I feel so blessed to have the customers that I do. Every now and then I get a random something in mail, and it makes my heart so happy. Yesterday one of my newest online friends, Polly, who is absolutely the cutest red head Ive ever seen, sent me a card and a mini painting, along with the cute little beaded necklace in the photo below... All just because, a little thank you for becoming new friends.

Being able to create and sell the things I create as a living has been one of the biggest blessings of my life. I cannot think of another way of life for myself. Execpt for one day being a mother. But this is it. This is what I was meant to do. And little things like this make it so worth it for me. All of you guys, my readers, the people who buy my work, the people who appreciate from afar... all of you are what make this whole thing go round.


And of course, I had to throw a feet shot in there, what is up with me and feet? I cant stop! Sorry if its annoying. Its just something I do.

Big LOVE to each and everyone I have met along this journey of art and life.


New Skyline Fever shirts

Two new shirts went in the shop this weekend. Forgot to post about it!

We had our Thanksgiving number 2 with James family last night and it was so nice. The first time they have done that in a very long time and it was so good to have everyone together.

Now I guess we will be hearing Jingle Bells in every store you walk into for the next month! We will be decorating our tree tonite :)



A Day for a New Dress

Today I got to wear one of my custom PPP dresses. I sent all the fabrics in to Shauna for her to work her magic. I adore this dress to pieces.

I wore it with one of my upcycled crop sweaters, jeans and my favorite embroidered shoes.

PhotobucketPhotobucketToday we grocery shopped at Whole Foods, I pet sat some birds & kitties, I danced in my socks on my linoleum kitchen floor while making dinner, I drank a Dunkl, and made tons of orders to ship out tomorrow.

The sale is still going on in the shop, 20% off everything! Also in James shop, and we just added some new shirts today. And starting tonite thru tomorrow only, all of my prints in my photography shop will be 1/2 off!!!





The day after thanksgiving. What did you do today?

I spent the day sewing Christmas stockings for the shop. They are the cutest ever.

We had a wonderful thanksgiving with family. Ate wonderful food that we only get to eat once a year. And we have many things to be thankful for.

My thanksgiving attire consisted of one of my own Pinafore Jumpers... funny I am rarely wearing Violet Bella these days... along with black leggings, plaid boots and one of my mothers broken china charms that says her name, Linda.

Thanksgiving morning I woke up early and sat on my porch, sharing the chair with my dog, drinking my coffee, listening the breeze blow leaves across the ground, and I made a little thankful list. I think Ill share it with you. I have a million things to be thankful for, so this list is just some major things for 2010.

  • having the best year so far with my husband
  • the success of my business
  • my nanna finding a new soulmate
  • seeing my best friends second child grow
  • meeting katelyn and leena
  • being overly blessed with Poor Pitiful Pearl
  • finding a reason to get healthy again
  • for the continuing bond i have with my bestie
  • for having two friends become two really good friends
  • the talks i have on the phone with my nanna
  • my husband starting a new project
  • another year with three healthy pets
  • the comfort and love i have from my in-laws
  • the dreams James and I share in common
  • the people I have met from running my business
  • feeling content in who I am as a person
Those are just a few of hundreds I could list. Even though Thanksgiving is over, we should think of these things often, if not a little each day, to remind ourselves what we have to be thankful for. It really puts things into perspective when you are feeling like you dont have much or what you want.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!


Official Sale Rundown

Here is the official sale rundown...

Skyline Fever is having a 20% off everything sale, now thru Cyber Monday.

Violet Bella is having a 20% of everything sale, now thru Cyber Monday.

Violet Bella Photography is having a 50% photo print sale on Cyber Monday only.

Now is the time to think of of those Xmas gifts you have been eyeing!



Skyline Fever Black Friday Sale

My husband's shop, Skyline Fever, is having a 4 day Black Friday sale, now thru cyber monday take 20% off everything in the shop, just by entering the code in his shop announcement!!!

Violet Bella sales to be announced soon!



Artist Spotlight - Dr Kennedy Jones

I saw this artist Dr Kennedy Jones on etsy's front page yesterday and instantly fell in love. That does not happen very often for me, so I thought Id share. I explored through her shop and was just overjoyed with the sensation that her art left with me.

Artist name: Hollie Chastain
Etsy shop
Go enjoy her work, its magical.



A Mini Thrifting Date

Just a little thrifting adventure for today. We drove to Ingram this afternoon to go to my favorite little thrift shop sort of in the middle of nowhere. I love it so much, its run by a group of little elder ladies and it always has super cool things I like... like granny square afghans, owl stuff, cool vintage fabric. love it. It was James idea. It was so cute this morning, we actually got to wake up together, and while we were still in bed he asked me if I wanted to go to the thrift store. That ALWAYS puts a big smile on my face! Especially when its HIS idea :) Love my mister.

Of course we stopped by our favorite little coffee shop in Ingram, Spirit Wind Java.

James got an vanilla bean espresso milk shake and a chocolate chip cookie, and I got a chai milkshake and a oatmeal banana scone. Yummy!!!

There was a cool little art sculpture on the wall with the wooden spoons, I thought they were pretties.

At the thrift store I found a treasure for my hope chest for our future 'hopeful' little girl. The cutest little embroidered vintage hoodie. loves....

and I found lots of yummy pillowcases.

and I got this in the mail today! It was a lovely trade with Deer Little Fawn. It is just the cutest thing ever! Cant wait to hang it in my 'one day' studio. For now I will just find a special little spot for it. And the cutest little yoyo hair barrette!

So far, a lovely day with my boy. Now he is playing video games and Im off to work!



Saves The Day concert

Last night we drove up to Austin to see one of our favorite bands play, Saves The Day. The show was at Stubb's, which I had never been to but was always curious about. Pretty cool venue, beautiful night, amazing moon and clouded sky with a breeze. Could not have been a better setting. The show itself honestly was disappointing to me. I hate to be so negative, but I guess b/c Saves The Day was not headlining, Say Anything and Motion City Soundtrack were... they played a rushed show and the sound guy did not know what he was doing. But it was nice just to see Chris Conley for a bit and here his lovely voice.

Say Anything was pretty cool live. I did enjoy that. But Motion City Soundtrack does nothing for me anymore. Maybe Im just getting old. I feel like Im hungover today from standing so long, ha ha. Happy to be home today and happy that James has the day off! We are planning on planning nothing.

The entire night was most definitely worth it b/c our friend Jonny (below) had the best time of his life. It was so fun to watch him be so happy and have such a wonderful time. He is sooooo full of life. He even danced all by himself to one song.

quote from the night:
"i just have alot of love tonite, im sharing it with buildings"

I wore James green Noni beanie
Skyline Fever tee pee baseball shirt
skinny ripped jeans
green cons

Good times with friends must be had!



Owl Inspiration

I am still just adoring the owl design for Skyline Fever's shirts... It turned out perfect for guys or girls, or bags...

Since I have been swooning over them, and have always had a general love for owls, as I know several of my readers do as well, I decided to a general inspiration post on them. Something I havent done in forever!

All images below were not taken by me, they were all found via weheartit by searching 'owl'.

enjoy the eye candy