Porch Plants >>>

Over the past few weeks Ive slowly been working on building up my plants.  I wanted to do a huge full blown garden this year... but we are having to hold off b/c of finances.  Which is fine really, its been nice to buy 2 or 3 small plants every now and then and slowly build the back yard.  It honestly will probably be better for me that way instead of jumping into a huge lot to take care of.  This will kind of ween me into the process of learning each plant really well.  Ive already successfully killed both plants my mother in law gave us as house warming gifts.  Makes me so so sad.  I made the mistake twice of taking them from inside to outside and they both died within a day... (sorry mom). Im wildly excited about the succulent in the 2nd photo b/c once it really starts growing all of those spikes will hang down long over the pot!  Its going to be so beautiful.  James mom has a plant similar to this and I admire it everytime we go over there.

As you can see above Ive started decorating the trees in the backyard.  Im not done, but Im having fun with the process.  And will be using them in my photography too, cant wait!  And my sweet Violet has been enjoying this spring weather so much.  

Today's agenda is to get lots of work done early b/c Im going to be visiting with my family this evening!  So excited to see everyone.  A very dear to me great uncle will be there that I havent seen in a few years!

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  1. Its all looks gorgeous! love the fabric and tree decorations, such a lovely pop of prettiness.

    Zoe x

  2. i love all the plants, pots, and garden accessories that you have. its a great place to draw inspiration and ideas for my own outdoor space

  3. laura, i like the garden you've started! i wish i could pet violet right now, & hang out among the decorated trees. i get sad when i kill plants too. :( have a grand time with your family. :)

  4. You're so lucky to have a big back yard... Absolutely gorgeous.

  5. I truly love the pots you've chosen. How beautiful. When I have my own home, I'm sure it will look very similar to yours in a sense that it's comfy, artistic, and fun.

  6. one day I too shall have a green thumb

  7. Yay! More plant pictures! I always love looking at your plants because they're so pretty! Do you remember when I said you inspired me to try succulents again because yours look so amazing? Well, the ones I bought are doing great! All it took was a little less watering.
    I'm sorry about your little plants that didn't make it though! I've learned that plants can be really sensitive to things and they're often more difficult to take care of than animals or babies because they can't tell us when something is wrong. I mean, I guess they're "just plants" but I always feel so bad when they die : (
    I hope you get to build your garden up like want to!

  8. I love your puppy! Wish my flat was large enough for even one potted plant and a dog to run amok in it all!

  9. What a gorgeous little space you're creating! I can't wait to be able to do this myself.


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