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Congrats!  Please email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail (dot) com to claim your cowl!  Big thanks to Crazy Jane Knits to offering up a custom cowl to my readers!  If you haven't checked out her shop yet, you should... besides just cowls and winter wear, she has adorable 3-stranded headbands in all colors, that are super inexpensive.  And tonight is the last day to get them all 25% off with the code 'violetbella'. 


Threads - Lulu's.com Little Black Dress >>>

 Girl... you'll be a woman soon...  those Neil Diamond lyrics instantly pop in my head when I think about being a woman...  (and the lovely scene where Uma Thurman dances to it in Pulp Fiction while Urge Overkill covers it)...  Well, this little black dress that you see below, from Lulu's.com brought this feeling into perspective to me.  There have only been a few times in my life where I really felt like a woman.  I think being only 5' tall, and checkers still always thinking Im 18 years old has a little to do with it.  Every now and then Ill do a lookbook shoot or something like that, and when I see the girl on the computer looking back at me, Ill think she looks like a woman.  Maybe that feeling will really kick in when I bare children?  Or turn 50, ha ha.  Im not sure.  But all that being said... (and not that feeling like a woman really has anything to do with dressing sexy at all)... I found myself having a bit of a hard time b/c this adorable little black dress really does not allow you to hide that side of yourself, unless of course I draped it with a sweater!  Half way through the shoot, I had a little moment within myself.  Realizing Im going to be turning 30 years old in 2 months, I had no reason to not embrace my sexyness and womanhood... Do you ever have a hard time embracing that side of yourself? ...Im sure you will be seeing this dress pop up in a few artistic photoshoots in the future b/c it is just so rad. 

 Want to shop a ton of cute little black dresses?  Or bodycon dressesLulu's.com has them all!

 <<< outfit details >>>
dress // lulu's.com
belt + ring // forever21
tights // target
shoes // ebay



James and the Girls >>>

Last night we decided to grill our dinner on the bbq pit, always a good choice.  The weather was amazing last night.  Lukewarm with a slight breeze, and we had the golden hour light shining on us.  I always end up being the one to take over the grilling... which I like!  I love grilling!  We had chicken marinated in citrus sauce, zuchinni and corn sprinkled with fresh rosemary, and a bit of our leftover alfredo pasta from the night before.  Yummy!!!  James even ate two bites of zuchinni!  I almost couldnt believe my eyes or ears... Afterwards, since our babies joined us outside, we hung out with them for a bit.  I had to run in and get my camera b/c there were just so many cute moments happening!  Its very rare that James lets me take his picture... especially ones by himself like the close up below!  That is almost a once in a lifetime shot, ha ha!  Okay girls... for this post only, I wont get offended if you tell me just how hot my hubby is!!!  I think he could hear it from someone other than me once in a while, so if you think so, go ahead and say so below :)  Every man could use a little reassurance now and then, right?  (healthy reassurance that is...) 


Its the last day to reserve a sponsor spot on the blog for May.  The XL spot is sold out, and the rest are filling up quickly!  Im very excited to share some new lovelies with everyone next month... good ones!

Ill be announcing the winner of the Crazy Jane Knits giveaway by this evening or tomorrow... So if you have not entered, its your last chance!  Dont forget she has a coupon code just for my readers for this month only, two days left to use it!  Use the code 'violetbella' at checkout in her shop for 25% off anything!

I added a few new things in Roots & Feathers last night, and plan on adding more as I can each day, so stay posted.



Threads - Handmade Casual >>>

Yesterday was another jeans and tee day...but just by having your tee be a fun PPP one, instantly makes your outfit feel not so drab.  I sent this plain olive tee to Shauna, along with amazing fabric you see on the sleeves (it was a funky old vintage dress I found at goodwill, but I adored the pattern).  She does amazing custom work... so look at your old t's in a new way and send them over to her!  Look in her shop, she has 51 different kinds of customs!!!  Holy Smokes!  She also just revamped her blog and it really fits her style now.  I also love wearing my O Bella Organics headwraps like a messy turban.  She just came out with a beautiful new circle scarf.  I just love her simple style and amazing colors...  In with my necklace mix is a blue beaded one from Nanoutriko.  Another great artist.  You can get 15% off anything in her shop this month with the code VBAPRIL12 at checkout.  I have one of her marbled tiedye headbands and its soooo wonderful!
{I love supporting my friends}



When In Doubt - Eat It All >>>

 When we have our fridge stocked with lots of good for you things to eat, my plate usually looks like this.  I cant decide what I want to eat, so I just pull everything out and get a little bit of each.  Everything always ends up tasting yummy together.  These were two variations from this week.  

<<< between both plates >>>
grapes // cantaloupe // carrots // celery // broccolini // rice wrapped in grape leaves // guacamole // avacado slices with green onions and lemon // hummus // pimento cheese // turkey salad // seaweed and sesame chips

I love asking this question, what are your go to healthy snacks or meals?



