2010 Rewind

So many things happened this year that there is just no way I could post it all, so here are just a few highlights... (in no order)

I had the best year of marriage yet, year number 3.

We took lots of drives and listened to homeade mix cds... And we got a new addition to our family, Oliver from Stitchface!

I joined RVA.  A super exciting adventure!

And my jewelry line was a huge success on Ruche, and it was featured in their spring lookbook!

We had LOTS of tent parties!

I made more cute clothes than I ever thought I would in a lifetime!  And I wore my favorite jumper to my very first Renegade Fair in Austin, where I met the beautiful Elsie & James.

I made my first lookbook with good friends!

I constantly re-decorated my home, like I always do.

And got my craft room organized, which is already chaotic again!

My Nanna got married to the sweetest man alive, and is leaving on a cruise to Australia in the morning!

I had my little helper by my side with every creation made this year!

My little brother Noogs passed away, and will be very much missed forever.

James and I both got more tattoo work done, and I cant wait to go get my 1/2 sleeve finished soon!

We met very dear friends in person, twice, Katelyn and Leena!  And both James and I could just steal this little girl!  See pics of our visits here & here.

A friend made me this book and it inspired me to write again.

I traded a camera with Shauna and got tons of beautiful PPP clothing that I will treasure for a lifetime!  And made a video of one super special dress!

I made TONS of teddy bear shirts, and outfitted the whole Hursh Family!

My husband started his own screenprinting company, Skyline Fever, and I could not be any prouder of him!  AND - we are in TWO brick and mortor shops together, Graceful & Homegrown!

I cant wait to see all the this next year brings.  Possibly maybe even a little mini Mazurek, we are not sure yet :)  Big love to each and every person who has ever supported us in this adventure in any way... it is through all of the love we have received during this journey that keeps it going!


Top 5 Friday

(i was about 15 here)

Todays Top 5 question comes from Jodie of Scattered Thoughts!


1. That all of the things I thought were 'wrong' or made me 'unhappy' were just silly compared to real life heartache and situations.  (although they felt VERY real at the time)... Had I have had more real life situations to compare to, I might not have been so selfish or whatever I was at 15!

2. To just say no to drugs!  ha ha, sounds cliche, but so true.

3. That to love someone selflessly is so much more rewarding then to love selfishly.

4. That some people really are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  Not all friends and lovers are meant to be forever - some are just here for some of our most important lessons to be learned.  And to not carry the weight of it all on my shoulders when one has to leave or you have to let go of one.

5. That time really is valuable.  You really dont know how long you have, or how long someone close to you has here on this earth.  To not take people and life situations for granted, and to try to see the beauty in every situation, even the most painful ones, because there IS beauty in all of it if you just look.

I would love to hear some of your things you wish you knew when you were 15!  Great question!

If you want to join in on the fun and ask me a top 5 question, leave a comment here.



Cold Weather Days

Lately the weather here has been chilly and drizzly.  A bit dreary but beautiful.  I love when the sky is overcast.  But I love bundling up in layers of clothes when we go out!  And I love sipping hot chocolate.  Almost makes me wish I owned a Snuggie, ha ha... just kidding!

Im spending another two days with my Nanna again in celebration of her birthday!  Unfortunately James has to stay home and hold down the fort and work.  So, my shop is closed until Friday.

What is your favorite things to do when its cold outside?



New Blog Pages & Buttons

Throughout this whole month Ive been working lots on changing up things here on the blog.  Yesterday 4 new buttons were added!  They all go to their own page!  So click on them on the right hand side of the blog to see!  Im just about to be finishing it all up.  Its been super fun, and a great way to start the new year with a fresh look.

My goal was to make things more clean and organized, easy to find all of the different shops and sites.  Do you think this was successful?  Id love to hear your feedback on the new layout.



Keepsake Gift Idea

Here is a simple but profound little gift idea...

I filled up 3 little jelly jars full of tiny trinkets that belonged to my mother.  My mom always stashed little things that she though was special, so I had a drawer full of these little things.  I divided them up into pieces I felt spoke to me about a certain person, and gave them to my Nanna, aunt & uncle for christmas.  They are really just to be kept on a shelf, as a little visual collage of their loved one.  Each one did have a mountain laurel seed, a wine cork, an old dice, a little buddah and a foreign coin, along with other random things of hers.

You can take this idea and turn it into anything keepsake, like for your kids with their little toys, balls or jacks.  Or even a little stash of your own 'precious' things that you would like to pass on to your child one day.  Be creative!


The Sweetest Gift

A few days before christmas a local friend stopped by my house and delivered the sweetest gift.  I think it was so wonderful b/c it was so unexpected.  It truly melted my heart.  She knew (from reading my blog :) that I collect these vintage wooden bowls, and she found this amazing one and knew I wouldnt have it.  It such an irregular pattern, I have never seen one like it!  Along with an adorable glass owl tree ornament, and a huge bundle of vintage fabrics.  This could not have been anymore of a perfect gift for me.

