plum colored pearl. I have teenie tiny earrings that match this that I just havent listed yet. Convo me if you are interested...

A colorful wooden and bone beaded necklace.

Patina Leaf branch and chocolate pearls bracelet, with a little brass eiffel tower charm.

So much editing to do, Ill be back with more updates soon!



My Dress on Video

I made my first video with my new flip camera! Please dont make fun, I dont ever record myself and I felt like such a dork. But now you can see which fabrics are what in my dress!

Oh, and I think I was talking like a valley girl or something, lol!

Thank you James for my camera!!!!



The most SPECIAL dress in the world.

The best birthday gift I ever bought myself :)

This is my new patchwork "Im a good mommy" top from Shauna at Poor Pitiful Pearl. It was a custom order, you can order one here... Not just like mine of course, its a one of a kind with all of my own fabrics!

Every single piece of this dress is a piece of my soul. I sent her my most special scraps I have...

First, funny story about the towel part on the bodice... we were at a garage sale and I saw this rag sitting on the fence... my eyes popped out from the beauty of it. I asked the guy how much, and he laughed and said, that's not for sale! Thats an old rag, you dont want that, its filthy! And I said, oh yes I do, I can wash it! He just chuckled and gave it to me, he thought it was so funny. So, I brought it home and it cleaned up nicely, and now it is a part of my oh so special dress :)

The balls were from an old curtain I found at goodwill, not personally special, but now they are! I just love them so much.

On the right, the green bandana was my momma's and the green and brown floral print was from a handmade napkin my nanna made for my wedding.

Each patch came from either my mom's old materials, my dad's old work shirt, my baby clothes, my shirts from high school, my best friends shirt, my baby curtains, etc...

Look how she even used different materials for the tie holders! I love every detail, Shauna is amazing!

One of my favorite parts is how she used the pocket from my dad's old work shirt and it has paint on it! I love it! Ever since I can remember, my dad seems to have paint on everything he owns... the signs of a hard worker :)

Special in every way.

You will get pics soon of it on!!!

Shauna, I cannot thank you enough. This is seriously perfect. It is so me its unreal. My mom would flip out over it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Birthday Presents!!!

So, tomorrow is mah birthday! And James decided to give me my gifts early! I love everything, he is the sweetest boy :)

First, we have Ponyo! Believe it or not, I havent seen it yet, being the Myazaki fan that I am. So I am ready to see it!

A Rocky Votolato cd that I didnt have :) Makes my heart happy.

A handmade coupon for a free massage!!!

Check out these rules, so adorable...

And... a pink flip video camera!!! I adore it! So we will have videos from the party!!!

Here is a quick pic of my new hoop :)

We seasoned our grill tonite.

This was my dinner, squash from the neighbors garden, yum!

And Mr. Noogs went back home with daddy today. He got really bad allergies and I had to blow his nose, so sad. Is that not a sappy face or what?

Ahhh, tomorrow, still lots of last minute cleaning and preparing...