Two Days of Bliss

This was my weekend in the hills. A much needed getaway.

{thank you and god bless you Willie}

James and I got to stay at the enchanting 'Canyon House' at our friends B&B in the hills of Kerrville. It is truely an amazing soulful retreat and these photos do not do it justice.

WARNING: this may be a long blog, so if you really care to read, then thanks:)

Entering the meadows that reach beyond our technology driven lives...

I took alot of photos of our shoes, I dont know why I always love these shots.
We had to wear shoes we could get muddy, it had just rained all week, so everything was wet and icky, but beautiful.
After we unloaded all of our stuff into the cabin, I had to go check out The Stargazer, a project Willie has been working on for some time. This was built from trees on his property that have been carefully chosen to create this amazing star gazing creature. You walk up these beautifully crafted cedar posts and steps to a 16 foot flat plank that has been carpeted. Then you sit and stare over miles of hills and horizon. The first day it was still wet, so we didnt stay long bc we couldnt sit down. But we trecked back up there the second night in the dark. The sky had cleared, the stars were out, the moon was a perfect half, the air was just the right amount of chilly, I had the camera, of course, we took some really cool shots {see below}. Then we heard a massive pack of wolves, upset cattle, and angry dogs, something was definately going down. Then james heard pigs, and I got a little scared. :)
There are really cool and odd faces and sculptures all around the property. We had fun being silly and taking our pictures next to them. James really liked the little yellow guy.
James found many fun things while we were walking the trails and cliffs. We explored every which way we could. I love hiking so much, and so does James. That was my favorite part, besides making pies with james {inside joke}
And there was a mountain laurel tree in front of our house, the only one i saw!
There are little inspirational things all over as well. Some of these were in the herb garden.
Here are many more, but not all of the little creatures lurking around the place! Each one mysterious and artistic in its own way. The second one over on the second row, I almost missed. It was the end of a stick and they made a face in it! So cute, I thought it looked like 'Lambchops', remember? And the gnomes reminded me of Jen.
This is the herb garden. I love the stained glass windows in the entry way. And this rusty old bench is to die for! I made a morning sneak away while james was sleeping one morning to take some photos :)
During one of our hikes. James found the cool tree stump and took a picture.
We played Scrabble both nights, and James was the sorest LOSER! I have beat him four times now, and he swears that I cheat everytime, he just cant face it! This was just one of his sad faces. I was excited to spell Bigfoot!
This was my morning.
This was James morning.
{He is going to hate me for posting these:)}
I love these textures and moss, I made James take some pics, although I was wishing I had my makeup and fun clothes for a shoot!
Me being silly.
Some cute shots of us.
We went to town one day to get food and found the coolest coffee/sandwich shop in Ingram. We had the best lunch and even ordered more sandwiches to take back with us. Really good coffee! Cute employees. Cant wait to go back. I used to think the grotto was the only decent place in the hill country, I was way wrong! You just have to look!
Then we drove by that really cool looking rock building, its a B&B called Toad Hill, I want to stay there one day. It looks so yummy.
Some inside shots and lighting shots. I want to go back now.


I had a beautiful time with my husband in the hills of Kerrville. I feel blessed to have had that opportunity and I feel blessed to be his wife.

I wish he was here tonite to make pies with me.



The Circle Game


autumn is here, a new beginning to this continuous circle of life. the summer was dried up with no trips to the river. it was a huge change in venue as far as work. it has brought a huge shift in morality and personality within myself. i have clung to desperations that did not belong to me, i have lost them, leaving it behing me forever. sometimes looking back on one's self can be a huge discovery of untold truths that can be painful and disgusting, but can cocoon a beautiful butterfly if given the chance.

i feel i am still inside this cocoon, but getting ready to stretch my wings.

"only a dark coccoon before i get my gorgeous wings and fly away"
-joni mitchell

the falling of the leaves makes me smile immensly. the saturation of the ground when it gets wet. the chill that bites your nose. the comfort of snuggling in a jacket and scarf. the smell in the air.

this is my favorite time of year.

bless this earth for being so sacred and beautiful.


"The seasons, they go round and round
and the painted ponies go up and down
were captive on a carousel of time
we cant return, we can only look
behind from where we came
and go round and round and round
in the circle game"

-joni mitchell
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2 year anniversary

First day of fall.

Two whole years of marraige.

Rain for the earth.

The best pizza Ive ever had.

James wears his wedding shoes.

And his Copeland button.

I wear his favorite jeans.

And curl my hair.

We walk boerne.

Bought a pair of Flying Monkey jeans for $13.


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New Clothing Line and Rings

So many new things at VIOLET BELLA

Here are some samples of my new rings:

This is a miniature locket ring!

And finally introducing the new

Vintage Napkin Skirt
Velvet embroidered halter dress
Bayside Blues Bell Bottoms
PJ/Yoga Pants {SOLD}