Pieces of Home >>>

Little pieces from around the homefront lately. Below youll see my little hoopers. I cant believe I caught both of them sitting inside my hoops on the same day! So so cute and funny.

10 pm and Im just now about to go do my 2nd day of yoga.  Some days dont go the way we plan, so we have to bend accordingly.  I think Ill do a fairly short and slow cool down session of yoga.  Ease myself into relaxation for the night.  The next few days are already filled up with to do's... so this little bit will help.  I did get in a bit of hooping today.  More just working on some arm tricks, but Im slowly getting it.  Its funny how hooping tricks are, you can mess up 100 times and then all of a sudden it just clicks when your not thinking about it.  I love that moment.  I broke down and bought a polypro hoop today.  Ive been holding off b/c we are trying to save money right now, but its something that is super important to me, so I finally just went for it.  I cant wait to get it in the mail in a few weeks.  To me, its beats a gym membership.  -- I also got a few plants in the dirt today.  The 10 minutes I had my hands in the dirt felt sooooo good!  Got me even more excited about our garden.  

This month is going by soooo fast!  Ill try to do a post soon, but until then, my sponsorship spots for March are now open.  You can email me at violet_bella (at) hotmail (dot) com if you are interested in a spot.  



  1. i've done yoga for the past two nights because i've been too busy during the day. :) i totally get it.
    your home looks beautiful!

  2. Ahhh. I needed your blog post. I was feeling so frumpy, but your post just blasted me with some inspiration!!! Thank you Laura!!!

  3. LOVE..! :) and to a beautiful day!


  4. I've been having so much fun doing my yoga the past few days! I even convinced my boyfriend to do tonight's session of yoga with me (the poor guy is the least flexible person I know, though) Needless to say it was interesting :) Haha

    I love the photos of both your cute little pets in the hoops. So sweet!
    xo Heather

  5. heather, that is awesome! im always trying to convince james to do yoga with me, but never gets very far. he is too! ha ha. glad you are enjoying it!

  6. I love yoga. Cute pics of your kiddies in the hoop.

  7. Those pics are awesome! Can't wait to see the poly when you get it!!!

  8. Your cat is so pretty!
    I've got one of those hula hoops too - I neglected it a bit recently. I need to start using it again!


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