Halloween Fun


I did some fun last minute redecorating around the house today in honor of Halloween. My favorite holiday. This is the first year I havent thought about it all month, pretty much just today. I think Ill be an indian girl. Time to go get ready!


All of the babies in the house decided to get dressed up too!



Just Because...

I have the cutest pup in the world...

For those of you who are new to my blog, meet Violet, one half of Violet Bella.



Little Daily Nothings

Not much has been going on in my part of the world. Just some work, some housecleaning, and things of this nature. Which is my schedule again today...

I did start Tracy Anderson's workout video this week, today is day 6! For the first time in my life Im actually excited about working out. Its something I normally hate to do. But something in me has changed this time around.

I posted a new poem over on my Roots & Feathers blog if you wanna check it out.

Today and tomorrow are the last days to take advantage of the BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF SALE in my husband's Skyline Fever shop. And he already dropped the prices on the shirts, so this is cheap cheap for handmade!

Here is just another little daily outfit. Im in love with my teddy bear shirt, she is by far my favorite. And she looks so adorable with my new floral tights from Target & my 10 year old cons.

And check out the morning glories on my fence, amazing!!!




Today's Threads

Today's outfit was yet another PPP staple oxy. Have I told you how much I love these. Its amazing how sexy you can feel in a sweater, tshirt or old flannel, just by having it oxy'd. And they are so covering on the bottom, you can just be comfy. Nothing beats comfy & cute/sexy!

Worn with ripped jeans and cons. Two more of my staples.


Today was full of errands. Grocery shopping and such. Sorry I missed your call nanna! By the time I got the message I figured it was too late, Ill talk to you tomorrow :) Love you!



New Boots & Pretty Photos

Today I got the sweetest gift in the mail...

A few weeks ago I posted on my facebook about some boots I wanted... and my friend katelyn hunted some down just like them for me, and surprised me with them! I was so shocked when she told me. She is the sweetest!

(the dress is PPP and the hairbow is Jennifer Birge)

And... it inspired me to take some photos today, something I have done in way too long, self portraits... It was fun, I missed it.

So here are my pretty boots and fun photos!

Thank you Katelyn, I love you!



Skyline Fever shirt




Two Amazing Giveaways!!!

Two awesome GIVEAWAYS to tell you about!

For those of you who follow Elsie of RVA, you probably already know she is rocking a 2 week long Halloween blog party!

Go check it out, and enter a chance to win this Violet Bella mix tape necklace!!!

And Shauna of Poor Pitiful Pearl just finished a massive day long blog party to celebrate her 2,000 sale! There are tons of inspiring posts to go check out!

Plus, her weekly interesting person of the week post is Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave! She is such an adorable inspiring girl, you must go read, and have a chance to win a goodie!!!

Enjoy and SPREAD THE LOVE!!!



My Tattoos

Sara, this is for you!

I know Ive shared my tattoos here somewhere, but I couldnt find the post! So for those of you who have asked to see my tattoos, here you go.

It was actually super hard for me to find one straight on of my arm tattoo! This gorgeous black and white photo was taken by Katelyn Demidow. I cherish this photo.

Me & My Boy

This arm sleeve is a work in progress. All of the spots in between each tattoo is not intended to be black, I just have not gone back to fill it in yet.

All of my tattoos are for my mother. This arm sleeve was started about a year after she passed away. The woman is an Alphonse Mucha painting and it just reminded me of her essence. The rest including the butterfly and the peacock feathers is just going to be full of nature and beauty, things that remind me of her.

The teacups represent her lifelong business. She made jewelry from broken china dishes for almost 30 years. I spent my first several years out of high school working with her. It was what kept our family fed and my mom at home with me. It was a huge part of our lives. Now it is gone, but I am living the same dream in my own ways now. I think you can click on the photo to make it bigger to see the details. There is a cardinal in one of them and 'mom' in another.
Around the woman it has lyrics from a Joni Mitchell song 'River'... its says ' I wish I had a river I could skate away on. This song was one she sang to me as a baby. And I sang to her as she was dying. It is the single most meaningful song in my life.
The crazyness from the back. I think this is one of the first photos Ive seen with all of showing like that! We just took this for the Skyline Fever shoot!
This is my shoulder tattoo, two bluebirds of happiness on a branch of cherry blossoms. Besides the silly black tramp stamp I got on my lower back (not being shown), this was my 3rd real tattoo. The second you cant see b/c this was a cover up of it. If you look in the photo above, the big purple peony is covering up a black celtic love knot. My tattoo artist did an amazing job. I wont go into why its covered, it was sad but had to be done for personal reasons.

I got this tattoo when my mom first beat her breast cancer. We thought she was going to be okay, and this tattoo represented her and I and all that we both personally were going through during this time in our lives.
Im a pretty firm believer of only getting tattoos that mean something personal to you, not just something cute or pretty. And I also believe in making them original, not just copying a pic of the wall. If you want a tattoo, take time to really think it through, the design, the color, the placement. Even if you have to think for a year or two, its worth it. I even went in with a design in my head and my tattooist started drawing it up, I didnt feel it was perfectly what I wanted, so I told him to stop and do it later. You must be 100% sure, its going to be there forever.

And for anyone curious, my tattoo artist is Brian Johnson from austin.


Musical Muse Monday

I realize that ALOT of bloggers already post Music Mondays, so Ive gone back and forth on whether or not I wanted to myself. But music plays such a huge role in my life, I really wanted to share it with you guys... So, its a yes, I am going to try my hardest to do weekly MUSICAL MUSE MONDAY posts. (I may fail, Ive never been good with keeping up with things like this)

So my first will be my all time favorite, Neil Young.

I have been in love with Neil Young for so many years I cant count. My parents first introduced me to him and it just fit with my soul. His voice, his harmonica, his banjo, his rhythms, his lyrics, his soul... So many reasons I love him.

This is my favorite photo of him. For those of you who would like a Neil Young record but not sure which of 1,000's he has to get, this is a good one. It has most of his 'hits' along with just really good choices. Its a two disc album.
Another photo I love of him. (Im posting mainly pics of when he was young, I think he was adorable) If you have ever seen him play live, then you know he brings like 15 guitars up on stage with him and changes guitars almost every song, its crazy.
Singing along with Joni Mitchell, my number 2 favorite artist...
Its hard to tell you my absolute favorite song, so Ill list about 5 of my favorites. They fluxuate with the Moon it seems. His songs are so ingrained in my soul from certain periods in my life, so each song takes me to a different state of mind when I listen to them.

(here are links to you tube videos of my favorites)

And if you are a lover of Neil Young, then you most likely love his previous work with Buffalo Springfield, and his involvement with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young...

(here are some of my favorites with him in those)

Enjoy a little piece of my soul.



Skyline Fever Batch One

The first batch of SKYLINE FEVER shirts are up in the shop! Some are already gone!!! Im so excited. These are all xsmall - medium... but we are making more in all sizes and colors, so dont worry if you dont see your size just yet!

Besides the long brown tunic that Ive posted before, we have only introduced two designs in this batch, the feather and the skeleton key. Im in love with both. They are hand drawn images, all work is done by us, in our own home.

Brown Dress Skeleton Key

Yellow Skeleton Key

Cobalt Blue Skeleton Key

Go get yours now!!!