New Inspiration and Bits of Life

A bit of randomness in the midst of editing pics of Katelyn's visit...

I have been re-inspired to re-edit a bunch of old works that Ive done... Here are a few older photographs that I have re processed and found a new love for. Amazing how something so simple can be inspiring and give a whole new outlook on something you once forgot about. I think that is why I love upcycling clothes so much.

Most of these I already put in the shop, and the ones I haven't will be up soon.


And now for some randomness in life. Most of these are actually from weeks ago, but I just wanted to share.

This is my best friend Shelley. She is an amazing, beautiful, strong momma of two precious little ones... an outstanding wife, a wonderful sister, and best friend a person could have. She makes me feel comfortable to just be myself, and it seems these days that is hard to come by. We dont see each other nearly as often as we would like, but we both know how much we love each other, always.

I recently got this dress from LucyMagnolia on etsy. The cutest little shop, I am so happy I found her. Not the greatest pic of the dress, I know, I plan on taking better ones sometime. But it is so beautiful and comfy! I love it.
And I just got in my much awaited for Neil Young tshirt. I have been on the lookout for the perfect Neil Young shirt forever, and when I found this for such a reasonable price I just about flipped, and it fits perfect! I think I will be seen in this shirt so often you might not think I own any other clothes!
Just a cute one of me and James, I loved the way his hair looked in this pic. He is so adorable its ridiculous. I never get tired of looking at him.
Want to play a game of Where's James??? And by the way, yes, we sleep with all of these, plus two more that arent pictured.
And now for a game of Where's Bella! Ha ha, anytime I leave my back door open, she will sneak in and find a comfy spot in my mess. And yes, my craft room usually looks like this, its nuts! Its clean right now, but I give it about two days to stay that way.
And this is Violet's new hang out spot on the porch. Since I moved the porch around, she still likes her chair, but she prefers to hide under the table. I dont know why, maybe the concrete is cool and its nice and dark and relaxing? But she loves it under there!
Right now outside my window, the sky is hot pink behind the sillouette of trees, and the sky is roaring with thunder and putting on a lightshow. Its about to rain like crazy. I love it when it rains. I find such a peaceful calm from it. I like to write when it rains. Maybe Ill find some inspiration for my Roots and Feathers blog tonite.


Through The Viewfinder

Once again, Katelyn has blown me away with her photography. She took these yesterday. She is modeling the two dresses she bought from me while visiting. She is the proud owner of my very first teddy bear tshirt dress!

I gave her an old TTV camera while she was here, and in these photos you see from above the camera, through the viewfinder, I LOVE IT! what a wonderful idea, and excellent execution.

There were others, but I think these ones are my favorites.

Ill be posting more later on her stay with us!



Katelyn Demidow Photography

Oh dear, I just came home from grocery shopping to find the most beautiful portraits ever taken of james and I. Katelyn you seriously ROCK! I am so in love with these. Like in a ridiculous way!!!


Go see more here.


Katelyn & Leena visit Violet Bella - Part I

Im back!

For the past week my friend Katelyn and her little girl Leena stayed with us at our house. I have been good friends with Katelyn for the past year online, and this was our first in person meet! We were both very excited and a bit nervous I think :) They got in super late the night before this. We helped unpack the car and then sat around chatting for a bit before we all went to bed.

The next morning I got to show Leena Violet dog pen, the garden and such. Pretty much first thing in the morning Leena asks for some kind of fruit, it is so cute. She had a peach this morning. This was on our way out to the post office.

Ha ha, she was making a funny face, but still so cute with her peach and her purse.
Katelyn and Leena both helped watert the garden.
I love Katelyn's hair red, it fits her so well. She wore her PPP dress :)
Leena became fascinated with the dirt and rocks, and I showed her what ant lions are, they had no idea about them! Leena destroyed an entire colony of them in a matter of seconds! And they all had rebuilt their tunnels by morning!
Leena's red boots. This girl wears these everywhere and with everything, so cute!
I picked my first green beans!
Leena learned how to open and close Violet's gate, which she loved doing pretty much the whole trip.
She also discoverd Violet's bed and decided to make it her own!!! We went to Goodwill earlier that day and Katelyn got her that little granny square quilt!
That night we went to the Wine and Cheese bar and Leena decided to really warm up to me, it was precious. There was noone else in the place, so we actually got to sit inside b/c there wasnt a bunch of ciggarette smoke or loud people, it was very nice. Our friend Alyssa hung out with us and Katelyn got to meet Jonny and my dad! A nice little visit.
Katelyn brought us some homeade blueberry syrup that she made and OMG it was to die for! She made it from berries she had hand picked. James and I both LOVED it!
She showed me how to make her oatmeal pancakes which were equally good and topped it off with ripe peaches, oh gosh, I wish I had more now!
Leena played outside for a bit while James mowed the yard.
She undressed this babydoll of mine everyday, it was so funny. She has a thing with being naked. There was one moment she tried taking my shirt off!
I am just in love with her little face, voice, personality, the way she talks, etc. In love.
That night we made veggie sushi rolls.

They turned out so yummy we made them again the next day.

Many many many more photos to come, so be prepared for this weeks blogging to be all about Katelyn and Leena.

Katelyn is an awesome photographer, go check out her work here and here.



Texas meets Louisiana

So very excited, this beautiful girl below is on her way right now, driving from Louisiana to Texas to come meet me and stay with us for a week! Her and her little one Leena. After becoming very very good friends online for a year now, we finally get to meet in person! I think we are both nervous and excited as heck!

We plan on hooping, making hoops, bbqing, chilling, garage saleing , goodwilling (yes, that is a word in my vocabulary), healthy food making, playing with leena, and generally just hanging out and talking. So you prob wont see much of me on here for the next week! Maybe though :)

We will take tons of pics and video I am sure of it! We have a few photo shoots planned anyway.

She is one of my number supporters of Violet Bella, here are just 3 shots of so many that I have of her in my clothes!!!

Her pillow case top...
Her fun cartoon top...
and her patchwork top, just a few of many! I love this photo of her and her daughter, so beautiful.

Last week I was asked by a friend and fellow photographer, Laura Evans to do a guest post on "inspiration" on her blog while she is away in France...

you can read what I have to say about the subject here.

Last sunday I had my good friend Jen come over and give me a hand with some things with my business. Not only was it majorly productive and helpful for me, it was fun and delightful just to have her around. I adore this girl so much, she is like none other. She is an amazing baker, who bakes everything in an easy bake oven! She usually can only bake 6 cookies at a time, yes, I said 6!!! So I let her use my oven while she was here and she busted out the most amazing batch of oatmeal cookies while she was here! Which has inspired me, I just made a batch of my own from scratch, and only hopeful they will turn out half as good as hers...
Then I showed her how to make homeade pizza dough. When Jonny got off work, he came over and shared it with us, along with some awesome Red Stripe. Then some guitar jamming commenced and some amazing conversations.

And this crazy rainbow has seriously been showing up on my ceiling a few times! This is not a figment of your imagination, it was really there!!!
I wore my PPP dress the other day and snapped a few pics for Shauna. I love the way it looks with the peacock feather headband I got from a friend.


And here are a few new goodies still in the shop. A new teddy bear shirt, I had missed these!
A new floral jumper
A new tshirt slip dress
And here is one of the most beautiful girls Ive ever laid eyes on wearing Violet Bella. I think this tshirt mini dress was simply made for her. It looks so amazing on her! And she says she loves it! Makes my heart so happy!!!
Time for the next batch of cookies, and some serious resting for a bit before company gets here!