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James surprised me with this dress from Jessalin Beutler that says The Universe Is Infinite on it.  I love almost everything in her shop.  Very simple but striking designs.  Im personally not a huge fan of tank dresses (or tank tops most of the time), but fall is a great time to utilize pieces like this with layers.  I always have to think past just the fact that its a tank something or another... He also surprised me with these amazing teak wood earrings by Christine Domanic.  They were love at first sight and Ive had them on my mental wishlist for a long time now.  I have one sweet hubby!  I also wore my favorite silver knuckle ring and leggings from Forever 21, my moms beaded necklace and her moccasin boots, and a simple black cotton cardigan.  (I cant help but think how cute a baby bump would be under this dress :)
I look like my mom in this photo above.  Something about the face Im making reminds me of her.

We went to our friends house last night to do our christmas with them.  As always it was such a welcoming time and they made dinner for us from scratch!  We got the sweetest gifts and enjoyed being with them.  I even played around on Jonny's new bass guitar.  I had so much fun and I kind of surprised myself.  Now James wants to get me a bass, ha ha!  My mom always told me she could play a ZZTop album on bass, but I never heard her.  

See that amazing pea green woven table runner???  Gifted to me by a dear friend who knows my style even more than me it seems!  Love.

The past few days my brain feels like its in a fog.  I know its b/c of all of the junk Ive ingested.  I feel like I need a deep cleanse soon.  James has been feeling the same way.  Goodbye holiday sugar coma!  Im over you.

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  1. beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!

  2. Great outfit! I especially loove those earrings!


  3. such a good man!! I'm freaking out on that cardigan a little bit... the back is awesome, makes me want to cut things up and sew them back together.

    that pic of you is an absolute stunner. <3

  4. I'm loving that dress amazing/ and a baby bump would look incredibly cute under

  5. Those tights are so cute! Have a great 2012! xo, rv


  6. I am in awe of your photos. You are so beautiful!
    PS. LOVE the tights. xo.

  7. isn't it weird when you look at picutres of yourself and you're like, "woah, i look just like momma right there."

    lookin' great, girl!


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