Scrabble Wars >>>

We finally broke out the scrabble board in our new house for the first time the other night.  I cant believe it took us this long, but now its on!  We take our scrabble playing very serious in this house!  My cousin bought us this portable board a few years ago and its just about one of the best gifts Ive ever received.  For our first game in the house, James won!  He is so cute when he wins (which by the way this was only the 2nd time he has won - muah ha ha!!! - sorry babe, had to rub it in)  He does a little dance, and doesnt stop grinning the whole night long.  He sings songs about being the scrabble king.  He is adorably victorious.  But let me tell you, when he loses, he is a soar loser.  He is all mopey, its so funny!  So we duked it out the next night, and I won.  It was an intense game too!  *If you are to play scrabble on a cold winter night - hot chocolate is a must*

Bella always plays with us.  She went from being the score keeper to trying to play herself :)

Here it is James, for the record, you beat me by one point!!! 




  1. We had a heated Scrabble throwdown at our house this week too! I lost :(

  2. laura, i'd say you & your man are intellectually compatible! oh scrabble, i'm not much of a competitor. when my guy & i play, we end up helping each other make up words with the letters. it becomes a collaborative adventure. i don't think i'm brave enough to show off our scrabble board usage on internet. ;)

  3. Favourite game ever...

    {...whoever put down WIFI is out some points too...No abbreviations! ;P Wireless Fidelity...Heh. I've been the anal by the "RULES" girl/bully for so long but last year I got over it and started to just enjoy the darn game...}

    Sweet post. Good luck next time!

  4. What a fun date and cute scorekeeper! We don't scrabble as much as chess, Apples to Apples and Bologna (our kid-friendly name for a certain card game).
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  5. Oh yes, I love Scrabble so much! I play it all the time. When I am ill. When I have a day off. When I am spending times with family. When I am bored. Literally. Great post with these cute photos :) xx

  6. WiFi is a word now isn't it? Must remember that the next time me and the BF play, which we also do quite a bit. :)

  7. Haha. My boyfriend doesn't like to play with me since I was an English major. He prefers to whoop me at Monopoly. And like your guy, there is singing involved. :)

  8. hell yeah, scrabble is my game! haha..I even have words with friends on my phone which is pretty much scrabble... love it!
    have fun!!!

  9. Loooove scrabble! the hubs and I just played the other night while listening to CSNY - it was magical :) you guys are so cute with your game faces! My Gramma is crazy good, she got 84 points on just one word recently - I need to get some lessons from her ;)

  10. How fun. I can't get anyone to play in-person Scrabble with me anymore since I usually win so I'm stuck with the iPod version.

  11. ha ha, yes, me and the hubs allow abbreviations. we deviate the rules as long as we are both agree on it.

    betsy, that is amazing about your grandma! i was hoarding a few letters the other night that I just knew I was going make a 60-something point word with and James ended up stealing my spot! It was ON after that! ha ha. i ended up playing all these cheesy 3 letter words just to keep those darn letters in my hand. i learned my lesson.

    yay for all you scrabble lovers!!!

  12. aw the kitteh is adorable! and I really love the color of the pictures, the atmosphere.


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