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 Just popping in with a super comfy spring outfit post.  I got this darling little vintage crochet top in the mail c/o Suds In The Bucket the other day.  I kind of cant get enough of the color brown.  It really is one of my very favorite colors.  I paired with a Skyline Fever butterfly tank.  This one was a mess that I kept... I get all the 'oops' shirts!  I patched up these shorts a few years ago and still just love them.  I used some sentimental deer fabric that was my moms.  I love that every piece of this outfit was handmade or vintage.  And Ive been enjoying this amazing weather lately!  Soaking it up before it gets blistering hot outside.
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crochet top // c/o suds in the bucket
butterfly tank // skyline fever
shorts // upcycled
shoes // thrifted from poor pitiful pearl
earring // root & feathers
bracelet // spiral drift



  1. Adorable shorts, totally up on the upcycle.
    Marie @
    Lemondrop ViNtAge

  2. you look beautiful and your hair is amazing and long

    and id comment a lot more on your blog if you didnt have that the security thing. i get it wrong like three times before it posts... lol

    but just know im reading ----

  3. Love the outfit laura;)
    You look so pretty, perfect layering!

  4. another superb laura outfit! those shorts are dynamite, but i honestly like everything about the whole look. :)

  5. I adore that butterfly top! You always have the greatest outfit posts.

  6. I love your style- it fits you so well and it's so signature!
    xo, Tori

  7. When will that necklace be in your shop? Love it! Thanks:)

  8. What a lovely little top and I just love your patchy shorts. They are so perfect on you.

    I have a pair of cut off jeans I've been hanging onto since, who knows when, that I have patched and re-patched a million times. You can hardly see the jeans now! I love them too much to ever part with them and when you mentioned your hope chest the other day, I immediately thought of those shorts. My someday children will be so embarrassed by me!

  9. anonymous... which necklace? the little wood one with burn marks and feathers is from Talk 2 The Trees.... the other one is from my shop, but is an old piece that is no longer in there, but I could make one similar...


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