Blue Velvet + Chevron Stripes >>>

The day before yesterday was an elaborately set up plan to get our friend Jonny into a music store to pick out a guitar.  We have been planning this for a long long time.  James really feels like he owes it to him for getting him back into his passions of playing guitar more, so this was his way of thanking him.  So we, and Jonny's sister and friend all went in together to make this dream come true.  We told him we were taking him out for pizza and had a few errands to run, including picking up some strings at the guitar store.  The traffic was so crazy b/c of christmas, it ended up being an alllll day affair, but so worth it!  He went home with a lovely acoustic bass guitar!  We LOVE you Jonny!  I cant wait for the boys to jam in James new band room!!!

And you know me, all crazy about my threads, I got to wear my blue velvet pants from Threadsence!  So in love.  I used to have a pair of blue velvet bell bottoms in high school but they got trashed, so these are like part nostalgic for me, but in a more modern cut.  And... I totally forgot that you can fold your Blowfish boots down!!!  So I wore them as tennies.  My favorite Skyline Fever tank paired with a chevron striped tunic from Ross.  And as always topped off with my Moorea Seal and Flourish bracelets.

Today I baked about 6 dozen cookies, and prepped for more tomorrow.  I also built my first fire by myself and kept it going almost all day long.  Tomorrow will be equally filled with baking and visiting with James family.  Is tomorrow really christmas eve?  My vacation is officially half over and I have a feeling its going to go by fast with so much going on...



  1. Those pants are amazing! I love velvet! And blue velvet is even better. xo, rv


  2. Great match up with the brown and the pop of teal showing beneath!

  3. My favorite part of your outfit? The purple from inside your shoes. : ]

    And it is wonderful of you guys to give the gift of music! What a lucky guy to have a friends like you all!

    And ok this may be silly, but Laura how do you put on your lipstick so perfectly with your lip ring? Do you take it out? (Haha, the picture of your head on the fence made me think of this--great picture by the way!)

  4. beckie, you are so cute. its not hard at all. i just kind of move it from side to side as i apply it. i have not taken my lipring out of my lip in about 8 years or so!

  5. Love that photo of you leaning on the fence, gorgeous gorgeous!
    Great outfit :)


  6. Love your photography style <3 Love the outfit. The shoes look so comfy.

  7. love this look, cute and comfy

  8. I love your shoes! I'm obsessed with shoes and I'd love to have a pair of these:)


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