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Today I am guest post blogging on two very lovely blogs! 

On The Flowerchild Dwelling I shared a few of my favorites from my Pinterest board.  You can see a few posts back on Kelly Ann's blog where she tagged me as one of her favorites to follow on pinterest, which of course made my heart beam b/c her taste is pretty much flawless.  Love that girl!

For those of you who are just starting out with your business or are well under way but would still like a bit of advice on branding, I spoke about the identity of your business over on Just Lovely Things.  She is doing a month long series on business, so you might want to keep checking in with her thoughout the month for more lovely guest bloggers on the subject.  I think I kind of just rambled in this post, but you may gather at least one little helpful clue. 

Im honored to be sharing on these lovely ladies blogs today.  Take some time to pop over and check out their sites, and send them some little comments of love while you are there.



  1. just read your post on just lovely things. amazing. i think i'm going to go back and read it again ; ) and i totally agree with you, i would rather have 100 followers that really love my blog then 5,000 who just want to win a giveaway. TRUTH. xo

  2. you're so encouraging, lovely laura.

  3. found you through Kelly's blog! i'm also a guest blogger this week. love your space :)
    new follower!

  4. How awesome! I've never even heard of the first blog, so you've given me a new blog to explore! Yay!

  5. Thanks again for sharing such an inspirational and knowledgeable post with my readers.. they loved it and so did I! xoxo

  6. Definitely need all the help I can get! Heading over to your guest posts.
    Catherine Denton


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