Pieces of Home >>>

Last night I went out with my bestie to celebrate her birthday!  She is now as olddddd as I am :)  Time for her to enjoy her last year of being 20-something...  I always have fun getting dolled up to go out with her, and we always end up looking perfect together.  I wish I had gotten a photo of us, but I didnt.  It was a dark rainy night last night, so I couldnt really take outfit pics at all.  I just snapped these in the bathroom, ha ha, something I never do.  We were going to walk around town but since it was raining, we just went straight to the wine bar.  At some yummy cheese and stuff and drank some dark german beer.  Then we went to a bar locally known as the chicken coop.   We always make each other laugh and have good conversation.  We were talking last night about how awesome it is that we can go from talking about something very deep and real in life, to giggling about hair and fashion (a topic that always gets brought up).  Its nice to be able to do both with someone.  I always feel like I can just be me around her, and that is what makes me love her so much.

Just some random things around the house...  I bought just a few gifts for friends from Urban Outfitters this year b/c they were just the perfect things for these certain peeps of mine... and while I did, I snuck this awesome bed cover in my cart.  It was wayyyyy on sale and I couldnt pass it up!  Ive been wanting a new look for a while now.  I love our floral bedspread, but sometimes its nice to have a little change.  And I love these bed covers b/c they are super thin, so you can add it on top of your normal blankets without make it too hot. 

These dried onions stems came from my mom's garden.  Im so happy they survived the move.  One of my favorite things.  I kind of want to grow onions just to get these!

This is the one Roots and Feathers dreamcatcher that Ive kept for myself.  The feather was so beautiful and the colors were just perfect. 

My daddy made this vase for me a few years back.  He got really into pottery for a while.  And really good at it.  He even made his own raku kiln outside.  My dad was one pretty amazing and talented person.  He blew me away on a regular basis with all the he could do.



  1. Love the dreamcatcher you decided to keep. I totally see why!

  2. Nice photos. I love your outfit! The cardigan is great!

  3. I love your outfit and your bedsheet, I got one from a thrift shop last week which I intended to use as lining for my accessories and now i'm in limbo as to whether or not i'm keeping it for myself!

    <3 Kaye

  4. i love when people show bits and pieces from around their homes. i didn't know you guys had birds! what kind? i always had budgies growing up.

  5. I absolutely adore what you were wearing, especially the rings! sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a birthday -- hope you had lots of fun.
    peace and love-- stefanie xx

  6. what a nice collection of things. i like your photos too!

  7. carly, we have one little lovebird names Nico :) he is so adorable!

  8. omgoodness i so love the lace dreamcatcher! in all my days i have never seen or dreamed :) of a LACE dreamcatcher and i just love it. such a sweetness to that. nice to see your dad's vase, too. he made his own kiln...thats just AMAZING. xo MJ

  9. Wow, what a sweet post! Those onion blossoms, and that handmade ceramic pot, are just precious reminders of your beautiful parents! It's so sweet that you keep all these things close by you. Really beautiful. I also LOVE your sweater/top/whatever the navajo print thing is. Where is it from??

    pearlswirl :)

  10. thank you jenny! the sweater is from Threadsence. im sure ill be wearing it alot and ill do a real outfit post with it so you can see it better :)

  11. Beautiful dreamcatcher! I love seeing pics of your lovely home and all the meaningful things you fill it with! :)


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