Looking Back

Time travels so fast. its such an odd thing really. something so untangible. it is amazing to look back upon ourselves over a period of years, and see where life has brought us. most of what we see is a result of what we have done, the choices we have made, the things we have done, and said. but some of lifes events are ones that are thrown at us from left field, and we have to just take, or not. which plays into our choices... year to year i see myself becoming a new person. different in so many ways. the way i think, the way i feel about so many things, and people, the things i spend time on, and the things i forget about. importances of life seem to fluxuate with the wind at times, but then some things in life seem to flow with the current and stay rooted within.

This year i have found myself to be the most grown up i think i have ever been. i feel more stable than ever, more consistantly happy, more self sustainable, than ever imagined. maybe it was finding my own wings after losing my mother. i went through a year of craziness and self centeredness that almost brought upon the loss of a marraige and did bring upon a loss of friends. and now, through the thick of it, i feel less naive, per say, about people, and their intentions... for the first time i felt true betrayal, and it has made me a stronger person. but it has also weakened my heart in the forgiveness department, which saddens me. i used to think i loved everyone in the world, a bit naive i guess. but i realize now, that some people you just simply cant trust, or just dont need in your life...

so now, all of that done and gone, i have grown through these experiences to be who i am today. maybe a bit less naive, a little less trusting, but a much more sincere human being. a more trust worthy person myself. i have seen who i never want to be again, and that has changed me all for the better. i thank god for my experiences in life, not losing my mother of course, i would give anything in the world to have her here with me, seriously. but the things i have learned from and since then. i could go on for hours. but those of you who actually 'know' me, already know.

and i cant wait to see where life takes me and how i change again next year. it is just amazing to me. there is always potential to grow and to learn, from each other, and from our own personal experiences. so if you happen to be going through a tough time, or some extreme deep trenches in your life, just remember that in the end it is your choice how you come out of it. no one elses but you.

choose to live your life with life. its the only one you have. give it your all, and make the best of it. be thankful you are here, and hug and love those around you.



Foodie Post - Chard Salad & Peanut Butter Oatmeal


red bell peppers
red onion
baby bella mushrooms
feta cheese
sea salt & pepper

I have made the choice to get back to my healthy eating, something Ive sorta put off for about a year now. Looking forward to getting my garden started back up... Ive been eating tons of these veggies lately, so I must get creative with how I put them together.

Betsy and Katelyn, this is also for you girls! Ill be doing these food posts as often as I can, lets share!

So first, you must get out your trusty knife and make a sailor face...

Then you MUST put on a cute apron...
...and yes, you must wash your veggies...
then chop up all of your goodies. I usually like to add spinach but I was low in my garden. if you have spinach, then just make it half and half.
...chop your nuts :)
and your veggies
put your onions in first and stir fry them in organic first press olive oil until almost golden...
then throw in your bell pepper and do the same, then the mushrooms... and nuts!
once all of your veggies are slightly golden (a bit undercooked is always better and has more nutrition), throw in your chard. cook until chard is wilted and a bit soft...
toss in sea salt and pepper, fresh lemon juice and a splash of italian dressing vinagrette to taste.
toss in some feta cheese and quickly stir and then plate up! i dont like my cheese completely melted, so make it quick :)
...and here it is! yummy grilled goodness...
I made it again today and added zuchinni and brocolli!
and for breakfast...


I got this recipe from a book, and I did it wrong, but here it is anyway.

to make 4 servings:
2 cups oatmeal flakes
4 tbs peanut butter (substitute almond butter for healthier option)
1 tbs cinnamon
2 cups almond milk (or other milk)
2 cups water

boil liquids, then add oats and peanut butter and cinammon, stir and cook for about 5 minutes.

I put in way too much peanut butter, (i didnt use measuring spoons) and it was really peanut buttery!!! but good. slice some bananas on top! and whole grain toast on the side.

seriously filling, so you may want to cut this recipe down tremendously and eat like 1/2 of one serving yourself.

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you try either of these and how you liked it!



