Snack Date with Violet

Last night I was waiting for some of my girlfriends to show up... so I decided to have a little mommy/daughter time with Violet. I laid out the mat under the maple tree and tied her leash to the tree.

I had cous cous with cherry tomatoes and water and she got two heart shaped biscuits. I dont usually give her two at a time, but it felt special, so I did. She even got her own little plate :)

I really enjoy moments like these. And this morning, I also came to the conclusion that I thoroughly enjoy making my bed everyday. How about you?


My Wonderful Customer - Felecia

*Introducing a new little series... My Wonderful Customer*

dedicated to the amazing people that make Violet Bella what it is, because without them, I would not be able to do what I do...

First runner up is Felecia. She is just about the most adorable woman ever. So sweet and genuine. I have just loved forming a relationship with her through Violet Bella.

The rest is what she has to say about Violet Bella

When I found Laura’s store “Violet Bella” on Etsy it was love at first sight. She really captures the imagination with her clothing and transforms fabric into remarkable pieces of wearable art giving new life into an upcycled product. When I look through her store I find pieces that speak to me. I look for something with a theme, a fabric or print that makes sense in my life, something that has significance and by wearing it I am sharing my loves and interests with others and thereby creating my own expression. I unfortunately do not have any artistic gifts but what I have found is that I have a gift for seeing, recognizing and appreciating this gift in others. And that is the case with Laura.

Here are some examples of what her work has meant to me: The first piece I bought from VB was a pillow case top with kitten embroidery that she had from old linen that was the same kitty pattern that I had on my blanket when I was a baby. It was like destiny because I LOVE my blankie and to be able to have that design on something to wear was an amazing tribute with great sentimental value. Little by little, the fabric was put to use in different clothing items and I collected an apron dress and a jumper with the remnants.

Then…it was onto deer. Being in love with the deer that graze in my backyard I asked her if she could remake a deer jumper that she had made herself. She was able to make one uniquely mine with touches that were thoughtful and relevant to my tastes. Then she started putting out these cuff bracelets that were each so beautiful but I found one with some vintage style deer and doing some more digging in her store she had a headband with the same deer fabric. It was a way for me to express my love of these gentle creatures.

I have started to collect a few teddy bear items. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy just like a sweet bear hug. And I like the pieces I have with her aunt’s crochet squares. It makes me feel close to my late grandmother who crocheted me an afghan that kept me warm and feeling loved when she wasn’t there.

I guess it is funny that my art is in my closet, but I love wearing unique and one of a kind items especially those that are made from previously loved fabrics, clothing and linens in an eco-conscious way. And when I know where my clothing comes from, who is making it, how she works and designs and the extraordinary talent and dedication that goes into her art it makes me feel good to know where my money goes. I feel like buying handmade, whether on Etsy, or in your local community makes the world a little bit smaller, friendlier and that we can make an impact when choosing whom to support.

I am so grateful that I found my clothing language and someone who speaks it so fluently and beautifully!

Is she not the sweetest?
Its the people that truly love and appreciate what I do and make that give me the most inspiration, so thank you!



Goal Share - whole foods

One of my goals this year was to get back to eating healthy. Something I was very fond of just over a year ago, and have stopped caring about since being so involved in my business. Well, its taken me this long into the year to do it, but Im doing it. On our way back from Louisiana, we grocery shopped at Whole Foods. We dont usually b/c its pretty far away, over an hour from our house. But we enjoyed it so much, and it was so inspiring to come home and eat better, that we have decided to start shopping there more regularly.

We used to shop at Sun Harvest, a smaller healthier grocery store, but they dont carry some of the things I like to get. Only whole foods does. I feel like the extra drive and a few more pennies per item are worth my excitement about getting back to it. I need this. My body is telling me so.

So, one way to make your normal boring grocery trip exciting, is to take your camera along! On our way out we got yummy fresh fruit smoothies, which curved our hunger until dinner! Yay for whole foods!

And of course, I wore my favorite PPP shirt since there was a bit of a breeze in the air :)

Do you have any favorite whole food recipes you want to share? Leave it in the comments, Im sure everyone who reads would love to get some new ideas!


Teddy Bear Crazy

I have officially gone Teddy Bear CRAZY!!!

I cant stop making them! Im so in love. They are just cute on everything. Here are some I posted last night, and Im about to post a few more!

And by the way, one of my readers mentioned in the comments that she wanted to see a Bunny shirt, well you are in luck, b/c I have had that in my head for sometime! I have done one Owl before too, which was adorable, so once I get past my teddy bear craving, I will move on to other animals, and I will do custom order requests!

And I just wanted to say thank you for all of the wonderful comments on the giveaway. I am overwhelmed with the amount of sincerely positive feedback from you guys. Way beyond the 'b/c i like your style' answers i expected, you guys are AMAZING!

It is amazingly gorgeous outside... I wish I could drag this big ol' computer outside to post! But at least I have a window right next to me, not one that I can open, but I can see out of it! (Its Bella's window, pretty much where she lounges around all day long.)

Off to post more teddy bear cuteness, thanks for everyones support! And if you havent already, go enter the GIVEAWAY!

