Simple Spinach Wrap >>>

Its almost time for lunch... As I was going through my photos right now I came across these from last week and thought Id share.  This is a super simple and quick wrap you can make for lunch.  Ive been loving wraps lately b/c its something easy to make for both James and I who have total opposite taste buds.  He likes his with just lunchmeat, cheese and bacon!  I love the veggies.  So we can just pull out random things we happen to have in the fridge and put it all together.  One of my favorites so far is this one.   

<<< ingredients >>>
spinach wrap tortilla
sunflower sprouts
turkey lunchmeat
swiss cheese
cherry tomatoes

A perfect combo with salsa and chips, one of my favorite things!!  I always always go for the black bean and corn salsa!  Anyone have any good brand recommendations?  I love Amy's but its been hard to find lately, not even at Whole Foods anymore.

Today marks my first day of my time off!  And booo, I woke up with a headache this morning.  So Ive been a bit slow to start my enjoying...  But there is still time!  So far Ive just cleaned some house and daydreamt about some re-organizing Im going to be doing.  Im officially going to tear down my sewing room.  Packing it all up - still where I can get to it easily, but still in a closet.  Ill be moving my machine to a corner in my jewelry room since I still need to use it from time to time.  I still have big plans for creativity in this room, just of another kind.  Ill share more on that later.

Tonite James family is having their restaurant Xmas party, so well get to see our fam and maybe hold a baby!  Oh yeah!  Praying my head feels better before tonite.  

Thanks for all the sincere comments on my last post!  So cool to see that so many others have similar lists and are feeling these changes too.  Its in the air for sure.  Love you guys!



  1. you should try making your own version of black bean and corn salsa. sounds pretty easy! fresh is best!

  2. I am a simple turkey and mayo sandwich kind of girl myself, but my my you do make that spinach wrap look appealing! (I do eat cherry tomatoes by themselves though! They have a special place in my heart. : ] We grew them in our old backyard and would go out and eat them right off the vine all the time. Mmmm.)

    P.S.-I hope your headache is gone by now!!

  3. This looks so yummy! I will try making one on my own but if that doesn't work, I can always make Emmanuel make me one.

    Xoxo, Mary from ♥ meowwzie.blogspot.com ♥

  4. That's such a simple and great lunch idea! And the colours make it look amazing!
    Love your blog btw :)

  5. I love your food posts, I am so bad at eating at home or packing lunch and I really want to get better with it. They are inspiring!


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