Holiday re-decorating >>>

What happens when Im left alone for a few hours???  I rearrange the house!  It really was not a drastic rearrange, more like swapping things out.  I moved our tree to the other window, which eliminated room for our dining room table, so I took down my shipping desk in our living room and am now using the dining room table.  Its not like we actually eat there or anything...  I moved my writing desk back where it belongs by the cresent window.  Its amazing how big it made the house feel just by moving some things around.  I did a little more decorating too.  I hung up white twinkle lights on the window and got our stockings hung.  I was too impatient to find a solution for our rock mantle, so I screwed in hooks underneath the ledge of our kitchen counter (the part that shows in the dining room area).  You can view my felt stocking DIY from last year here.

Here is our dining room table now serving as my shipping desk!  Its a nice big area.  If we ever have people over to eat Ill just take the stuff off and move it (that rarely happens anyway)

I hung up a fringe crochet shawl in our doorway.  I love the way the light shines through it at night.  And I love James little guitar nook.  One of the acoustic guitars he bought from me at a garage sale I had when I was like 19.  He has used it ever since and written all of his songs on it.

I hung up a little vintage patchwork quilt top behind our tv.  I had it pinned to the wall in my sewing room, which Im rarely in these days.  I think it will be much more enjoyed out here in the living room.

I love this old wooden desk.  It was my moms.  One of my favorite pieces of furniture in my house.  I love doing my outfit posts next to it...

Miss Violet has actually been whining to come in lately, which is sooooo rare for her.  Its been cold outside lately and very rainy.  After I get all my orders packaged up today I have some major floor cleaning to do.  We have adorable little muddy paw prints all over the house!!!

 Time to turn on some good music and get to work!!!



  1. wow! i like it!

    btw, you have a new follower: me! i like your blog!

    ciao from italy :)

  2. Gah! I can't get over how tall your tree is! Ours is definitely more wide than tall. I didn't even know they made trees like yours. It's awesome!

    We have stockings for our pets too. : ] (Even the little hamsters that have passed away!) Well, I guess none for my fish though. I'd have like 15 already if I did!

    And only dogs know how to make dirt cute. When my sister is here with her dog (who has a crooked jaw and leaks water all over the floor when she walks away from the bowl) her and our dog step in the water and leave behind a bunch of little paw prints around their food and water bowls. I love it. : ]

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a rearranging addiction. My husband's learned to turn on the light before going through the living room; he never knows when things might've moved. I love your writing desk! So dainty.
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  4. Ohh I love your tree and stockings and omg your fluffy cat is amazing!


  5. Your little house is so so cute. xo, rv


  6. you house looks so homey with a feel of vintage. :) who plays the guitar? or should i say who plays three guitars?

  7. Everything looks so pretty! I love your house!


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