By the way, for those of you who dont follow me on facebook... I have demised a plan to make like 715 teddy bear shirts to pay for a down payment on a house. Im gonna do it!

...you know the song that goes... 'we built this city on rock and roll'... just replace city with house, and rock and roll with teddy bears... that is my theme song right now!




In honor of the chilly weather that is blowing in... its time for a GIVEAWAY!!!

You will receive:

1. Autumn Leaf Necklace
2. Im Sorry Im Leaving 5x5 Print
3. $10 off any teddy bear shirt in the shop, or a custom made one


But I did have so much fun on the last giveaway learning where each of you found Violet Bella...

SO... if you want, tell me your favorite thing about either my blog, my shop, or just Violet Bella in general. I always love to learn what it is that draws people to my work!

No go grab a cup of hot chocolate and enter the giveaway!

Deadline is October 5th



BIG shop update!

Last night and today there was a MAJOR shop updates. Here are just a few examples, you will have to visit the shop to what else there was and whats left! These teddy bears fly of the 'internet' shelves like crazy! Which makes me very happy b/c i LOVE them!

I do take custom orders on teddy bears. I can do tanks, shirts, sweaters, jackets, bags, etc. For women, men or babies... Just message me on etsy for any questions...

A few more pillowcase tops up, and a few more to come, so be on the lookout. I know we are getting into fall, but these are still so cute with a cardigan!

And lots of new jewelry!
including a new style of photo bracelets which i simply adore.

So go check out the shop to see whats happening!


R.I.P. Noogs

I debated on whether or not to post this, but it is a part of life, as well all know.

The day that I was on my way to Louisiana, little Noogs passed away. He is going to be very missed by many people, even the people who have their toes bitten by him. You couldnt help but love him no matter how grumpy he was, and oh geez was he a grumpy little one, dont let the sweet face deceive you :)

He was a one man dog, my dad's dog. It wasnt until my dad was plain out of sight that Noogs would decide to love up on you, except of course for the first few seconds that you show up at the house, then he was super excited, and wagged his whole body and gave you crazy amounts of kisses. Unless of course you are Shelley, then he peed on your purse!

His favorite toy was his Dalai Lama (a stuffed lama doll).

His favorite thing to do was hump a stuffed football, and anyone who has seen this sight Im sure will be permanently marked by it, I wont even go into details...

He loved to snuggle between legs on the couch.

His favorite spot to be was in my dad's arms, which he most often was, its like he was an extension of his body.

And he LOVED to sun bathe.

here he is on a pillow in the window sunlight...
here he is on Bella's window pillow when he spent the night at my house...
in my daddy's arms...
and now he is back snuggling with my momma :)

We will miss you little B-Noogs. You have been a wonderful 2.5 pound part of our lives, and you will never be forgotten.



Road Trip to Louisiana

First of all, I just want to say thank you for everyone's love and support throughout all of 'The Story of Us' posts... it was truly delightful to share our story, and I love that you guys enjoyed it too! It was nostalgic and fun to put together!

During the 4 days those were posted, we were actually on a trip to Louisiana to visit our friend Katelyn! We spent two of the days on the road and two visiting. It was the first time James and I had left the state together! It was so nice to get away for a while.

Our trip up there was much longer than planned b/c we got lost twice! Ha ha, and its a straight shot up there! We got lost for 45 minutes in a PARKING LOT trying to find a starbucks, how silly is that??? Needless to say, we were super frustrated by the time we actually found it!

Anyway, the first day spent there, we took a little walk around their neighborhood and Leena rode in her wagon with her bunny :) I found a Texas sign and made James take a pic under it!

Katelyn wore her teddy bear shirt 'Isabel'
Leena was a mix of happy and grumpy on the ride
James got her to giggle though, she loves him
Katelyn made an amazing tent for us over the couch bed. Made from strips of fabric around a hoop at the top, and she hung star lights and butterflies in it, it was so magical.
The next day we went New Orleans... James got us around everywhere on the whole trip with his new phone's GPS, he is so pround of it.
We got our picture in front Blue Dog, the one spot I wanted to go to. They got a super nice new location across the street, its all big sparkly!
We went to Cafe DuMonde, and I finally got to try a beignet and REAL cafe du monde coffee. I had already had two regular mornings cups of coffee and a latte on the way their... but I couldnt resist. I thought I was going to be sick when I stood up, but it was SOOOO GOOOOODDDD!!!
Leena loved it too, although she only took one tiny bite of the beignet and really just kept dipping her finger in the sugar :)
me and my cup of coffee! and the crazy wind blowing my earrings!
James is such a stud.
Katelyn and Leena :)
I took lots of pretty pics of the buildings, my favorite part of the French Quarter is the buildings and their textures. I could spend all day long photographing doors and cracks, geez.

The morning we left Leena got sad and watched us take off out the window. It was heart breaking. We love her so much.
On the way home, James gave me one of my anniversary gifts, Willie Nelson's new box set! I was so happy. We listened to all four discs from the border of Texas, all the way home. It was glorious and made the trip so very special, since the day we were driving home was our 3 year anniversary. We were so sweet to each other the whole way home, it made me forget I was in the car for so long.
And now James has the travel bug and wants to go everywhere!