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Our dear friend Christie who we grew up with and moved to California a few years back came home for a visit with her boyfriend and her adorable weenie pup Zoey Beans. She had a get together at one of our local bars in town. Its an outside bar, with live music and you can bring your own steaks and cook them on a grill if you want. Ive only been there once or twice, and never cooked my food there, but me and Shelley decided we are going to have a girls night there and cook a steak together while we watch the sweet old couples two step on the dance floor.  I love watching couples dance.  My grandfather taught me how to 2-step and waltz when I was younger.  But in the course of my dating life, Ive only had one boyfriend who would dance with me.  Ive always wanted to go out dancing though.  Not clubbing, big difference!  Ive never had a desire to go clubbing... well maybe the thought crossed my mind when I was about 16 or so, but never went, and Im glad I didnt.  I was telling my bestie the other night, I wish I grew up in a town during an era where they had huge barn dances all crazy bluegrass style.  I think it would be soooo much fun!

I wore probably my favorite outfit of this whole year that night.  So many of my favorite elements in this one, from the patterns and colors to the general comfyness of it.  And I am completely obsessed with my new Blowfish boots.  For being wedges and wearing them all day long yesterday, my feet did not hurt at all!  That says alot to me about a shoe.  Love love love love love.  Did I say love?  I got these boots.  I got these amazing tassel earrings custom made by Lost Boys & Lovers a good while back.  One of my favorite pairs of earrings Ive ever owned.

<<< outfit details >>>
tassel earrings - Lost Boys & Lovers
sweater - Threadsence
dress - Ross
belt - Forever 21
leggings - Forever 21
boots - c/o Blowfish Shoes
leather bracelets - Moorea Seal

Announement:  Sadie Rose of Lost Boys & Lovers is in the middle of a move, so she is having a 50% off sale in her entire shop!!!  Now is the time to get your hand on some of her amazing vintage pieces.  The sale is for a limited time.  Click here to go see what she has!

Yesterday a friend pointed me in the direction of SouLodge ran by Pixie Campbell and I fell in love.  I really want to take their Winter Session.  And I talked to my hubby last night and he agreed to do this with me, I cant wait for the winter solstice. 



  1. Oh I am so digging your tights.

  2. i love sadie to death, she is such a creative gal. those earrings are amazing. but damn you woman! i just went over and bought shit i shouldn't be buying at lost boys! damn you for telling me about sales!!

  3. what a lovely outfit! I love the bohemian look :)

  4. You have the best outfits! Everytime I look at your blog, I think "Omg, if I could be anyone in blog world, it would definitely be her!"

  5. Love your outfit Laura.. especially your cardigan!

  6. So pretty! Your sweater is to die for. <3

  7. loving this outfit right now.

  8. Uuuuuh, this outfit is magical. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
    xo Moorea

  9. you look remarkable in your outfit laura! it suits you perfectly. :) i've heard great things about the comfort of blowfish boots.

  10. love this look, simply perfect

  11. The winter session looks awesome. If I had the $ I would definitely do something like that. Solstice is such a great time! :) Enjoy.

  12. I just buy a pair of boots and it's your fault!! ^_^
    so, thank you! hahahahaa!!


  13. um um um...THIS OUTFIT IS AMAZING!! i just...i love everything about it. so great laura!!

  14. You're just so beautiful like this.


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