Hospital Update >>>

I have just a minute to post a little update...  The past 3 days Ive been in the city with my Nanna while her sweet husband is in the hospital.  He is not doing very well at all.  Today was really rough.  They have him using a full time oxygen mask that he just cant hardly stand to have on, so we spent all day long trying to get him to keep it on so he could breath.  Its so very hard to see such a strong big man be at the mercy of these machines.  I wont go into too much detail for lack of energy, but will stay posted as often as I can. 

I was going to go home one day to try to take care of my sponsor stuff and all of my shipping, but I dont think I can leave him, not yet.  So anyone who has paid to be a sponsor for march already... I will be canceling all of those spots for lack of time.  I can refund you when I get back home, or we can roll it over into April.  If you want to roll it to April I will keep your same spot!  Im so so so sorry!  Please email me to let me know what you would prefer.  I wont be able to refund you until I get home, which Im not sure when that will be.  I ask for your patience and forgiveness.

I pray tomorrow goes a bit better.  It honestly is at the point it could easily go either way.  He is such a sweet sweet man and this just breaks my heart.  And if this isnt enough, Jame's best friend lost his grandfather tonite.  Another sweet sweet man.  My heart is just breaking.  Goodness this is the hardest part of life and Ive seen just about enough of it. 



February Sponsor Lovelies >>>

Due to an illness in the family, I may not be able to do my normal sponsor shoutout this month... So I put together this collage of all the beautiful girls who sponsored this month!  They are each so so amazing in their own ways.  Please take a moment to visit each shop by clicking on their buttons in the right column.  You may just find something new you cant live without or make a new friend!  Im always honored by the amazing creativeness I get to support here each month.  My deep apologies for not being able to post the full shout out like I normally do.

If you have signed up for a sponsor spot for next month, I may be a day behind on switching things over, please be patient.  I will do my best to get it all up in time.  Please email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail.com if you have any questions.  I will still be able to check my emails and such, just not from my own computer, and only once a day.

In the meantime, please keep my grandfather in your prayers and hearts, that he may make a turn around and get better.  At the moment, its not looking good, but anything is possible and we are not giving up hope.  



Group Sponsor Giveaway - February Edition >>>

This is a giveaway after my own heart!  Im so honored to present all of these amazing handcrafted items to one lucky winner!  Id personally be thrilled to win each of these, so Im sure many of you would be too!  To enter, please visit each shop and tell me your favorite item from each.  For a bonus entry, tell me why you love to buy or wear handmade.  Please leave only one comment with all of your answers & include your email address.

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K I K I    K O Y O T E

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*This reading offers a sense of grounding when all your pies are in the sky and your head is in the clouds.  We examine the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects of your situation in order to bring insight and clarity, putting your feet back on the ground*

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Threads - Leather & Stripes >>>

 Thanks for your loving and understanding comments on my last post.  Its nice to know sometimes we are all in this life together, healing and learning from each other.  My girls night out last night was just what I needed.  I had such a good time chatting with my bestie, and even some old friends we ran into.  In our small town, its kind of hard to go into a bar and not see people you knew from high school, although this time I was super happy we did!  I think it was just what the doctor ordered for both Shelley and I. I love having other women in my life who compliment me instead of compete with me.  We have our own issues and faults, but we support each other, lift each other up, and are there for each other when times are tough.  We feel safe in each others presence, to be honest and real and raw... and silly and dorky at the same time.  Shelley is a golden apple in my eye.  And one of the most beautiful women I have ever met in my life.

Here is a short and sweet outfit post.  (not what i wore last night, i didnt get any pics yesterday) 

 <<< outfit details >>>
hat // forever 21
sweater // c/o modcloth
jeans // gift from my bestie
sandals // blowfish shoes
all jewelry // roots and feathers

P.S.  There are some newly stocked items in both Roots and Feathers and Skyline Fever!!!  And there are 4 amazing giveaways in the posts below, be sure to enter... and another big one coming up!



