Makes My Heart Sing Monday

Today's Makes My Heart Sing is inspired by my favorite color palette of all time, jewel tones.  These are my go to colors in everything I pick out.  But including brown as a staple to go with them all.  I have always always always been drawn to these colors.

1. this article of clothing is amazing.  the color, the velvet, the details, the buttons, gosh!!!

2. this pillow from Anthropologie, just dreamy....

3. these pretty glitter colors... i know a girl who would love these!

4. this print by Lara Jade, my all time favorite photographer.

5. this color palette found on Color Collective.

6. this pretty colored home.  love the archway and the pillows...

7. the color of these shoes... image found here.

8. this styling for America's Next Top Model photoshoot.

9. all the colors together in this adorable ethnic inspired home.

10.  my new running shoes!  even though i havent been running yet, ive worn them alot and adore them!!!  From New Balance.

What is your all time favorite color palette?


Pretty Bookmarks

 Do you love to read, or know someone who does???  I made some really pretty bookmarks with my photographs.  They have a romantic nostalgic feel...  now in the shop!

I woke up this morning and first thing I did, after I made my cup of coffee, was redo all of my sponsor buttons b/c I thought it was the first of the month, whoops!  Ha, so they are here a day early, go check them out!  More lovelies!

Monday morning!  Time to get busy with packaging...



New Teddy Bears

 New teddy bear in the shop now!  So much cuteness!  Each one is one of a kind...
 ...and one little bunny rabbit :)

Im a busy busy bee today packaging things.  And I just re-designed some packaging and im super thrilled with the cuteness that came out.  I guess today is just a CUTE day!



Inspirational Post by Katelyn

 My friend Katelyn wanted to share with you her personal thoughts on being yourself...

 To many of my long standing friends and my family, they think I’ve gone off the deep end. They think I am insane. They think I’m weird. But it doesn’t make me feel like I have to conform back to the way I was or that they are even trying to tell me to do so. I think we get stuck sometimes. Caught up in what others will think or say. Caught up in having the newest, best, most expensive.

I love my goodwill and thrift finds and I am not embarrassed to say I shop at there.
Let me shout it from the rooftops. I LOVE GOODWILL. I love cheap, once loved but now unwanted clothing.

I also love unique handmade clothing that was not made in a sweat shop then sold for a poop ton of money.

I mix and match and don’t match at all.

I will wear my bright purple tights with knee high socks, moccasins, a flower dress, braids in my hair and owl necklace, and you know what? I will rock it.

I get asked how to put together outfits like I do and you know...there is no rhyme or reason, no break down of how I get dressed, no rules. I wear what I want. No no, I wear what I FEEL.

I used to think, “it’s just clothing, I shouldn’t worry about what I wear, it’s not important.” But I was wrong. It is important. To me. If I wear what I feel I am more confident. Even when getting funny looks or comments like, “that’s interesting...” I am more confident and I can hold my head high. Look that person right in the eye and not feel like I need to hold my head down and just keep walking. My old M.O.

Clothing is a powerful instrument. It can give you confidence or it can trash it.

I’m not saying at all that we should all look alike.

Please ward off big consumers. Ward off the feeling of having to impress other with our dress that with the price of we could’ve fed a small country.

Dig down deep inside and do what feels right for you. If you don’t feel confident. Keep looking.

There is no manual on how to find your own style. There is no quick fix.

You need to find it. Individually.

Try everything if you have to.

The best piece of advice I can give to you is to not care what others think. I know. It’s easier said than done. But if I have been able to do it, you sure as heck can. It takes time and it takes patience. It takes a thick skin to not let what others, especially those close to you let their opinions of you and your “new found” style affect you.

I’m crazy, hippie Katie to most. And I love that title. Honestly. It means I am not following the norm. I am being me. And that for me, is the best person I can be.
{in the two photos above she is sporting some of her Violet Bella goodies}

Sneak Peak

Lots of new teddy bear shirts in the works!  Just waiting for my tags to arrive :)

Some exciting things are being talked about for the future of Violet Bella... Cant wait to start sharing the news!  It includes all of you!

Ill be back later with another fun guest post from my sponsor, Katelyn!



Skyline Fever Styles

I forgot to post pics of the new Skyline Fever styles this week.  We now have girls basic tees and two new dress styles!  All sizes, small through x-large!  Im personally in love with the rust colored shirt.  And there is another new design coming soon.  We have a long list of designs!!!   Slowly, one at a time, we will get to them.

And it does not have to be warm where you are to wear these dresses, they are perfect for layering over thermal and leggings in the winter and then de-layering for spring!  That is what I love about comfy cotton clothing!  So versatile.

p.s. Today's Top 5 Friday post will be delayed, but not forgotten!


