Major Photo Update :)

So, this is a very random post to update on a few different things. I will be out almost all weekend so I thought Id do some catching up on here first!

First I wanted to give a shout out to my friends who have sent me images of themselves wearing something from Violet Bella! So if you are reading this, and you yourself own something of mine, send me a pic! Im creating a notebook collection for myself to keep throughout the years!!!

First up is the amazingly beautiful Shauna from Poor Pitiful Pearl, whos clothing I just adore, I have 3 shirts now and hope to expand that throughout the years! In the photo below she is wearing a Violet Bella headband, the rest of her amazing outfit is all her own creation for PPP, isnt is just darling??? I think her and I have some of the same threads sewn throughout our souls.

Find her awesome shop here:
And be on the lookout this weekend, on sunday she is posting her new 'flip flop socks', they are so cute!!!

This lovely lady is a bit Violet Bella obsessed, ha ha! She is so awesome and I just love her to pieces!!! She is an amazing photographer and a super great momma to the most adorable little girl. Everytime she gets something from Violet Bella she photographs herself in it, and I just love it! And she does really cool things, I mean check out this black and white diptych she did with her new photo necklace, its just like the photo in the necklace!!!
This is just 2 of many!!! I think these two are my favorites so far, I just love what she did with this one below. She is wearing Isabel, her teddy bear shirt she got from me. I love the fun playful outfit she put together with it!!! I love that she is not afraid to just be herself :)

check out her fun blog here to see adorable family life photos:

And this beautiful girl is Jamie, the newest Violet Bella fan, and I am growing to just love her. She has a beautiful soul, and is aspiring to be a photographer herself. I cannot wait to see what she comes out with, she has an eye for it! She loves to play dress up just like I do! She will be opening up a new etsy shop soon with her art, and vintage clothing and home goodies, so Ill keep you posted on that!

In this photo she is wearing a Violet Bella skirt :)

Update Part II:

a few more photos from Breann's senior portrait shoot. again, is she not the prettiest thing???
i just had fun playing with this one :)

I titled it "He Loves me, He loves me not"

you can find it in my new flickr stream that I am slowly updating:


Update Part III:

A few new clothes to the collection. I really think the universe is telling me I need to sew more. Do you ever get that feeling with anything??? Just this week my collection just about doubles of great linens and stuff to work with. Between 2 friends sending me goodies, finding a tremendous granny square stash at our local thrift shop, and a family member sending me the biggest box of really great vintage embroidered linens. I am so fired up now to create some truly breathtaking pieces!!!

In this photo you see my screen printed birdie shirt. This collar is my favorite, I want to put it on everything :) The shorts were from Katelyn in the box she sent me. I am keeping them for myself! But will be making more for the shop :)
a cute upcycled dress :)
my first pillow case dress! the lovely Jamie is now the proud owner of this cutie!
Pillow case top, thanks Meg, this one is yours! And the patchwork skirt is up in the shop, but you must be tiny!
Bigger pic of the pillow case top. See that rad vintage 3 wheel bike in the background???
Granny square tank, I fell in love with this. I want to make more in this style, so cute!

Update Part IV:

and now for some new jewels in the shop!!!

"Best Friends" necklaces!!!
Today on the agenda:

drive to Ingram to collect all of my art from the coffee shop (45 mins away)

drive to Boerne to change rent lease (1 hour from Ingram)

drive to San Antonio to shop (another 1/2 hour away)

drive home (1 hour)

mow, rake, clean yard and dog pin

omg, doesnt look like a long list, but it is going to be one looooonnnngggg day!!!

Then tomorrow, we go to the art museum in SA with my dad!!!


{i had the loveliest time last night at the wine bar with my friend Renea from Penny threads, we have big plans of collaboration coming for this year, *excited*, but not telling!!!}

Big Love to all of you lovely friends on here!!!



Fashion Frenzy

Okay, so please bear with me, this and the next post are all about clothes. I guess thats what is on my brain! Ive been sewing all day, and yesterday, so go figure.

I cant get enough of this adorable little bow from Jennifer of Jennfunique, love it! Go find on in her shop, they are the greatest. I also got a super cool gigantic white flower one, that I cant wait to do a cool photoshoot with :)

here is her blog, and you can find links to her shop there, both worth checking out!

This is only 2 of like 10 photos from different days I have! I figured 2 was enough for you to get the point that I love it!
These are my awesome boots I got on etsy, love these babies!
I got them in this adorable shop:
I was going to make a bunch more pillow case tops today, but I only got one done. I used one from you Meg, thanks! (not this one, this one is sold)
Pics of my blue tank I made yesterday worn with my green sweater.
I love the way it came together in the back, I am going to make many more of these and make it another Violet Bella look!
This was on the way home the other night, so pretty!
Two blogs have little features going on about Violet Bella right now that you should check out and show some love to!

