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Last week I received these AMAZING pants in the mail from Mountain Girl Clothing, and pretty much havent taken them off since.  I could live in them. You can find another pair in her shop like them here, just in a different fabric pattern. The first day I wore them, I welcomed them into my life with a bonfire, which Im pretty sure is just about the best way to come into someones life, even if you are a pair of pants.  I layered some of my very old tank tops together, dare I say, I used to wear them by themselves...  I think those kinds of guts are long gone.  I loved that my tattoos perfectly matched this outfit.  The oh so pretty necklace is about to go up in my shop, and there are only two available! 

A little update on life the past few days...  Ive been able to get some major things done around here.  Getting many of my wholesale orders out the door.  Still several to go, but a big one is almost done and that makes me feel so good.  My taxes are almost completely finished.  I got to see some of my family two days in a row!  They came up to Bandera which is always nice, and then we went into San Antonio last night.  We had a great family bbq at my Nanna's last night.  Such good food, I was stuffed to the brim.  Whenever there are meals over there, there is so much food I wouldnt normally have on my table, that I kind of pig out in a big way.  Everytime.  I ate two brownies and a piece of chocolate cake for dessert!!!  Geez.  But the good thing is, we were able to stop by Whole Foods on the way there and pick up some yummy good for ya stuff, so my fridge is stocked!  

Today is the last day of March, which means it will be a busy day.  The last and the first days of the month always are.  I have lots of little things I have to attend to today.  Hopefully by this evening, that will include a shop update with all of these pretties Ive been teasing you with this past week!  

Oh, and I set up a new commenting system on the blog.  I can now comment right back to you directly in discussion form, and you can share the post on any of your social networks by clicking the buttons below each posts in the comment thread.  And you can like posts!  Fun stuff!



Softspoken Collaboration - Part 1 >>>

A while back I worked on a photoshoot collaboration with Softspoken. I wanted to wait until she had a chance to upload the images to her shop before posting them. You can now find a few floating around in her listings! I adore her work, so very well made, and just the whole vibe of her company stands out to me from the sea of crochet artists. I just totally dig her. I did about 8 different styles, so there are way too many images to share all at once... So I decided to break it up into a few of my favorites from each style in different posts. This was one of my favorite styles from the shoot. 

Im currently working on a new collaboration with another artist, along with designing an actual lookbook, I cant wait to share!  And Im not spilling any beans, but I have a HUGE collaborative photo project Ill be working on in the background, Im so excited I could just burst.  Im hoping my dream really comes to fruition with this one!



Wedge Obsession >>>

Have you seen all the new amazing wedges over at Blowfish Shoes yet???  Im kind of in love with each and every pair.  They are having free shipping on all shoes this week only!  And if you havent entered their giveaway on my blog yet, friday is the last day to enter.  I seriously think I could be happy wearing nothing but Blowifsh shoes for the rest of my life, that is how much I adore them.  Its true love.



Campfire Texas >>>

Ahhhh, last night we broke in our new firepit. It was exactly what I needed.  I love it so much.  It ended up being just the perfect little pit.  Big big thanks to James and Joey for putting in it.  We welcomed James parents over last night to break it in with us, and they brought our nephew Travis, so he had his first bonfire!  Bella really enjoyed it.  She hung out by it most of the night.  The moon was so beautiful, a sliver with a hazy circle around it, with the bright planets shining right next it.  It was magical.  The subtle breeze in the air was perfect.  It was just what my soul needed.  I smell like campfire this morning which is just about my favorite smell in the whole world.  And I have a tummy ache this morning, ha ha!  I ate two hotdogs, 5 roasted marshmallows and two beers.  As I was eating them I said it was either a recipe for a tummy ache or a migraine... Ill take the tummy ache any day over the migraine! 

Above are just two more pics of my pretty flowers on the porch.  I just love looking at them.  Its amazing what flowers do for your soul.  Just simply by being.