Self Love & Life Lessons >>>

 Today is day 11 of our 30 day yoga (self love) challenge.  So many of us have grown so fond of our group, we have decided to keep it alive way beyond 30 days.  Maybe like, forever?  It has been such an encouraging and engaging group of women.  We are coming off of the high of the first week and are all finding it a bit challenging to keep up each day.  I myself have for sure.  I have already had 2 days where I did not do any yoga at all.  Im completely okay with that, and recognize each day as a day to start over.  Its a good reminder to parallel into life as well.  

Ive been feeling a bit uneasy inside myself lately.  As I am learning more and more of my heart and mind, I find more and more pockets that are filled with ego as opposed to love.  (When I speak of ego, I do not mean the typical idea of ego or being egotistical)  More so of allowing things like fear, certain judgements of others, emphasis on striving to be parts of my life.  All qualities that most of us live with on a day to day basis without even thinking about it.  But when I sit back and actually listen and watch, I see and hear these things.  These ways I want to learn to live without in my life.  Old habits Id like to break as I transition into a deeper level of awareness.  It is so easy to feel wronged by someone, and then to pass judgement on them for making you feel bad.  It is so easy to allow fear to keep us from reaching out to someone or to do something that could ultimately improve ourselves or others around us.  It is so easy to constantly strive to outdo yourself, and to prove what?  Im writing this more for myself, but maybe you will find similarities in your own heart if you are honest with yourself.  We all are afterall, human.  Sometimes we have to fumble around in the darkness long enough to see the light.  

Back to the self love... here are a few pics from this week showing a few things I did for myself.  I stuck my hands in the dirt, which felt so good.  I made yummy food and have drank several mugs of lemon water.  I hooped and tried to take photos at the same time!  (now i need to try that with my yoga). 

 Okay, I think Im not done unloading.  My heart just feels heavy.  Mostly for reasons I wont talk about on my blog.  My heart is with my grandfather in the hospital, with friends, with feeling the void of my parents.  Times like these I tend to retreat into my little crab shell... So luckily my bestie is taking me out tonite.  Im okay, no need to worry... Sometimes it just feels good writing it out.  Sending it off into the universe.  This is life.  The pleasant and the unpleasant.


Suds in the Bucket Vintage Giveaway >>>

 Hi I'm Leah, or as all my friends have come to call me, Sookie:)  I blog about my life, which is sometimes crazy, sometimes super normal! I love outfit posts and have recently become obsessed with being healthy! i have an etsy vintage shop, which i'm constantly buying for....I'm hoping to grow it more and more this year and really put all my effort into making it even better. My life has made a big change this year, and I have lots of ideas and goals i'm working towards for 2012, so hopefully there will be exciting things to read about in the months to come!!! xoxo.

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Cosmic Bath & Beauty Natural Facial Giveaway >>>

Since this is Self Love month, Im excited for this little pampering giveaway!  Michelle from Cosmic Bath & Beauty is giving away one All Natural Bless My Face Clay Facial Mask Set.  Read below to find out a bit more about this natural yumminess for your face...
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* 1oz of French Green Clay
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* Weekly Facial Mask Use Instructions
*Packaged in a Muslin Bag

Natural clays contain minerals that are great for the skin. Clay facial masks are a natural way to cleanse, detoxify, exfoliate, heal, soothe & tone skin as well as increase blood flow.

This is a dry clay that you must mix before each use. By packaging in this manner we not only extend the shelf life for you but no preservatives of any sort are needed so you get pure natural goodness to use on your skin. Please discard any mask leftover after use and mix up a fresh batch each and every time.

To use, begin mixing clay with floral water or other liquid of choice. Apply to skin with a light touch using your fingers or a clean cosmetic brush and wait... As the mask dry's you'll begin to feel a tightening & pulling on the skin, your mask is pulling all of those impurities and dead skin cells with it. Remove the clay by washing off with warm water. When you do this, you are also washing away all that old oil & dirt that was buried deep in your pores and you wash away all that dried dead skin that may have built up. This leaves your skin fresh & clean, your pores can now tighten up, giving your face a smoother appearance. After completely rinsing, follow up with Rose Floral Water toner {included} and moisturize with your Cosmic Precious Golden Facial Oil http://www.etsy.com/listing/69612145/completely-natural-precious-golden .

