Summer Sponsor Sale >>>

I realized since I moved my sponsor stuff over to Passionfruit, I have forgotten to even mention spots being available.  Since many people still sign up at the beginning of the month, a few spots have expired or about to expire, opening up more availability.  I thought I would have my first ever sponsor sale!  If you sign up by July 2nd (just to give you a few days), you can get 20% off your spot, regardless of which size you choose.  Sign up through this page.  Just enter the code SWEETJULY when you checkout through Passionfruit. 

Im 2 people away from hitting 2,000 followers, so I thought sticking with the 2's would be appropriate.  I have a thing with the number 2.  Ever since a friend told me of her significance with the number 222, I see it everywhere, for the past few years.  I see the clock everyday at either 12:22 or 2:22, almost without fail.  Pretty interesting.

Also, remember if you are signing up for a large ad, I do offer solo giveaway spaces for you!  



Threads - Love You Moon >>>

Yesterday's outfit was just about the comfiest thing ever... This dress was given to me by my bestie about 10 years ago (guestimate) and I still love it.  This rad top is one of Lune Vintage's Harvest fringe tees...  I gifted this to myself last year and Im so glad I did.  Knowing where things like this come from make them so much more special.  And these shoes... Oh these shoes.  I dont want to take them off.  Blowfish, thank you once again for being so freakin stellar!

The story behind the amazing MOON sign you see in the background... When I was about 15, my friends and I would go to our local coffee shop, called the Fool Moon.  Back then, you could still smoke in restaurants, and the owner disregarded that we were wayyy under age.  So we could drink tons of coffee and smokes lots of cigarettes.  (and look at the beautiful people that worked there).  I always admired the rusted signs on the building.  That cafe closed and years later the owner opened a new restaurant.  Fast forward 12 years, and I became a waitress at said restaurant.  I will spare myself and everyone that whole story... but, I always had these signs in the back of my head.  A few years back I did a photoshoot with a friend, and we climbed up some stairs on the side of that old building to take some shots, and I noticed those signs had been thrown on top of the building.  Just laying there.  I contemplated stealing them several times.  Yes, I really did.  But... *sigh* I could never bring myself to do that, ha ha.  Well, up to date, a friend of mine works at the restaurant that replaced it, and I asked her if they were still up there, and they were, and they gave them to me!!!  So, 15 years later, they bless my porch.  Kind of crazy.  One of my alltime favorite photos I have of my mom is of her drinking a big cup of coffee outside of that cafe.  We used to go there together, and Ill never forget the one day we took photos of each other, and giggled together so much.  I have alot of fond memories, good and bad, that root to these signs.  And, as a moonchild, it almost feels like magic to have these in my sacred space on my porch.  And the best part, they were handcrafted by one of my favorite artists, who happens to be a local.  One of the most talented individuals Ive ever met.

Where the title came from... my favorites are Late May's Gaze, To Kill For You and A New World.


Things for the Soul >>>

This past week I started the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary with Lauren Luquin.  So far, I'm loving it.  Her vibe is very comforting, grounded, in tune and intentional.  Im looking forward to spending some time on this.  The journal below is what I created to keep all of my thoughts in.  Ill take some better pics of it, b/c this just doesn't show of how pretty it is.  It has been a while since Ive done a project like this, and it was so fun.  I use to create collages and art all of the time... and its something that has just fallen to the side of life.  As I watched the first video for the course, I sat outside with my morning coffee and birds. 

Ive been working on fixing up the backyard more and more.  Im constantly re-arranging things.  I moved my little buddha arrangement from the ground onto a table with lots of rocks and petrified seashells surrounding it.  Im going to slowly add some pretty plants to it as well.  And I re-organized my porch shelf below as well.  Sometimes just some simple rearranging can really make a little space feel so new and fresh.  The backyard felt so nice at my party.  I wish I had taken some photos of it.  We are beginning to daydream about how we really want to fix the yard with little rock pathways, and a hammock, and more and more plants.  Im on a total plant buzz this year.  All I want to do is get new plants and learn them.

Even though its been murderously hot outside, Ive still been really enjoying this summer.  Bathing suit time and any chance I get to lay in the yard, or do something outside, Im a happy camper.  Im pretty much in love with the bathing suit I found on etsy, from Kioki.

