This is the little number I wore to my Nanna's birthday dinner.  I had planned on wearing this dress from Flying Tomato for christmas, but since I was feeling well, I opted for skinny cords and a sweater... I LOVE the color of this dress, I mean love.  I'm crazy for different brown tones.  And I adore the kaftan style, one of my favorites.  Its so lightweight.  It came with a blue belt that ties in a bow, but for this outfit I wanted to stick to the color palette.  I paired it with the beautiful deerskin belt from Sun & Glory that was featured in our last lookbook for The Bohemian Collective.  And speaking of lookbook pieces, the necklace was in the one before that... a beautiful one of a kind buffalo tooth necklace from Gypsies Caravan.  Two of my favorite designers.  And the bracelets are from 3 more of my favorite designers... Spirit Y Sol, Spiral Drift & Flourish Leather.  I will never stop loving accessorizing my outfits with beautiful handmade creations from people I truly believe in.  It feels so good to support other artisans doing what they love.  Knowing this path deeply within myself, I feel like we are in it together.  And... are these BC Footwear boots not the most perfect thing with this dress?  Eeek!  I think they were secretly made for each other. 

Love this dress?  Or any of the other beautiful items found at Flying Tomato?  Come back later for an amazing giveaway from them!!!  Today is the last day to get 20% off their entire site!

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A collection of my favorite posts from this year.  I love looking back and seeing how things have changed and grown in one years time. 

1. Hitting our one year mark in our new home!  I love looking at these photos and seeing how things have changed so much already.

   2. Introducing The Bohemian Collective.  So amazing to see how far its come in less than a year!

3. Creating a sacred space with lots of intention.  The one place in my house I have not wanted to change around since creating it.
4. This post I wrote recalling my journey of the past few years up to that point.  Reading back on this now that it has been almost an entire year, I can see where my journey from there has lead me to here.  Love being able to look back on these places in my blog like this.

5. Getting my half sleeve finished!  And this is my favorite outfit post of the year. 

6. Saving this yellow billed cuckoo.  This little guy taught me alot and opened a new place in my heart.

7.  This was my favorite art piece I made all year long.  It was a custom for Alana of Run With The Tribe.  I feel honored that this hangs in her creative space.

8. I learned so much more about my relationship with James this year.  I loved this post where I talked about our spiritual differences.  This boy is so good to me!

9. My favorite diy project I did this year.  I upcycled these old shorts with the prettiest of patches and stitches.
10. Spending time with Robin was a big highlight of my year.  I only wish it happened more often!

11. Also being able to have a few visits from Katelyn!  And being able to take these beautiful portraits of her.  Im so glad we got some wonderful captures of her with her dreads since she recently shaved them all of!  Brave woman.

12. Releasing the Mystic Moon lookbook.  This was by far my favorite one weve created so far.  And it was so fun to have my friend Gina be a part of it!

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Remember by blog post about finding crystals and fun books at a local thrift store?  Well these are the babies I found.  I was over the moon to find these little (or not so little) gems in my hometown.  I charged them under the full moon in Cancer two nights ago.  Aren't they just beautiful?

If you had read that post, you might remember me vaguely mentioning a velvet chair that I wanted but made myself pass up?  A few days later, I was tagged in a photo on facebook from a sweet friend, with this photo!  What???  I have the most ridiculously sweet friends in the whole world.  If you can't read the sign, its says 'SOLD Merry Christmas!!!  James & Laura, from Santa'.  Santa is one pretty cool dude if you ask me!

A few weeks back I bartered with the sweet girl from Essential Well Beings on etsy for this Chakra Balancing oil set.  They are so wonderful.  When my friend Katelyn was visiting, we used her DoTerra oils for this and it was heavenly, so after that I'd had my eye open for a set like this.  I loved all the information these oils above came with, and not just the oils.  And knowing that they were blended handmade with love and intention.

Speaking of Katelyn, her lovely blog has moved, so you must go visit her in her new online home.  She has been sharing some profound soulful posts that might make you smile and cry all at the same time.  Im loving the journey she is on, its been a beautiful thing to watch through the entire transformation.  She inspires me and gives me hope.  And I bet she will do the same for you.

We are also working through the chakras right now in The Chakra Cupboard, an online course I'm taking with Laura Emily from Good Earth Living.  where we are learning to nourish, grow and heal through our cupboards in our kitchens with love and intention, revolving around our chakras.  Sometimes just having something like this to back us up and propel our decisions around food can make all the difference.  I know I need all the help I can get in that area... Its a weakness of mine that I'm constantly learning to change and grow.   I got a bit of cash from my Nanna for christmas and I'm super excited to be spending it on a food processor... something Ive been wanting for years now but have never bought myself.  I think it is going to help me alot in the kitchen.  I'm so looking forward to it!  (thanks nanna!!!)