Threads - Ruby >>>

 This gorgeous ruby silk top was my mom's from forever ago.  Im so glad I kept it all these years.  I actually didnt realize how much I loved until I wore it again for the first time in a longgggggg time the other day.  The color was perfect with my new lipstick addiction.  I wore it with my favorite wide leg jeans, my mom's sandals, and old garage sale belt, a new Roots and Feathers necklace and some brass accessories.  Im very excited about some of the new designs for my shop, but just havent had the time yet to do a photoshoot of them.  So Ill just tease you here on the blog for a while :)  

Today Im working on rejuvenating my mind, soul and home...  Ive done some deep spring cleaning with all of my windows open.  No music, just the birds.  Quiet time can be good for the soul, even if you are still busy doing other things.  That being said, I skipped my morning yoga class.  Part of me wished I hadnt, but then I wouldnt of gotten anything done around the house this morning, and I think I needed that more than yoga this morning.  Maybe this evening Ill wind down with some stretching.  

Getting the better part of my taxes done yesterday was a much needed relief.  My mountain is getting a little easier to climb.  And my head already feels a bit clearer getting my spaces cleaned up.  My computer desk and shipping desk were a wreck, as well as the rest of the house... So, if I can just keep this slow steady climb towards finishing each of these big goals I think Ill be okay!  I really need some calmness and clarity right now... my blue moods have been affecting my relationship with my boy and that is never good.  Youde think I was pregnant with some of the moods that have popped out of my as of late!  Geeezzz....



A Budding Garden >>>

 Ive been wanting to get my garden started for months now... and its finally happening!  I didnt get everything I wanted, but for now, Im happy.  Ill slowly add to it as I can.  I got lots of tomatoes, bell peppers, rainbow chard, strawberries, basil, oregano, lavender, sage, naturtiums, hibiscus and some pretty flowers.  I also rearranged a bit and put some new bird seed planters out.  It felt so good to get my hands in the dirt yesterday.  

And today, I knocked out the majority of my taxes!!!  Just a few odds and ends to complete, and waiting on a few numbers.  Im sure Im forgetting more than I think though, I always do.  Taxes are not my forte.  But I can see over the horizon now...  It feels good.  Oh, and James and his friend went to his parents river and dug up some awesome river rocks and brought them back and made a firepit in our backyard!  Im super excited to have some bonfires.  Even though winter is behind us, well still roast marshmallows in the summertime!!!  Its officially bbq season.  


Threads - Orange + Tan >>>

Hello Sunday.  Just popping in to share a little outfit collage from a few days ago.  Another day I just wanted comfort but still wanted to have some style.  I think leggings and one of my hubby's tshirt dresses from Skyline Fever are the perfect base for this.  I could pretty much layer on top of that with anything.  This lovely necklace is a newbie Roots and Feathers necklace that will hopefully be making its way into the shop soon.  I have lots of creations just sitting here waiting for the time to be uploaded. 

Lately Ive been feeling like Im pulled in 100 directions at once.  I have big wholesale orders Im working on, along with lots of little ones that are flooding in for springtime.  I NEED to do my taxes, like now.  My head is dreaming of a new lookbook, and a whole new look for the blog.  Im reorganizing my thoughts about my blog in general.  Im working on a fun new blog outreach program.  Im starting my garden.  Im daydreaming about yoga and hooping.  I have letters and gifts that I really want to work on for some special people. 

I think its time I sit down and prioritize this list and focus focus focus until its done.  Focus can be such a hard thing when your head is spinning with ideas.  Springtime naturally releases a creative juice inside of me, and its so hard to tame when I have more important things to attend to.  My sweet boy woke up this morning and brought his alarm clock in my studio so I could hook up my ipod to it to listen to while I work.  I love how he is always thinking of me in these kinds of ways.  So sweet.  So.... its time to put my head down and my butt up, as my Nanna would say, and get to work!



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Congrats to the winners!  Please email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail (dot) com with your mailing address to claim your lovelies.  Also, there are still a few winners from the other giveaways I have not heard back from yet... please visit this post to see if you were one of the winners from all of last months giveaways!  Its also the last week to reserve a sponsor spot for April if you are interested.  You can email me at the same email above for those details.



Blowfish Shoes Giveaway >>>

Im excited to team up with Blowfish Shoes this month to bring one lucky girl a new pair of shoes of her choice!  If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know how much I LOVE their shoes.  Im drooling over those brown wedges above and cannot wait for them to be released!  