Threads - Lulu's.com + Skyline Fever >>>

 I had so much fun styling this pair of wedges c/o Lulu's.com.  They are the Yoki Raven Brown Color Block Cutout Lace-Up Platform Wedges.  I can think of a million other outfits these babies would be so perfect with.  Lulu's simply has the most amazing shoe choices all in one place Ive ever seen.  And they have some super cute new stuff out right now.  I paired it with my new favorite Skyline Fever dress!  So in love with this dress.  I have a thing for gray, and the cut of this dress is just the perfect blend of casual and sexy.  The vest is in my Roots and Feathers shop.  Ive meant to make some more of these for a long time... one day.  The fedora is from Forever21 and the bangle is just one I wrapped in some vintage trim.

 (two posts before noon, what????)


Porch Plants >>>

Over the past few weeks Ive slowly been working on building up my plants.  I wanted to do a huge full blown garden this year... but we are having to hold off b/c of finances.  Which is fine really, its been nice to buy 2 or 3 small plants every now and then and slowly build the back yard.  It honestly will probably be better for me that way instead of jumping into a huge lot to take care of.  This will kind of ween me into the process of learning each plant really well.  Ive already successfully killed both plants my mother in law gave us as house warming gifts.  Makes me so so sad.  I made the mistake twice of taking them from inside to outside and they both died within a day... (sorry mom). Im wildly excited about the succulent in the 2nd photo b/c once it really starts growing all of those spikes will hang down long over the pot!  Its going to be so beautiful.  James mom has a plant similar to this and I admire it everytime we go over there.

As you can see above Ive started decorating the trees in the backyard.  Im not done, but Im having fun with the process.  And will be using them in my photography too, cant wait!  And my sweet Violet has been enjoying this spring weather so much.  

Today's agenda is to get lots of work done early b/c Im going to be visiting with my family this evening!  So excited to see everyone.  A very dear to me great uncle will be there that I havent seen in a few years!

 Skyline Fever has new goodies in the shop, including the much anticipated new flowerchild dresses!
Only a few days left to snag a sponsor spot on the blog for May!  This is the first month in a very very long time that my X Large spot is still currently available.  See my sponsor page for details.



Threads - Earthy Butterfly >>>

 Just popping in with a super comfy spring outfit post.  I got this darling little vintage crochet top in the mail c/o Suds In The Bucket the other day.  I kind of cant get enough of the color brown.  It really is one of my very favorite colors.  I paired with a Skyline Fever butterfly tank.  This one was a mess that I kept... I get all the 'oops' shirts!  I patched up these shorts a few years ago and still just love them.  I used some sentimental deer fabric that was my moms.  I love that every piece of this outfit was handmade or vintage.  And Ive been enjoying this amazing weather lately!  Soaking it up before it gets blistering hot outside.
 <<< outfit details >>>

crochet top // c/o suds in the bucket
butterfly tank // skyline fever
shorts // upcycled
shoes // thrifted from poor pitiful pearl
earring // root & feathers
bracelet // spiral drift



Instagram Love - Selfies >>>

Just a few of my favorite selfie shots from my camera the past week or so. It still amazes me how much I love simple phone shots.  Most of these were from the day I wore this.  I love the photo of me and James's feet.  The pic of the bathing suit top... that was my mom's bathing suit.  She made it when she was younger than me.  I wish it had bottoms.  Its a bit too small for me to wear out but I love wearing it when Im at home or sunbathing.  Its the prettiest bathing suit top Ive ever seen in my entire life.  I dont think one out there could top this for me.  And Im ridiculously grateful that its still around for me to have.  I think about these things when I want to let go of certain clothes I no longer wear.  I have a pile for my hope chest in hopes that my one day daughter would one day think its cool enough to wear.  I can hear it now... her saying 'oh my god, I cant believe my mom still has this stuff from 2012... who wears these kinds of things???'... ha ha!
I get alot of people asking me what filters I use for my phone shots... I almost always use the Bettie XL lens with the Ina's 1935 film.  When I find something I love that feels like me, I tend to stick with it.  I should probably explore more filters and such, but I always go back to this.  My eyes... love it.

The last two images:  The left one is prints I got made from my recent Oh My Mama photoshoot.  I cant wait to figure out how and where I want to hang them on my walls.  The right one was my little splurges I came home with from the grocery store.  Zooey looked so beautiful in the photoshoot in Marie Claire's may issue.  I dont really buy alot of magazines, just every now and then when I love the cover spread.  The only magazine I get on a monthly basis is Dwell

I can hardly believe that the month of April is almost behind us.  How does time do that?  Ive been feeling alot more balanced that I did a few weeks ago.  I feel like Im doing a decent job of balancing my work life with my social life, along with little doses of things just for me.  Playing outside in my garden being one of them.  I noticed some little buggy had a late night snack on my first bell pepper last night!!  My nanna suggested spraying some soapy water on them to keep the bugs off, so Im going to try that.  This spring has sprung on a plethora of these weird looking grasshoppers, and even though I havent seen them lurking in my garden during the day, Im sure one of them was the culprit.  

Hopefully within the next day or so well get some new stuff in the shop.  I have a collection of new feather earrings and necklaces sitting on my desk for a few weeks now.  As well as James new stuff for Skyline Fever.  Some good ones!  Soon soon.  Still working on wholesale orders behind the scenes, but Im starting to see the finish line!!!  Although that usually just means another race is about to begin :)  Also... I am getting closer and closer to being able to talk about a project Im working on behind the scenes that has me soooo very excited!  I cant wait for it to all come together.  My fingers are crossed that my vision will come through on this one.