Violet Bella Pinafore Jumper

"Safety is the most unsafe spiritual path you can take. Safety keeps you numb and dead. People are caught by surprise when it is time to die. They have allowed themselves to live so little."
-Stephen Levine

Maybe ill do a quote each post, what do you think?

This one is from my Handbook for the Soul, comprised of many different writers and spiritual teachers, oh how i love it.

Today was all about sewing. I had an idea and I obsessively completed some sample designs of it. Although each one will be completely different, the general design will be the same. It is my spin on the pinafore/jumper. Now I want to make some suspender shorts!

I actually have a whole list of things I want to create, I just dont have enough time in the day...

patchy shorts
boleros and vests
really distressed upcycled jeans
wrap vintage linen skirts
wide mid section belts
and many others...

I am feeling so pleased and blessed to be sewing my own clothes. This is something my mother and I talked and dreamt about all of the time for years, but we were always too busy with her broken china business. So to be actually doing it, I know she is just smiling from up above, and wishing so badly she was sitting next to me creating! I wish we would have done more fun stuff like that together, instead of just working. I mean, we did alot of stuff together, I saw her every single day, and still called her at night to tell her almost anything that happened. But her list was a mile long of things she wanted to do that she never had time for. I need to make sure not to make the same mistake. Although, I think if she were here, she wouldnt change a thing. She lived and amazing and full life, fuller than many 90 year olds I think. She was a free soul, a caring joyous mother, a forgiving and deeply loving wife, an insane people lover, a tree hugger, a spiritual walker and seeker, a plant nurterer, she possessed all of the sweetness this world can hold. Anyway, I was just thinking of her today while sewing, and I just realized that I am living one of our little dreams, I love you mom!

So, on to the goodies. This is the first one I made, more of the true 'pinafore' style. This one turned out to be so me, again, I am keeping it! I do have more of the vintage sheet material though if anyone wants a custom one! And I have one more large mustard towel circle too, unless it is used before being spoken for!

This deer fabric is so special to me, I am saving many of these squares, and making myself clothing with it. My mom had it when she was young. Used it in baby quilts for my cousin Shane, among other things. It is in the amazing sun patchwork quilt she made that hangs in my bedroom. I still cant believe my aunt Lisa gave it to me, it is one of my most prized possessions.

This one is just cute and fun. And more of a 'jumper'. I loved this granny square and have been saving it for something special, and this made it!
very open and exposed, meant to be worn over another shirt and with jeans or leggings. On most people these will be like long tunics, or super mini dresses.

Another one Im keeping. I dont usually go for these bold colors, but I fell in love with the way they came together.

The back straps are a mens vintage tie.
The middle one is up in my shop!


leaving you with a cute little video of bella freaking out over the catnip i brought her...



New Threads and such

Today, I have literally spent about 8 hours sitting in this chair on the computer. Mostly because i was editing and posting new items to etsy, but also out of sheer laziness. its like once i sit for so long, it is so hard to motivate myself to get up and move! But i finally forced myself. I got up and cleaned the whole house! That felt good. But now, here i am again. I didnt make a thing today! oh well, tomorrow...

I just walked outside to grab some spinach from the garden and the sky is such a beautiful deep blue and the moon is the perfect sliver, one of my favorite kinds. just a few stars in the sky, and the sillouettes of the trees are all illuminated from the moon. such a beautiful night. wish james was home. maybe we can go on a wet bike ride when he gets home, if it is not raining like crazy. today the sun actually came out. but it has been raining for 4 days straight now, so the ground is still a soggy mush, but oh my are the plants and grass loving it. i wish so badly i would have put my garden in already, man would it be happy! My chard is as tall as violet now!

These two photos I thought were awesome, showing just how well Violet Bella and Pennythreads go together! I mean hello?

Violet Bella: Pillow case top
Pennythreads: Ragdoll purse

Violet Bella: photo bracelet
Pennythreads: Ragdoll purse
I love my little ragdoll purse and tote it around everywhere.


Now to show some of the threads Ive been working on this week.

