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 I had so much fun styling this pair of wedges c/o Lulu's.com.  They are the Yoki Raven Brown Color Block Cutout Lace-Up Platform Wedges.  I can think of a million other outfits these babies would be so perfect with.  Lulu's simply has the most amazing shoe choices all in one place Ive ever seen.  And they have some super cute new stuff out right now.  I paired it with my new favorite Skyline Fever dress!  So in love with this dress.  I have a thing for gray, and the cut of this dress is just the perfect blend of casual and sexy.  The vest is in my Roots and Feathers shop.  Ive meant to make some more of these for a long time... one day.  The fedora is from Forever21 and the bangle is just one I wrapped in some vintage trim.

 (two posts before noon, what????)



  1. Laura, those shoes are killer on you! Speaking of that dress... I just put it in my wish list on Etsy an hour ago!

  2. Pleeease make more of those vests! They are my favorite! Your handmade clothes are lovely. Nice pics!

  3. Love it! I love those wedges so pretty and flirty and still earthy, the perfect wedge in my opinion has to be all those things. I love that vest! Those vintage doilies are so pretty and the trim is just perfect with the big buttons. Maybe someday I'll have the opportunity to buy one from your shop, for now I will dream and search thrift stores for the perfect doilies! thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I've been reading you for a while but I rarely comment. One of my favourite things about your thread posts is seeing a beautiful girl with curves. You're not a stick thin waif, you're you, you have real woman curves, and you're gorgeous. Keep doing it for the girls with boobs and hips, and keep being you. Love and light :-)

  5. Hi! love your hat
    beautiful look! :D


  6. Girl, you have the prettiest curves. I think someone already mentioned this, but I just had to say. And also, this outfit is killer. Beautiful mama, I hope your day is awesome

  7. wow you sexy thing!!



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