Lavender Floral Water is reviving for your face, you'll find that this light and delightful smelling astringent immediately refreshes. Suitable for all skin types and ages, especially sensitive or irritated skin. Spray on your face & body after showering. This calming lavender hydrosol also eases nervousness & relaxes your mind.

Use no more than once per week for healthy beautiful skin. Enjoy!

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Three Bird Nest Headband Giveaway >>>

my name is alicia and i am a california native. i've been a designer and buyer for several yearsand am blessed to truly be able to explore something i am passionate about, fashion accessories. i am a mom to three. i've been married to my love for almost 12 years. i have a 7 year old boy, a 2.5 year old girl and a 1.5 year old boy so pretty much every night i am up until 2am packing, shipping or making my orders.  i am passionate about textures, pairing fabrics and patterns, repurposing vintage materials and scouring forunexpected found treasures.  as a hobby my hubby loves to build furniture, tinker in the garage and so we enjoy creating new things together.  my three kiddos (ah hem... three bird nest) keeps me busy. i love to hearfrom my custmers and it's so fun to see how they wear the accessories to fit into their style!!

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Three Bird Nest is giving away your choice of any lacey headband or twist turban.

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Massage Therapy School Giveaway >>>

 Hello! My name is Ellie, and I’m the student liasion at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy (CRSMT). I’m a quirky, fun-loving, artist with a travelin’ soul, and I’m here to tell you about something very close to my heart. 

CRSMT is an American, study abroad, massage adventure school that is recognized by the National Board of Massage Therapy. The core and heart of CRSMT is healing. It’s a place where you can began a journey towards healing yourself, and began to learn how to help facilitate healing in others. A place where aspiring artist’s can find their art form. It’s a holistic-minded school where you learn that when you touch people, you touch their whole life. 

CRSMT is nestled in the beautiful, tropical, cozy little beach town of Playa Samara. It is a four month long, intensive 560 hour program, enabling you to return home and quickly began a new career. Because when you realize you’re ready to change your life, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. 

Find Yourself-In the Jungle. :) 


For anyone who is thinking of becoming a massage therapist, this place sounds like a dream come true to study at!!!  I can only imagine the information and inspiration that would be soaked up in a place like this, surrounded by so many like minded people.  If you or anyone you know would like to find themselves right in the middle of this class, this giveaway is for you! 

CRSMT is giving one lucky person 50% the application fee.  That is a $50 value.  And if you sign up for one of their classes at least 4 months in advance, you get $1,000 off your tuition fee!  Watch this awesome video below to find out more, and look through their website to see the teachers, the courses, etc.

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Magnolia Pearl Fashion Imaginarium >>>

I had the pleasure the other night to attend Magnolia Pearl's Fashion Show with a sweet friend of mine.  As soon as we walked in and saw the 'catwalk' my jaw dropped in awe.  I feel such a connection with the elements Robin uses.  There were twigs, china berry branches, mason jars filled with beans and tea lights, bird cages, bones...  Truly a work of art, from the clothes, the girls, the atmosphere and music, every part.  And to heighten even more of the senses they served wine and fine chocolate.  A night I wont forget.
These are just a few of the many images I captured from the night.  Im so glad I actually brought my camera.  After the show Staci and I walked down the street to a little wine bar and enjoyed some intimate conversation on a cozy couch.  One great evening.  Thank you.



Office Makeover >>>

The other day I did a simple makeover in my office space.  My desk was really bothering me the way I had it before, I felt kind of trapped behind it.  I decided to turn it a bit, and it made all the difference in the world.  I couldnt believe what such a small change could make!  I put my daddy's wood chest against the wall too.  We used to keep firewood in it when I was growing up.  It feels so much more open, free and light.  If you have a job where you are at the computer alot, I think its sooo good for the soul to make it a space filled with some of your favorite things that make you smile.