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Threads - Ikat + Fedora >>>

The other day I really wanted to wear this skirt from Kayemkay, which I have been saving for a special night out. Why? I dont know, I guess when I get a special piece of clothing I tend to hoard it for that just right moment. Well, I got tired of waiting, and decided to just dress it down into a super comfy outfit for the day. Im so glad I got it out of my head that this skirt needed to be for a dress up outfit b/c it worked so well casual. The material is s very soft microsuede, so it feels so luxurious, I think that is what threw me off for casual wear. I love love love that it has pockets! And is the pattern/color not the most perfect combo ever??? Ahhhh, love. You can find this same skirt in her shop here

This adorable tee was sent to me from my dear friend Katelyn just b/c she said it reminded her of me!  She was so perfectly right on!  Ive worn it so many times since I got it just shy of two weeks ago.  Thank you Katelyn!!!  Ive been finding any excuse to wear these Blowfish sandals.  LOVE them.  Ridiculously comfy for being so darn cute!  Oh, and how do you like my one little patch of flowers below?  I made James mow around them b/c its the only color I have out there until I get some plants.

<<< outfit details >>>
hat + ring + bangle + tank // forever 21
shirt // gifted (but from old navy)
skirt // kayemkay
sandals // blowfish shoes
necklace // roots and feathers

Time to go to work and bust out some major orders!



Caramelized Apple & Nutella Pizza >>>

Today I made an out of the blue treat for lunch, apple and nutella pizza!  James parents came over to help us cut up the big tree that fell in our driveway yesterday and after they left James finished working in the yard.  He mowed the whole property.  While he was doing that I snuck in the kitchen to make us some pizza.  I already had the dough made, I usually make it in batches of 4 pizzas, so when I do, we eat pizza for a few days in a row.  But it wasnt until I opened up my fridge and saw that bright red apple staring at me that I knew I was going to make this!  I grabbed it and decided to make a dessert pizza for lunch, and it turned out soooo yummy! 

All I did was slice the apple thinly and caramelized them in a skillet with butter and cinnamon.  Then layered my dough with nutella, spread the apples on top and bake, and then lightly sprinkled with powder sugar.  The nutella did want to bubble and burn a bit, so next time Ill make a thicker crust so it wont crisp up so much.  But it was still soooo yums!  Homeade pizzas are one of my favorite things to make.


Oh Yesterday >>>

Oh yesterday.  Yesterday was an awful day emotionally.  We had to go out to my dad's house to get rid of some lumber, and I walked around while I was out there and just had a major meltdown about letting the place go.  We have already decided that we just cant live there and keep the place and it tears me apart inside.  I cant put into words how special this home is.  I know a house is a just a house, but I could not go to the ends of the earth to find one with this kind of meaning and soul to me.  And once its gone, its gone.  Forever.  It just makes me sick.  I thought I was mentally in a good place about letting it go, but the closer we get to having it cleaned out and ready to put on the market, the more Im realizing Im not okay with it.  But I fear the only thing I can do is suck it up and move on.  Bleck.  

Needless to say, for the better half of the day I was an emotional wreck.  We had plans for sunday evening to go spend with our friends in the hills and I almost said I didnt want to go.  Its really odd, almost everytime we are making plans to go out there, Im having a hard time emotionally with something... And everytime we do end up going anyway, I show up on the verge of tears and I leave feeling full of smiles and love.  They just have that affect on me.  We ate yummy homeade pizza and hula hooped.  First time Ive hooped in 3 weeks and it felt so good.  I even got down shoulder hooping which has been tripping me up for so long now.  I love it when something finally just clicks when you let your body go and dont think.  I drank amaretto sours for the first time with my second momma, and she let me pour my heart out to her about everything.  Ive said it a million times, but their family just wraps me up in love.  They have been a godsend in my life for sure.  

I put on my new bright lipstick, threw on some uber comfy clothes, sucked up my tears and had a great night with friends.  Im so glad I did.  I feel a bit more rejuvenated for this monday morning.  

Oh, something funny, when we got home there was a big tree laying in our driveway!  We had such crazy winds last night that it completely uprooted a tree.  Good thing it didnt fall on the house!  There was also one big on in our back yard and had completely split in two and was about to fall.  This one would have landed right on our porch.  So James tied it together with an extension cord, ha ha!  It was all we had.  It was scary but also hilarious at the same time.  Im just so glad it didnt fall.  When the rain clears and it dries up we are going to have to cut it down.  Bye bye tree!