Mint Green With Envy's first giveaway ever was a Violet Bella photo, and now after much success with many artists being involved, they have asked me to join again, so you will find a free Violet Bella print over at this lovely spot:

And this adorable girl asked me if she could do a spotlight, she is so cute!!! Go check out the mention, and her sweet blog:




Custom Favorite Tee Shirt

Hi Lovelies...

So I told you before that I was going to share the custom order I made, but I wanted to wait until she got it so I didnt spoil anything for her. Well, she got it, and loves it! So I can share with you now!!!

{Thank you so much Nikki!!!}

She sent me a box with this old tee shirt from a trip to the coast, and random other garments to cut up and use throughout the piece. It was a fun challenge and I love how it turned out. It turned an otherwise ordinary over sized tee shirt into a one of a kind fun girly shirt. And now she can proudly say she has something special of 'her own', since it was made from her own stash.

I also wanted to note for those of you that think Violet Bella clothing is just for the teeny tiny girls, not so, this was a size large, its hard to tell with it hanging on the mannequin, but it was!

Here are a few of my personal shirts to show you how different each one can be...
this purple shirt was one of my mom's over sized frilly shirts that she loved. I always loved it and wished I could wear it but there was just no way, it was too big and lanky. So this was my solution. I used some of her favorite pearl buttons on it.

This is a shirt I made for my bestie Shelley from one of her husbands old tees and other random garments of hers.
This is my favorite. I didnt show the best part, the front, but if you browse my blog you will find it!
You can find the spot to purchase one of these babies here...



My Little Helper

Here area few pics of the wholesale order I just finished for Ruche.com, Bella of course, was my assistant.

Once we got them all in baggies, we laid them all out just to really see how much it was, and omg, it was alot. And this photo didnt even include a whole batch I forgot about! Now you can see why I was a little 'busy' this week.
We made all of the little cards, so I used one on an order I was shipping out, I just might change it up a bit and switch over. Most of my packages have a different card or package though. Im always changing it up.
I made a new dress today. A pillow case dress, the first of many :)

And Im loving my tights from Target, I got them in yellow too :) They are more plum in person, not pink.

Im almost finished with another dress, its so cute, but was so difficult to figure out. So maybe some pics tomorrow.

I was going to sew all day today and I just couldnt get my thoughts straight. I have drawings of tops and dresses I want to make, but my period head was not allowing me to create flowingly.

So, really, I just made a huge mess in the house that I need to clean up again :)
{something to know about me, i make a mess no matter what i do!}

Big Love to each and everyone of you!



Ragdoll Bags by PENNY THREADS

So, I must give a BIG shout out to my dear friend Renea from Pennythreads.

She has been working on her own ideas to re-vamp her etsy shop for this spring and summer. She is changing gears for the season, and I couldnt be happier.

These are only the first 3 of many ONE OF A KIND 'ragdoll' bags. I am sooooo FREAKIN' in love! Yes I am!

Unfortunately I was not online during the post, and my 2 favorites (the first) were sold right away! But the 3rd one is still available if you act fast, the price is sooooo reasonable, probably too reasonable, so snag before the demand changes that!!!

{luckily two of my favorite girls got them, so I cant be that upset}

Plus, Renea will do custom orders, so if you see something you like, send her a request, of course, each one will be a bit different though.

This one is just perfect for spring. oh my gosh, i want one like this!

well, and like this. i think this is actually my fav! ahhh, i just love them both, they both fit my style, well 2 of my many styles :)
I just adore the buttons on this one, so cute! Just not my personal colors, but they may be yours :)
Eeeeek, I cant get over how cute they are!!!
Renea, if you are reading this, I am super stoked for you! Um, can you tell?

LOVE THESE! I want one in every color for every outfit, okay?

So, go check out her shop and snag up the last one. She plans on posting more in a few days I think, so check back often!

Or follow her on facebook or twitter to get the first updates:

Or become a follower of her blog!

So many ways!



Spring Home Inspiration

The first little glimpses of spring keep shining through the leaves, the birds feel, the grass and flowers are reaching up towards it, only for it to become cold or rainy again, and then start back over. Texas just cannot make up its mind.

I have spent most of my days so far cooped up in my little house working. I cannot wait to get outside and PLAY! I want to get my garden started, and wear spring dresses, although I dont really have any I love at the moment, and have picnics.

James and I keep dreaming about building a home one day. I always save images that inspire me when I see them, usually they are home or craft room inspirations. Either for color, theme or design building layouts.

Here are a few images that speak to me and are inspired by this time of year, Spring.

*all images were found at iheartit.com, flickr, or other blogs, none of these photos are mine*

Ahhh, makes me want to paint everything, I wish so bad I did not live in a rent home where I cant paint the walls! These images just bring a huge smile to my face.

When I do get my own home, I will not be afraid to use color or decorate just how I want to. No boring home for me! Nope!

Im off to add some new goodies to the shop!