Ive been meaning to post these for 2 weeks now.  When I stayed with my Nanna, my brother and his son Aiden came over and I played soooo much with Aiden.  We took pics of him next to all of Nanna's flowers.  It was so cute.  Nanna, Ill email you the rest b/c there are tons of them!!!  And I took pics of all of her flowers.  My favorite one is her passion vine.  I brought home a clipping and Im trying to keep it alive in the ground.  So far so good, but this heat is really making it struggle.  I pick the best times to try to transplant things!!!  I finally had to remove the caterpillar that came along for the ride with it.  For the first week I didnt have the heart to move it, b/c I knew it was loving the plant, but once half the leaves were gone and he was 4 times bigger, I realized I had to or I wouldn't have a plant!  So I gently moved him to the other side of the yard.  I took some awesome pics of him too, Ill share soon.  Ive kind of been photographing alot of insects lately.  I wish I could of got a photograph of the centipede we found during my bday party.  It was insane.  Life freakin crazy big.  I had heard hearsay about big ones, but always thought they were exaggerations... Nope!  They are for reals!!!  It was right out our front door too.  Creeps.
follow me on instagram @lauramazurek for up to date pics...



Lulu's.com Giveaway Winner >>>

Please email me at violet_bella@hotmail.com.

Thank you Lulu's for hosting such an awesome giveaway!!!  For those of you who didn't win, they have some rad newbies in the shop!  I have my eye on this dress.


Threads - Moonrise Kingdom >>>

 outfit details:  skirt // ive had it so long i dont remember - shoes c/o blowfish - necklace // roots and feathers - bracelets // moorea seal + flourish leather  (blowfish is currently having a 25% off everything sale!!!)

Can it be my birthday week again?  Please?  I kind of wasnt ready for it to end.  Although, since I have such awesome friends, they decided that we will have a re-do birthday party since I had a migraine!  Woo hoo!  I was so sad I couldn't hula hoop or dance at all at my party, especially when my sweet sweet friend Jen surprised me with a light up mood hoop!!  I can't wait to try to get some awesome photos with it.  I was sooo shocked when she gave it to me.  

The day after my party, on my actual birthday, James and I went to The Bijou to watch Wes Anderson's new film Moonrise Kingdom.  So so good.  Go watch it.  I have never been disappointed by him.  And speaking of things to watch, James got me a Studio Ghibli movie collection!  Im so excited.  Its been a few years since I have seen Totoro, and I have yet to see the newest Arrietty.  I cant wait to watch all of the ones Ive seen and the new ones as well. 

I feel like Im being pulled in several different directions right now playing catch up in my business.  Still working on a huge order for ShopRuche.com, a few small wholesale orders, photographing new stock for the shop, and a custom order detailed patchwork jacket.  All of which are equally important.  So... I will just keep steadily going until it is done... And by that time, I will for sure have a new list.  That is just how it goes.  But I am soooo thankful that it is, the alternative would not be good. 

I have so many things I want to share... so Ill be back as often as I can over the next few days...



Summer of Love - Art Journal Class Giveaway {CLOSED}>>>

The Winner is Betty!!!  Please email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Im very excited to share this giveaway today.  The moment Kara from I Just Might Explode signed up to be a sponsor here on the blog I was overjoyed, and in awe of the simple beauty of her style... and this online e-course she has.  Art journaling is something I have been a long time lover of, although I have not given myself the time to do so in way to long.  I hope this is an inspiration for many of you to do so as well.

Hi! My name is Kara Haupt and I'm a blogger and an art journaling and photography class-maker. I am so excited to be here at Roots and Feathers today and share with you on of my latest live classes! Summer of Love is a 14 day day online class all about art journaling and photographing your summer. Here is a little more about the class:

Follow along on an adventurous two weeks worth of art journaling and photography.  Kara has crafted a dynamic class for recording your summer and all its magical details.  The class is formatted with three journaling prompts and daily night photography prompts and tutorials for two weeks worth of content.  The class is created so you can work at your pace OR have a whirlwind two weeks of art.  Included in Summer of Love are 30 journaling prompts and 18 photography prompts and techniques.  Summer of Love also includes step by step instructions to create vintage book art journals and friendship bracelets binding.

Class technically began last Thursday, but Summer of Love is created so you can take the lessons at your own pace via the private blgo. Once the class concludes, the class content will be available for download in a 138 page PDF. 
 Two lucky winners will receive a free spot in the Summer of Love class!

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please leave a comment telling me what you would love to journal about during this summer, along with your email address.

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p.s.  today is the last day to enter the Lulu's.com giveaway.  Winner will be announced in the next day or so!



