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Yesterday I took advantage of the fact that we were going grocery shopping in Kerrville and brought my camera so we could do my outfit pics down by the river. It was really bright and sunny, but it was fun to mix it up a bit.  Mr James was my photographer this time.  I just got these black moccasins in from Blowfish about 3 days ago, and Im in love big time.  I know I say 'these are my favorite pair' with each pair Ive ever received... but seriously, I think these are my favorite pair!  I kind of cant believe I waited so long to get them.  If I were you I would race to their shop to get you a pair b/c they are selling fast!!!  And I have been having so much fun styling my vest from O Bella Organics in different ways.  Its kind of a limitless, versatile wardrobe piece.  Love.  And I had been waiting to use this bag from Bird Trouble until I had my lookbook for The Bohemian Collective all done, and Im soooo thrilled to be able to use it everyday now!  Her workmanship is beyond perfect.  Not only is it the cutest bag around, its totally functional.  She put lots of pockets inside, and hooks and things to hang your keys from.  All around amazing bag.
<<< outfit details >>>
shirt // handmade (bought at renegade, designer umsteigen)
hemp vest // o bella organics
teal skinnies // F21
headband // red velvet
fringe bag // bird trouble
shoes // blowfish
necklace // roots and feathers



Mini Bedroom Makeover >>>

 After I did the Oh My Mama photoshoot, I felt such a connection with the images, I ordered a few for our home.  They have been lying on my desk begging me to hang them, but I was so unsure of where I wanted them.  I like to move things around alot... and with these, I was going to be poking so many holes in the wall, I wanted to make sure I wouldnt want to move them in a few weeks!  Im kind of running out of room to decorate in our house!  Eeeek!  The space above my necklace rack always looked so bare to me, so there they went!  (I wrote a little more in depth about this photoshoot the other day on The Bohemian Collective).  In case you are wondering, the necklace rack came from the inside of an old piano.

I also revamped my bedside area again while I was at it. I loved the way I had it before, if everything was kept in order... but with all my books beside the bed, it was becoming unruly.  I had the wooden shelf up on our mantle for the past month or so... but didnt really love it.  I wanted to do something nice with it though b/c my daddy made it.  Just to hold his pottery powders, but still, he made it.  So now I have all my beside stuff, plus some extra trinkets and things.  And it showcases my earrings on the lace better too!
It has been so hard to crawl out of this bed every morning lately.  Ive been in super deep sleep upon awakening, with Bella pawing at my face to feed her.  Just looking at this picture I feel my bones being beckoned.  

Its been a super busy two days.  Playing major catch up after the holiday weekend, and I have started my workout routine backup... which I am so happy about.  Ive kind of let myself go for a while.  So it feels nice to be nice to my body again.  We went grocery shopping today and got some more good stuff to eat too, which is a big help.  I need this.



From Under His Feathers - A Welcome Hello + Giveaway {CLOSED}>>>

I am happy to be here on Laura’s blog today to share with you, her dear readers, more about me. I just want to say before I start that Laura is the real deal, y’all. She is authentic in her passion and a real, accessible human being with a heart that can be felt across the interwebs. It is a real honor for me to have a space here.

I’ve been blogging now for about seven or eight months. I started blogging because I thought it might be – as it is for many – “an outlet”, be it creative, expressive… whatever. And I won’t lie – in the midst of our financial hell I began exploring the double whammy of blogging as not only this medium of communicating with the world whatever I felt inclined to share, but also a means of generating income at some point. Simultaneously I opened my vintage shop with items from my own personal collection. Since then both have grown some, which is fine, but the overwhelming value of blogging has been in the connecting with others. I have developed some friendships through this medium that are genuine, life-giving and inspiring. So, what I want out of this opportunity presented to me here is to connect with readers that will join me for the long haul... I want you to know more about who I am and what rattles around in my brain… where I’ve been, where I might be going… so, come along, if you will.

It took me a little while to think about just one thing to share. I am not a very fancy or crafty gal (I am, but I’m not). “Red Clay Halo” is my anthem. My mom refers to me as an earth mother, but I don’t find my identity in that. I’d like to say that I am a simple gal who needs to stay close to nature to maintain my sanity, not because it’s cool to grow your own food, swim in rivers or eat organic. It’s just a lesson that I learned about myself as a child … that I am wired in such a way that if I don’t maintain the perspective that being in the vast quiet of nature brings me, I will shortly fall apart, spin out and start to lose my proverbial sh*t.
Getting into the woods… onto the beach… into the mountains… into the dirt… just getting close to nature brings perspective that is backed by science as good for my overall wellbeing. As far as I am concerned, I don’t need science to tell me what I already know.

As a child, my mother fostered my love for the outdoors through camping trips, picnics and kite flying in wide open meadows, biking, rafting and hiking, long beach trips digging in the sand and swimming for hours and the like. The outdoors became a sanctuary, a place for us to connect outside of the chaos of the reality of our day to day lives. The endorphin uplift obtained after a five or six mile hike… the sensation of still floating on the waves while lying in the bed at night after a long day at the beach… the perception of smallness obtained walking beneath the canopy of an old growth forest, looking out across the vast expanse of the Appalachians from an outcropping on a Blue Ridge mountain trail… there is something about these experiences that brings the finite and tangible into its correct and rightful place in my mind, and brings to the forefront of my consciousness those things that matter; that make life worth living; that making going forward another day worth it. 