Elsie & Emma's DIY Cakestand

Today's sponsor DIY comes from the Red Velvet girls, Elsie & Emma.  They are sharing a sweet little way to turn vintage glassware into adorable new cake & treat stands!  Emma uses these in her sweet shop display.  Love it.  I think I would like to make some with vintage china since I love color and old china so much.  This would be a great idea for a handmade wedding!

All you need: vintage or thrifted plate or ashtray and small vase or
cocktail glass, epoxy glue
First, if you get your items second hand make sure to wash them before
you use them. Place the plate upside down on a flat surface. Apply a
small amount of epoxy glue to the bottom edge of the vase or glass.
Glue the glass onto the plate in the center. Place a heavy book or two
on top while it is drying. Make sure to read the directions on your
epoxy glue, as different brands have different drying times. Once your
new cake stand is dry, set it right side up and fill with baked goods!

If you create one, please share it with me & the girls!



Sponsor Love

Time for a big thank you to all of my sponsors this month!  Take some time to get to know them all a bit better.  Each of my sponsors are hand selected... these are not paid for spots... they are here because I love them and believe in what they do or who they are!  *in order as they appear on the sidebar*

Kelly & Brandi from Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno are two sisters from Texas who are fun loving and not afraid to be themselves.  One is a hair stylist and the other is a graphic designer.  They have a definite zest for life, and such sweet bohemian style.

Emma & Elsie are also two sisters, who run Red Velvet, a vintage & handmade craft boutique/cupcake shop together in Springfield.  They are both super sweet girls, with such a love for living a creative life.  They are a huge inspiration to anyone who aspires to live their dreams to the fullest. 

Shauna is the amazing girl behind Poor Pitiful Pearl clothing.  I feel truly blessed and honored to know her in real life, and have her so close to where I live.  We are definitely creative soulmates in a way.  She is a huge inspiration to me, in the way she juggles her life and business, and her passion & fire inside her soul.

Katelyn is another girl Im so honored to say she is a friend.  We have bloomed our online relationship into something very real and tangible.  I love that she is not afraid to be herself, she has a super cute & quirky personality, and she is just so easy to be friends with.  And she is an excellent photographer & is growning her creative skills daily!

Ruche is an online boutique that I am honored to say I have my work in.  Mai and her husband Josh have been the sweetest people ever to work with.  Their site is growing like crazy, and its no wonder b/c it is just so beautiful.  From the moment I came across their site, I felt like we were two peas in a pod!  They have a beautiful & inspiring story that you can read here.

James, as most of you know, is my husband!  Isnt he the cutest?  His screenprinting tshirt company is just a baby, and I couldnt be more proud of him.  He does it all in his spare time after working a normal full time job.  His dreams are to one day be able to quit his day job and do this fulltime!  He is an amazing husband, so loving, so funny & I know he would do just about anything for me.  I am very blessed with him.

Danielle runs the blog Fancy Biscuit.  She has been a follower of my blog for quite some time, and I just think she is an adorable girl.  So not afraid to be herself and speak her mind.  And she loves thrifting and taking photos!  My kind of girl :)

Amber is also another blog reader of mine, since way back!  She has been so super sweet and I just love how she talks about her and her hubby.  She loves loves loves owls, like me!  And thrifting, granny squares, vintage, good music... and she is super crafty!  She is the one that sent me that amazing cowl from a few posts back!

For the next few days I will be posting a few DIY's from these lovely individuals, along with an inspiring post from one!

Go say hello to all of these amazing people!



Vintage Scarf Layering Tank

The day I got my sewing bug back last week, I started making these vintage scarf layering tanks.  This is the one I kept for myself, which again, rarely happens, but I was just too much in love with it, and it will go with so many different things in my wardrobe.  The wonderful thing about these tanks is that they are meant for layering, so you can mix and match them with just about anything!  There are two for sale in the shop, just put them up last night!

Plus there is a ton of new stuff in Skyline Fever's shop (my husband's shop).  And more coming!  We now have small - x large in most things.  If you dont see a size you need, please just convo us to see if we have it in stock.

How I styled my vintage scarf layering tank:
Nude colored loose dress from Ruche
leggings from Goodwill (target new with tags) score!
vintage leather wedge shoes
vintage owl necklace
fabric wrapped chunky bangle
up-do messy bun

My head has been in all sorts of clouds the last 2 days.  Full of daydreaming about things that are just out of my reach.  This would require a whole post, so Ill talk more on it later, but for now, I just cant stop the motion in my brain.  I think its time to put myself to serious work again today to keep me on track, otherwise I would probably just sit and stare at the wall daydreaming.