30 Is Already So Sweet >>>

Today is my birthday!  I have just stepped over the threshold into my 30's.  A good solid number in my eyes.  I feel like its a time in my life where I can still enjoy the youth of my body and mind, but in a more rooted and grounded way, not so carefree and wild, but still free spirited.  Im at a point in my life where I know who my friends are and what they mean to me.  Where my home is, and what it means to me.  Although I will forever be on my own personal spiritual journey of growth and exploration, I feel I have a good sense my human-ness that co-exist with amazing cosmic abundance and support.  I know who I am as an artist, even though that is ever growing as well, I feel like I have finally found my home in my creative life.  Although I miss my parents terribly everyday, Im learning more and more how to allow myself to still be supported by their love that still floats around me in every bird, leaf and speck of dirt I walk on.  

What I hope for my 30's is to become less afraid of doing some of things Ive always dreamt about doing.  The biggest one is becoming a mother myself.  Among many other little things like singing, hooping, writing, dancing, health... all things that I already currently do, but would love to have a bit more wild abandon when I do them, and not isolate myself with them any longer.  I would love to find more peace and healing with the loss of my dad.  Its almost been a year since he killed himself, and of course the emotions have been a rollercoaster.  Id love to one day get to a point where I can daydream about my daddy again in a more beautiful light.  Right now, there are days I can barely stand to think about him because it just hurts too bad... And I hate that, I want to think about him and remember all of his silly quirky things.  I will get there, these things take time and a course of their own, I know.  I also wish to form deeper relationships with some of the beautiful people I have met online in the past few years.  I have truly met some special people through my blog and my shop, and Id love for some of them to really become life long friendships.  

Yesterday was such a good birthday party.  I had myself so excited about the day that by the time 5 o'clock rolled around I had a migraine, and it only got worse throughout the whole night.  But I had such good friends around me that I just didnt let it ruin it.  We went and sat in the river for a while, which felt sooooo good.  The water was just right, not too cold, the sun was also perfect, as it went down... just a warm glow feeling on my cheeks and shoulders.  Truly like being kissed by the sun.  Then we came back to the house, ate some yummy food, chilled in the back yard.  Everyone seemed to love everyone which makes me so happy.  We got to see an old friend we haven't seen since high school... which was *cough* 12 years ago now!  It was so nice.  As the sun went down, they made a campfire, and by the end of the night I just drug the loungechair by the fire with a blanket and pillow and just laid there while they played guitar and sang and talked.  So very perfect.  Both our kitty and pup hung out with us the whole night too, just chillin wherever we were.  I didnt get any pictures worth anything, but thats okay, I have good memories.  I seriously feel so blessed with the friendships I have.  They are few... but true, deep good ones.  People Im completely honored to call a friend.  There were moments last night that almost brought me to tears b/c of their pure love and generosity.  Im kind of IN LOVE with my friends.  For sure.  

Today, after I get a little bit of work done (yes, Im going to work a bit on my birthday, b/c Im crazy like that)... we are going to go see Moonrise Kingdom!  Im sooooo excited to see anything by Wes Anderson.  The trailer looks so cute.  
Oh, and those beautiful flowers above were one of my sweet birthday gifts.  They are just the prettiest things ever... What a sweet gift. I got so many amazing thoughtful gifts last night, I wont go into them just yet.  But oh my god, lets just say I was surprised!!!

In honor of my birthday, Im having a HUGE giveaway on Sincerely Kinsey today!  AND, if you go enter the giveaway and read the post, you just might find a one day coupon code to use in the shop today only!!! 



Threads - For the Love of Brown >>>

 outfit details:  crochet top/ the art and found - tank top/ forever 21 - jeans/ target - bracelets/ flourish leather + moorea seal + spiral drift (and necklace) - earring/ roots and feathers - sandals/ american eagle

Just a quick little outfit post.  This is what I wore today for our outing to the store, and to grab some lunch and coffee in Ingram.  I may or may not be a little MIA for a few days... Tomorrow Ill be going to my favorite 3 year olds birthday party, then having some friends over to hang and cook and bake my cake for my birthday party.  Then the next day is muh partay!  Then monday is my actual birthday, and Im going to the movies to see the new Wes Anderson movie!  Getting pretty excited over here.  I might just need to take tuesday off just to recoop!  But, I most likely wont be able to since Ill have lots of catch up to do by that point. 


Vintage Finds >>>

 The other day on the way home from the post office, James randomly suggested we go to our local antique mall and browse around.  Sweetest.  These are the goodies I found.  The cool wooden block is a pencil holder!  It has 8 long holes on the top, and a pencil sharpener on the bottom.  And I didnt even realize just how cute this rug was until I got it home and realized the designs were people!  I was so quick to snatch it up b/c I loved the colors and patterns...  And most importantly, Bella approves.  She laid all over it when we brought it home.  Thank you James for the fun random outing.  

