Modcloth saved the day >>>

The day before yesterday I had a super girly moment.  It was the morning after a long day of not feeling so great and alot of general sluggishness...  While drinking my coffee I remembered these super cute things I just received from Modcloth, but then quickly realized I had absolutely no reason to get dressed up.  All I was going to be doing was packaging orders and going to the post office that day.  Then... I remembered that it shouldn't matter.  I work from home - which equates to long days spent in pjs alot of the time... and I also remembered a friend telling me a long time ago, that it helped her productivity (she also worked at home) to get dressed for the day, even if she was just going to be home.  And it worked!  After I did this fun photoshoot, I was ready to go for the day.  No more lounging around with my coffee in hand scouring the internet.  It was a great reminder that you dont have to be going somewhere to have an excuse to dress up and feel cute.  And by the way, I had wayyyy too much fun with the amazing lighting coming through my window, so there are alot more photos than usual in this one!  So... if you are ever feeling sluggish while trying to work at home, try this trick and see if it works!  A half hour spent getting fixed up could result in lots of productivity that makes up for it!

<<< outfit details >>>
Doors tshirt - thrifted
belt - gift from my bestie
skirt - handmade by me
tights - Target
ring - Forever21

This lovely doll was handmade by my Nanna.  I just adore her.  I just realized I have yet to name her.  I thank an appropriate name would be Olive.  So.... meet Olive :)

After I was done playing girly girly dress up, I didnt want to walk around my house all day in heels, so I threw on some shorts and cons.  I thought this could show you a super easy way to transform an outfit from day to night, or vice versa.  Do you ever go on dates and by the end of the night wish you just had some tennis shoes to throw on?  This is the perfect solution. 

Speaking of which, I think its time for to go get dressed for the day again!  Ive got lots to do :)

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*I will be closing both of my shops after friday this week, so if there is something you want before then, you might want to snag it!  Ill be spending those two weeks creating on my own time, enjoying the holiday season, making xmas gifts, sipping hot chocolate, hopefully building some fires in my fireplace, you know, those kinds of things.  Oh, and lots of reading and writing :)  xoxo.



  1. Adorable outfit!

    AND I am having serrrrrrrious sweater envy! :)

  2. I LOVE those shoes! Organge is one of my fave colors! JEALOUS!

  3. Gorgeous outfit - and I definitely agree that getting out of pj's and getting into actual CLOTHES helps with productiveness!


  4. Seriously SO DANG cute. I love your style. You are so pretty and pull off everything so well.

    Xo. Nicole

  5. Love everything, dear! So cute. I recently bought some wedge booties, which is quite scandalous considering I ALWAYS wear ballet flats. But after reading this post, I'm feeling inspired to bust them out! ♥

  6. Oh, hello sweet Olive! You are the cutest.
    And this outfit is lovely-- glad you decided to get dressed up & that it made you feel better :)

  7. I actually just checked out modcloth last night for the first time in awhile--via Pinterest. Seeing this sweater means I am going to have to go back when I'm done writing this!

    And I very much agree about the dressing up. Even just putting on jeans yesterday instead of sweats made me do some more shopping, make some new necklaces, AND bake cookies (which I hardly ever do.) So yeah, so very true!

  8. Those shoes are to DIE for!!! Love them!

  9. I love your skirt !

  10. the first outfit might be my ALL time favorite Laura Mazurek Outfit ever! Yup.

  11. You're adorable!

    I love both outfits! Especially the rust/orange shoes paired with teal tights!

  12. Great look and lovely photos, you look so charming.! I've found your gorgeous blog on lookbook, and hyped your look.

  13. I agree with this post completely! Also, you look beautiful as usual and rockin some great threads while you're at it! : )

  14. So true about being sluggish and lazy while working from home! Pretty often I'm feeling same way.. Getting all dressed up is always fun :)

  15. the colors & patterns you mixed to create that outfit look great! nice shorts & tennis shoes transition. <3 your doll made by your nanna.

  16. so many pretty colors & patterns! i love this.

  17. I love this outfit so much! The pattern mixing going on is awesome. You always look so adorable!



  18. Love these outfits!

  19. That yellow polka-dot sweater is adorable! Not to mention the shoes and everything else. I also think the name, Olive, suits her perfectly.

    And as for getting dressed up, I'm in comfortable-wear at the moment. I think it's time to get girly. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Catherine Denton

  20. Oh my, I Love Your Shoes !
    Adorable outfits !

  21. You are *so* pretty. And I agree. Getting yourself dressed for the day when you work from home(or are a SAHM like myself)definitely makes you feel better. Often times my chores include things like cleaning the chicken coop, gathering eggs and baking bread and cute outfits aren't very practical, especially when you're a stain magnet. Ever since I began the process of dreading my hair, though, I've felt the need to wear a bit of make-up. It helps me feel less frumpy.

  22. I want to know where you got your curtains!!!

  23. Love this post. I'm a stay home momma trying to get my business going so I feel like I never go anywhere so for the longest time I wasn't getting dressed and I actually got really depressed!! Now i try to get dressed and made up for the day even if I am home all day long don't get me wrong i still have those days where i stay in comfies but for the most part I get dressed.

    You always look so freaking adorable! I love your style!!! xoxox

    JeNeal @ Pieces of Luv


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