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My sweet boy got me an ipod for christmas. This is my first apple product. Im a bit behind the times, as always.  So Im having so much fun with the hipstomatic camera and instagram.  Ive been wanting to use them for a looooonnnnngggg time now!  We cant afford iphones yet, so this was the next best thing.  It does just about everything an iphone would except make calls!  Im excited to use it as my music player when I go back to work.  And I actually downloaded my facebook and twitter to it, so Ive hardly been on the computer the past few days, except to post a blog.  Although Im still engaging alot in the online world, at least Im not sitting at my computer desk, big step!  Im kind of wanting to ween myself off of it all a bit.  Anywho, Im super duper excited about it and having fun with the photos! 

my dreamcatcher xmas ornament from Lune Vintage.  ill hang in my window year round though.

yesterday i baked tons of cookies.  one set was lemon sugar cookies, yum!

my sweet adorable violet.  how could you not want to kiss all over that face!

finally cold enough to break out my Mountain Girl Clothing leg warmer collection!

pretty pretty bella rosa.

adoring this photo filter.

homeade potato veggie soup from my friend jonny.  today will be day 3 of having it for lunch, so yummy!

ha ha, bella was spying on my while i was baking.  she was trying to be all sneaky.

snuggles with my v-girl.

new moon candle lighting, visioning the days ahead with a warm welcome.

Today is christmas eve.  I will spend my day baking for loved ones, and later spending time with loved ones.  I plan to keep my house calm, with relaxing music and warmth from the oven.  It rained last night so our firewood is to damp to build a fire.  I think Im a bit addicted to fire now.  And I cant wait to spend time with my family tomorrow.  I sure will be missing my daddy.  Although he hated christmas and didnt even come last year, so it wont be my first year without him around.  But it sure will be different this year.  I love you mom and dad!!!



  1. I loved reading this and seeing the photos! It gave me a very warm feeling! Thank you! I'm baking today with a fire in the fireplace soon! We are waiting for my son to get here... Merry Christmas to you sweet girl!

  2. Mmm, sugar & lemons! Great pictures! My nephew recently got an ipod as well and it IS amazing what it can do! Blogging, tweeting, and messaging are so much more convenient when you aren't chained to a desktop!

  3. lovely photos. violet and bella (and you!) are so beautiful.
    hope you have a lovely christmasxxxx

  4. What lovely photos! Enjoy your Christmas :)

  5. those legwarmers (what i can see of them, anyway) are awesome!

  6. I can feel the warmth of your house coming right off those pictures. And although this Christmas will be bittersweet for you, I hope you'll be comforted by beautiful moments. Merry Christmas, Laura. ((Hugs))

  7. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! God bless you! xoxo ♥

  8. Such a fun gift! Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule!!!

    Also, I love the pictures! Your fur babies are so SWEET!!! And I really want that ornament!

  9. Ohh, your Christmas sounds wonderful! Such perfect presents <3

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  10. Your pics are awsome!I'm a ipod girl too.Iphone inItaly is soooooooo expencive! Oh and you can call with ipod too if you have wifi,you just need the right apps!
    Happy holidays!

  11. Love the sneaky cat picture! Priceless!


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