As you can see, Bella enjoyed it too, especially the paper!

Things like this go deeper for me, I look at it as if Im doing something right in this world.  For someone Im not super close to (although i would love to be) to randomly think of me during this time of year when there is so much going on, is the sweetest thing ever.  Im truly grateful for moments like these.

A part of me wishes I could do this holiday season all over.  I was in such a funk and having a hard time getting into b/c of my own emotions.  And now that it is over, Im into it!  Lets do it again, ha ha!



Our Xmas Attire

James: Saves The Day shirt, AE plaid button up, AE jeans, green cons

Laura: Threadsence Dress, Graceful Necklace, gray leggings, brown boots
(I switched necklaces on the way out, thats why there are two different ones photographed)

James got the porcelain mug from my bestie Shelley, he was quite surprised and loves it!

also, new poem here. It was written in light of an old friend.


Makes My Heart Sing Monday

I would be one very happy girl if this teepee was in my backyard.

I love the simple wood slat bookshelves in this house.

This is actually the photo I took to my hairstylist a while back to show her my goal.

 I have always had an obsession with feathers, something I got from my mom.

I just adore this photo.

Love, love, love this artist.  All of the feather collections pull at my heartstrings.

Love this dress, and the subdued colors of the whole photo.
Be back later with some more christmas goodness!



Our Holiday Season

A peek at my christmas holiday.  I have way too much to share, so Ill just break it up into several smaller posts!  This has honestly been the best christmas so far since my mother has been gone.  I felt her peace with us all along the way, and I have ALOT to be thankful for.

My inspiration for wrapping.  Im such a yarn nut for as little crocheting as I actually do.  I use it on everything else!  These are some of my favorite colors.
I love love love decorating my tree every year.  I have such a sentimental heart, and christmas ornaments definitely fall into that category.  I know pretty much where every ornament came from.  Im excited to grow this collection throughout my life, especially when we start getting ornaments from our own children!  This button ornament is a new one I bought from a friend, I just love it!
I hung up my paper chain I made last year.  Little things like this instantly make my house feel like christmas.  I will be a bit sad to take them all down.  You will most likely never see me decorate my house with santa claus figurines or anything like that.  Maybe a vintage deer figurine would be nice!  But I love when other people do, its just not for me.
Christmas eve me and the boy watched his favorite xmas movie, A Christmas Vacation.  It is funny everytime!  Then we caught the last half of A Christmas Story on the tele.  We actually didnt even have our hot cocoa b/c we were too stuffed from dinner!
I made my cousin Shane a pumpkin roll. (still cant figure out how to roll it without having it crack, I was soooo super careful)  This is a tradition my mom started for him several years ago, so when she passed away, I took up where she couldnt, so now I make him one every year.  Its about one of the most special things to deliver each year.
I made a big batch of banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, just because.  I ended up giving almost all of them away for gifts.  Yum yum!
Christmas morning James gave me one of my presents early!  This very beautiful coffee cup from my favorite store, Anthropologie!  I adore it.  Prettiest mug ever!
On the way out to take Violet to her pin, I gave her an early xmas bone!  (we dont do our christmas until that night when we get back from my Nannas)
On the way to Nanna's we listened to a Rocky Votolato cd James got me. (another early gift he snuck out!)  Its not a new cd, but new to me!  I love Rocky!
We spent the day at my favorite house in the world, my Nanna's.  I have gone to her house every christmas since I was born.  I cant imagine christmas any other way.
 My nanna's tree.

This christmas was very special to me.  It was the first year that nobody cried (at least not that I saw) about my mom.  It was also the first year that after opening gifts and eating, every person in the family was sitting in the same room together talking and laughing.  Usually everyone breaks up into different rooms and different conversations, or watched football or something.  This was so nice to me, I know my mom would have felt the same way.  And I received a meaningful apology for an old deep wound, which has lifted my heart from the chambers I have created around it.

Besides the obvious of having an amazing husband, beautiful (furry) children, and so many other things to feel blessed for, the christmas had alot of heart in it for me.  The only part I would have changed would be having my brother and my dad there with me.  I missed them both so much.  But I know my brother was having his own awesome christmas with a special girl, and I will be having a movie date with my daddy soon!  And we will be doing our own little xmas with James' family soon too.

I hope all of you who are reading this had many blessings this season as well.  And I hope they carry on throughout the year ahead.  I love this time of renewal.  Beginnings of new years always feel like beginnings in our souls.  A time of change where change is needed, and a new spring in our step for the excitement of what is to come.

p.s. LOTS more photos to come.  besides just xmas, i have so much to share!