For me this is spiritual. The connection to creation and my Creator through experiencing the work of his hands just cleanses me of all the garbage that pollutes my mind and brings me back to a place of simplicity. For me, as a Christ-follower, I am perpetually wrecked by how simple Jesus’ message and example were, and yet how we continue to complicate it and over-engineer it. Not only do I feel so treasured and honored to have been made a steward of such beauty, but the feeling of smallness that I come away with reminds me that he loves me, that there is a plan for all of this that is much greater than I could ever imagine. It challenges me to rest in God’s hands, trusting and taking it one day at a time. This brings me a deeper sense of peace that lasts, but soon after I find myself longing to go back to that place. When I find myself unraveling, I realize that it’s time to get away.

The good news is that although I feel that I’ve been spinning out of control in the last several days, culminating with a major meltdown today, I am leaving for the mountains in two days, to swim in the river and go on long walks with my family. We all need it so badly right now.
And if you feel that you’re unraveling too, may I suggest you find a mountain vista to gaze upon, a lush green forest to walk in or a field to lie in… and I suppose you might feel just a little more sane, a little more centered and a whole lot more alive when you’re through. 


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Sun on My Face >>>

 Im here with a late night recap of this memorial weekend.  I decided to lay low and soak in some much needed quiet slow times.  One night we bbq'd for dinner and one afternoon we went to the river with some friends.  I did work throughout the weekend in little spurts... but I allowed myself some time in the sun, which was so rewarding.  Violet and Bella really enjoyed me being outdoors alot.  I was a little MIA on the phone... Nanna, Ill call you tomorrow!  I love you!  And... tomorrow Ill be back with an inspiring introduction to my sponsor From Under His Feathers, including a giveaway!

 I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  Tomorrow its back to the grind for sure!  Is May really almost over?  This means... my birthday month is next in line... and Ill be turning the big 30.  Im honestly kind of excited to be 30.  Seems like a good solid number.  Although Ive been having feelings of my crazy youthful free spirit wanting to claw its way through my skin... maybe this is why.  Although this time, I think Ill keep my head on my shoulders.  Maybe 30 is the year to find the perfect balance between youthful spontaneity and adult groundedness.  Mmmmm... sounds good to me.  Goodnight.



Picnic Dinner >>>

Last night we bbq'd and had a picnic for dinner.  James surprised me with getting lots of groceries from work before he left.  (this is kind of a big deal, b/c he usually hates spending more than one second longer than he has to at heb).  So I made two of his favorites, chicken sandwiches and corn, which are 100 times better on the grill.  A chicken sandwich is the way to this boys heart, if you can not tell in the pic where he is throwing up his hands... yep, that was after taking a bite!  Violet quietly begged the whole time.  And Bella just laid around the yard and did her own thing like usual.  And I, well I had some yummy dunkel.  And you can see below, on two different occasions yesterday, I caught both of the babies drinking out of the birdbath!  Even if Violet has a fresh bowl of water out there, she still prefers the birdbath.  Probably why we dont get many birds on it!  Oh... and doesnt James look adorable in his new glasses???  His other ones broke, and sadly they dont sell them anymore, but I think we found another winner!
I plan on continuing to enjoy the outdoors this memorial weekend.  I think we are having friends over tonite, so maybe some campfire and river walks.  Fingers crossed.  If not, James and I will by ourselves for sure.  It will be nice to have some down time before tuesday gets here!  We have a big sale going on it our shops this weekend, and its been going great!  Today is the last day to get 30% off of everything!!!  See here for details.



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We are having a 30% off sale in ALL 3 OF OUR SHOPS, today and tomorrow only!  And, if you order something from more than one shop, we will combine your shipping!

Please make sure to enter the code MEM2012 at checkout to be able to receive the discount.  It should show you your revised price before you pay.  Thanks!



Threads - Patches & Cardinals >>>

A few days ago when I was feeling particularly down and missing my mama, I got the urge to embroider.  I picked up this sweet cardinal embroidery piece at a thrift store the other day.  It was on an unfinished piece of linen, and the moment I saw the two sweet birdies I just knew I had to have them and do something with them.  Cardinals instantly remind me of my mom, every time I see one.  Since its summertime and Ive been living in my cutoffs, I figured the perfect project would be to upcycle some old cutoffs.  As I was putting on the random patches and stitches, I remembered Kinsey's lace pocket diy from a few weeks ago, and wanted to do something similar to the pockets of these shorts.  I picked a pretty 70's inspired floral fabric and did random colored contrast stitching around them.  I used to make things like this all the time, and I realized its been forever since I sat down and created a little something just for my own wardrobe.  I spent hours sitting on my back porch, with the windows open so I could listen to Ray LaMontagne blare from indoors.  There was a bittersweetness in the air while I thought of my parents and quietly sewed away at my patches.  It was definitely soothing and healing for my soul.
<<< outfit details >>>
headband // thief and bandit
lace dolman top // lulu's.com
shorts // upcycled
shoes // blowfish
necklace // roots and feathers

Blowfish Shoes is having a huge sale this week!  25% off everything plus free shipping!  They tend to sell out fast when they have sales like this, so if you have been wanting to order something from them, you might want to this weekend!  And speaking of sales, James and I are thinking of having a sale on all 3 of our shops starting tomorrow, so check back for the announcement and coupon codes!

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