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Yesterday was the last full moon of the year, and it was a powerful one... Positioned in Cancer, this one really hit home for me and all the things that have been on my heart as of late.  Much about letting go of the past, transformation and healing.  I am so ready to move beyond my sadness of the loss of my parents, and into a state of being that simply holds their spirits within me as I move through my day to day, honoring them through my actions and love.  I have been feeling a huge healing transformation heading my way for some time... and although I have felt touches of it all over me, I feel the real stuff has even yet to begin, but I feel it coming.  I have no idea what it looks like or how it feels, but I feel ready for the leaping, into whatever it is.  I have alot of letting go to do.  After having a certain little run in with someone the other day, out of the blue, I felt my heart lift some old burdens.  Feeling the sheer negative energy oozing out of them reminded me of the reasons its necessary to simply walk away at times.  And after years of feeling guilt within myself, in that moment, I realized it was so self imposed, and I instantly felt a dark cloud lift away from me.  This moment led me to look a little further into other areas of my life I have been self imposing imprisonments of guilt, fear, shame, etc.  There is alot of it.  And Im learning that most of it is tangled within myself b/c I have allowed it to be there.  There are some much deeper things within my personal being that I have been trying to work on for so long now it seems... but always came to road blocks and would mentally throw my hands up, give up.  I feel a new road is ahead of me now... one that is guided by my ancestors and is shown to me through people who show up in my life.  I have learned to recognize when someone is placed in my life with something big for me to pay attention to.  Even the ones who cause hurt and create huge emotional blocks.  They are all here to teach me something.  New perspectives have been showing up all around me, and I am grateful for this.

These quotes from Celestial Space Astrology for this full moon resonated deeply with me...

"There are some memories so deeply embedded within the Unconscious, that they need to be exposed for transformation and healing to take place so they no longer influence your life or behaviors. Why hold on to painful memories from your own life or that of your family ancestors and genetic lineage.

The exquisite potential of the Full Moon in Cancer is re-establishing emotional purity and strength. Allowing one to be confident and free to express feelings and flow with life. Learn to honor your feelings and attune to the Sacred Feminine. Be receptive to healing and also remain open to allowing things to wash away and prepare your inner container for new beginnings by being in the present moment. Let the raw emotion of rejection, abandonment and emotional betrayal heal.  Allow love to caress you and nourish you on every level.

Another piece to the Full Moon in Cancer is that people have a tendency to live on auto-pilot tend to carry forward sticky emotional guilt, painful memories, family curses, intense bitterness within the ancestral lineage without even questioning anything. And at times this plays it out in their personal lives or with situations in present time. The old story repeats in a loop like a memory.

The Full Moon in Cancer offers a wonderful opportunity to let go of being on auto-pilot and detox. Allow whatever is meant to be exposed to be revealed you can face it head on and move forward. It it also possible one’s family or ancestors that have transitioned (died or left the physical body) will be around to support this important phase and transformation. They too want to contribute so that the ancient patterns heal and become whole and healthy once again."

I am here.  I am listening.  I am open to receiving.  I am asking for guidance.  And I am grateful for the support I receive.
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Some snippets from our christmas.  I know Ive been posting alot of instagram photos as of late... Through not feeling well and being busy with the holidays, I haven't taken alot of real photos.  So for those of you who follow me via instagram, sorry for all the repeats.  

We went to my Nanna's house christmas eve to spend the night.  We had a very nice dinner at my aunt's house.  It was a great kickstart to hanging out with the family for the holidays.  Good food, good music, good vibes.  Christmas day was a little low key this year, as I think we were all a bit tired.  I myself had a tummy bug or something that had lasted almost a week and was feeling super drained, so it may of just been me.  But it was still a nice time with the family.  Violet came with us for the first time in about 4 or 5 years.  She acted the exact same way she did years ago.  She was so pleased to be there and wagged her tail the entire time.  When we first got there, we left her with Nanna's little dog while we went to dinner at my aunts, and when we came home we found her up in the back bed with all of her toys and a few of Amber's in bed with her.  Just like I knew she would.  The first christmas she spent at Nanna's, she took every baby that she and every other dog got for christmas and snuck them up in the bed with her.  Little hoarding thief I have :)  She does the same at home with her favorite babies.  She has them all in a pile next to her bed in the closet.  So so cute.  

That evening we came home and vegged on the couch and watch Christmas Vacation, our yearly tradition.  It never gets old.  And I had some coffee in the cute owl mug my brother got me for christmas.  And Bella was soooo happy we were home and got super silly with me on the couch.  Oh, and James got me the Maryink sweater I wanted for xmas!  Love it!  And, I made my first batch of homeade granola for my cousin.  Not the best, but Im excited to dig in and try new creations!  And the wrapped present above was from my 5 year old nephew, sooo cute!
I hope everyone has been enjoying their holiday season.  Im so looking forward to this new year.  It is full of so many good vibrations and new visions.  Can't wait to explore through it.  Enjoy the full moon in Cancer today!  