This next top and sweater I think I am keeping. this top is soooo me, i am in love with it.
the back of it
I have always loved this little pink sweater, but now I really love it!
check out this adorable little girl!
still thinking of a name...
Here is a sneak peak of a bag Ill be putting in the shop. I made it quite a while ago actually, but I am letting it go... my pennythreads purse and a few other favorites take the cut!
This is one of my new 'PATCHWORK FOLK' tops, i loved the mexican fiesta inspiration. It is so colorful and playful.
here is the back of it
And this one came out just so sweet. Mint green and pale pink, perfect for spring.

simple pink tank upcycled with fun cuteness!

I am getting back on a roll with my food. I have been so unbelievably bad for months now, I dont know what happened. So today for lunch, I started a new...

Lunch menu:
pita with sprouts, red bell pepper, baby bella mushrooms, zuchinni and feta cheese, grilled.

Dinner menu:
spinach and chard (from garden) salad with red onion, feta cheese, dried cherries, and Annie's organic hibiscus dressing.

lets see if i can keep this up!



so, you might think ive gone a bit crazy with the cute animals lately, but they have been a huge bright spot in my life as of late.

Meet Oliver, my newest buddy.

James surprised me with him and i literally screamed when he showed him to me. I saw him on Stitchface a while back and fell in love, and he is even cuter in person. I am sooooo impressed with him. I seriously want an entire stitchface collection. so if you are ever at a loss for a bday present... hint hint*

He went with us for a car ride to go get our hair cuts yesterday. He rather enjoyed himself, the sun was peeking through the rain filled clouds, we even got a little pink on our shoulders...
is he not perfection?
i got bangs! its a bit shorter, just b/c i had to cut the dead ends off, but im still growing it out long!
i gave him a cape to play with while i cooked dinner... he was pretending to be a super hero... glad he didnt fly down into my pan of veggies!

'bear hug'
my adorable hat from miss indie, i love it so much!!!
check out her shop!
and...i just finished my second diptych project for miss match, although this week turned into a triptych b/c there was an odd number of participants... check out the links to see the other artists work, they are fabulous!

Our prompt this week was 'soft'.
Lots of new fabulous clothes hitting the shop today, be on the lookout for updates via facebook!



The Day of Weenie Roasting

and the fun commences...

our day of weenie roasting was a success. a day full of good friends and a campfire, all you need sometimes...

Hazel came along for the party, and as soon as we arrived she got heckled for being in the nude, so my dad made her a quick little outfit out of a sock! I personally think it made her look like a character from Legally Blonde (which I happen to love, but dont think it fits Hazel at all), but we just rolled with it. Then we added a pretty little bow around her neck. After she helped Jonathan make some bean dip...

My dad tried to hook her up with his chihuahua Noogs, but he was not very interested to say the least...
so, when Hazel saw renea opening a bottle of wine...
she decided she wanted a good old Kirin Ichiban, her mommas favorite!
renea rolled a cigarette while we proceeded to hang around the porch and start our chatting...
then her and her boy sat up on the deck for a bit...
then we started the campfire for the weenie roasting, and everyone gradually made their way over.
Isabel showed up with camera in hand and was so ready to snap pictures along my side. she wants to be a photographer like me some day, so cute!
we took some pics in the flowers...
and brought Hazel along with us...
Isabel and Xavier were being so silly with thier momma, Shelley on the hammock. Isabel was play biting her and Xavier started to catch on, which basically just turned into a giggle fest.

{so bella just laid her fat butt on my keyboard and erased a bunch of pics, and i am too lazy right now to put them back in!!! so minus some pics of Xavier, Shelley and Dominc, sorry}

of course renea and i did the photo taking of each other!
she is so scrumptous!
james standing by the fire. he got like 3 hours of sleep and was so tired, hes prob gonna get mad that i posted this pic b/c he looks tired, but he is still so handsome!!!
my dad's friend Kathy, which I hardly know but absolutely adore. she is so nice, funny, witty, pretty, intelligent, LOVE HER!
this adorable grey haired man is my daddy!
and at the end of a long fun day, Hazel just had a bit too much to drink...
there were a bunch more photos, but oh well.

I am so behind on blogging its ridiculous. ill catch up one day... i still havent even posted easter! eeeeek!