Happy Summer Solstice to everyone!  A little late I know.  We brought it in spending some time with some friends and yummy homemade chili.  They even bought my brand new favorite beer, Xingu, just for me since they knew we were coming over.  Now that is a sweet friend :)  Im sooo looking forward to spending more time with the peeps I love this birthday week.



Instagram Love >>>

*adorable shoes are from blowfish*

Im back from spending some really nice time with my Nanna.  It always makes my heart so happy to be with her.  She gets me, and is one of the wisest women I know.  We talked alot, played with plants, played skip-bo, and just enjoyed each other.  My brother and his son came over for dinner too, so I played with Aiden until I was just about worn out.  I love that little boy.  Ill share photos soon.  I snapped a million pics of him on my phone.  

Today is catch up day.  Lots of orders to work on.  And... I really need to start planning my birthday since its in 5 days!  And my little get together will be the day before...  Yikes!  Only a few days left of my twenties... 

The pics above are just a few randoms on instagram from recently.  Ive been listening to Julia Stone's new album on repeat.  Literally.  I cant get enough.  I hope I dont burn it out for myself.... I need to slow it down.  But goodness its good.  A few of the songs its like she took the words right out of my mouth.  Love.



Lulu's Giveaway {CLOSED} >>>

Im very excited to bring to you today's giveaway from Lulu's.com.  I love their company, and the people behind it are stellar to work with!  Its an honor to have them be a part of The Bohemian Collective too.  One of their beautiful dresses made it to the front cover of our first lookbook issue!

Today they are offering one lucky reader a $50 gift certificate for anything in their online shop.  This is for U.S. and Canada residents only.

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visit Lulu's.com and tell me what you would get if you won

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A Shake + Giveaway Winners >>>

Today has been a good sunday.  Ive spent the ENTIRE day so far deep cleaning my house.  I kind of love cleaning my house.  Does that make me odd?  If so, I dont care.  Not always.  And I kind of hate, okay, really hate, folding laundry.  I remember hating it as a kid too when my parents made me.  Id sit there for an hour on the floor before Id fold anything, ha ha.  Or sometimes even just lay on the pile and fall asleep.  But on days when I get in the mood to deep clean, I love it.  I always get inspired to move things around a bit, hang new things on the wall, rearrange.  And the feeling afterwards is just so good when everything is just clean and put away.  My first few rent houses I lived in, I could care less really.  I was messy.  But being in this home that is just ours, makes me want to take pride in it.  And Ive realized through living here, how wonderful it can be for your soul when things are clean and calm, and decorated just to suit you.  Mmmmmm.  Home.  It can be a sanctuary if you make it be.

Im taking a shake/blogging break right now.  I just made the yummiest shake.  I just threw stuff in, so Ill try to give the 'abouts' of what is in it... 1 cup vanilla chai tea, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 banana, handful frozen mangos, a few ice cubes, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp ground flax seed and a bit o cinnamon.  Yum!  Can I have more please?

So, today is father's day.  It's a little bit too painful to talk about right now, so all I will say is, I miss you daddy.  Your kiddo, misses you.


<<< Giveaway winners >>>

The winner of the Vegan Bodycare package from Naked Eye Beauty is Mae Live Free!

The winner of the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary is Marissa Moondaughter!

Please email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail.com.



Pieces of Home >>>

 I have been enjoying so much my Pieces of Home series lately.  I cant stop taking little random photos each day.  These are all little bits around the home front of my life.  Things that bring me smiles.

1.  butterflies im collecting.  a friend just gave me lots more too. 
2.  wandering jew
3.  a note from my mama when she gave me her sewing basket.
4.  zinnias
5.  my bird trouble fringe purse.  in love.
6.  a drawing of my name from my mom on my fridge.
7.  a beautiful succulent.  do you know the name?
8.  pieces of my garland in the window
9.  my new snake plant.  so crazy cool.
10.  my fringe scarf hanging in the window and my awesome lampshade from atmosphere lampshades.

Today should be full of adventure.  James said he wants to take me to garage sales this morning.  Then we have a bbq with his brother this afternoon, and hopefully enough time to go out for date night with my bestie.  I think Im in need of some good socialization.  These blues have gotten the best of me the past few days.  Yesterday I literally spent the whole day in a hazy funk, and all I wanted to do was just lay down.  Its like sometimes I think when I dont allow myself to just sit and cry, my body will force it upon me, and there is nothing I can do about it.  I know we are in the month of gemini right now, so I think its only natural for my mama to be so heavily in my heart during this time since she was a gemini.