Today is my Nanna's birthday!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANNA! Feel free to leave her some birthday wishes below!  xoxo

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A little recap of the past few days.  The night before 12.21.12 I went out on a date with my bestie to the wine bar.  We had a nice time and chatted alot about food (she is pregnant).  Ha ha.  She also gave me that batch of goodness above!  Some whiskey, stones, chocolate and soap... the girl knows me well.  Then I came home and gave Bella pillow rides. 
On 12.21.12, James and I went to a friends house out in tarpley for a winter solstice gathering.  I brought with me an earth offering for exchange, along with said whiskey from above.  And I wore my cowboy boots that were gifted to me for the first time!  You cant tell from the photo, but they are old and worn, and the bottom part is snakeskin.  I love it, the skin is all peeling off.  I have lived in the cowboy capital of the world all my life, and have never worn cowboy boots (minus a short period when I was about 8).  But these ones, I can get into!  I probably never would of tried them without them being gifted to me.  

The gathering was wonderful.  Her home was filled with beautiful, warm souls.  Soon after we got there, we all went outside, were smuged and blessed, and gathered around her medicine wheel with instruments in hand, and had a shaman led ceremony honoring the earth and the winter solstice, filled with singing, drumming, and learning.  It was beautiful.  The half moon was out and you could see every star in the sky out there.  Then we all went in and enjoyed food, drinks and anonymous gift exchanges.  I got plant seeds!!!  They came directly from the persons garden, Im super excited. 

The next day, on 12.22.12, I was completely wiped out.  I napped almost all day long, and so did violet, as you can see.  We spent most of the day in bed together.  I managed to get up for a little while and make some batches of homeade bath salts.  Then straight back to bed. 

Yesterday morning, I went to yoga class in kerrville with my friend, and got to listen to my instructor talk about the world and our mind body connections to spirit.  It was beautiful and right in line with my most inner thoughts.  He usually is... 

And I just had to share this pic of Bella b/c its so darn cute.  I caught her getting up in the plants I brought indoors.  Little rascal.

I hope everyone has a merry christmas!  Be safe and spread love.

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The books I found at our local thrift shop the other day.  I was completely in awe that these were sitting on the shelf (among a hundred more) in a shop in our little town.  And the best part, they were all between $1.50 to $3 + 25% off.  Score!
The new books put my piles of books next to my bed over the edge.  It was becoming a bit unbearably messy, so I stole James bookshelf and moved it to my side of the bed.  It feels so good to have all my books (well, the ones I'm currently into, there is a whole other bookshelf in the other room) in my little bedroom corner, since that is where most of my reading happens.  I was having a good laugh with my friend last night at dinner about the fact that just a few years ago, I thought I didn't like to read.  My whole life, I thought books were for the birds.  Until I realized, I was a bird.  Hello, I love them!  I just don't like novels.  Call me crazy, but I'd rather get into my own head then someone elses.  Im probably missing out on alot, and one day Im sure this will change...
Visit.  My adventword for last weekend.  I pulled it on Saturday morning which was perfect b/c I was on my way to a family party.  So I kept this word for two days.  And visit I did.  We had a family cocktail party, a tradition my great grandparents used to have.  It ended up being like a family reunion, and 64 people came!  I got to see cousins I forgot I had b/c I hadn't seen them since they were babies, and now they are full grown adults.  Crazy.  It was kind of weird, seeing my cousins who are in high school all gathered around the table having a great time talking and being silly... I found myself on the outskirts of that circle.  I realized then that I have officially graduated from the kid table to the adult table.  Although I usually mingle with older peeps better in general, it was odd to see the transition before my eyes.  I guess at 30 I can consider myself an adult, huh?  I just don't feel like it most of the time.
My way of giving myself some self love when I was feeling sick.  I took a long hot bath and burned some incense and listened to my yoga mix.  It was very relaxing and just what (my inner) doctor ordered.
A little gift wrapping I have been doing this week for the holidays.  Four days until christmas and Im still wondering what to do for a few people.  I'm really wanting to change my holidays traditions in my family.  At least in my own little family at home (me and James) since I know my whole family wouldn't have much to do with these changes... 
Miss Violet Mae has been sleeping in the bed alot the past few days.  It started the night before last when the winds of change were howling outside all night long.  She was scared and slept in bed with me all night long, which she never does.  And even during the day, she has decided she does not much like the cold weather, and prefers to be snuggled up next to warm floral blankets and teddy bears... I can't blame her.
I myself have found snuggly sweaters and sweatpants to be the norm at home right now.  All I wanna do is curl up on the couch next to a fire and read... and sip on whiskey and ginger beer.  Sounds good right?
Accept.  This was the adventwindow word I pulled the other morning, right after being almost in tears b/c I realized how behind I was on things I had signed up for.  I realized at that moment, I needed to accept where I was, right then.  And beyond just those thoughts I was having, but accept where I am in life, fully.  And then not only accept, but fully embrace.  Accept my body.  Accept the quietness from friends.  Accept my own quietness.  Accept my past.  Accept my challenges.  Accept others with all of their own pasts and challenges.  This is a big word. 
My sweet Bella, glad to be home after a day at the vet.  She is sitting next to me on my computer desk as I type this.  She is my sweetest little friend.

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