Lady Bird Meadow - Wildflower Farm >>>

Here are some of the photos we took at the Wildflower Farm the other day.  I cant wait to plant the seeds we brought home.  It sort of seemed like a dreamland.  I want to plant a whole field of the ones in the second picture.  We cant wait to go back and take Violet to get her picture in the flowers!  We really enjoyed just walking around and taking in all the beauty around us.  Id love to go on a day when no one else is there, if there is such a day...  and just spend the whole day taking photos and sitting in awe. 

This little black kitty was sleeping amongst the flowers for sale!  He was so sweet!  Such a wonderful surprise.  

Like James shirt??  I got it for his from Kin Ship Press on etsy.  They have a girls version too!  Im pretty much in love with their shop and have a wishlist in my head.  It looks like they are currently sold out of alot, or no longer make some, but they have a moon shirt Im in love with.



  1. your blog is an awesome explosion between colours and pretty things

  2. Oh I'm so in love with that place... I can understand why you wouldn't mind spending a day just photographing in there, I wouldn't mind either. So much color and life, i can't even imagine the smell, it must be amazing...



  3. oh so lovely!! the other day i was thinking: when was the last time i actually picked wildflowers? i don't remember. :( this makes me want to go for a drive in the hill country.

  4. Ooh all those flowers make me happy! Would love to sit there with a book..

  5. those flowers are soooo beautiful! i want that little black kitty, sooo cute!


  6. these photos are the epitome of spring loveliness!

  7. Hooooooly balls SO GORGEOUS!!! You are so insanely beautiful, Laura, and these photos are pure perfection!

  8. Gorgeous photos Laura! I'm practically addicted to taking pictures of flowers. I think I would go nuts if I ever got the chance to go to a flower farm. I'm glad I can do that vicariously through you ; ]

    And that black kitty looks like it could be my kitty's twin! (except for his ears. My Salem's ears have more fur on his.)

  9. SIIIGH... I want to live on this farm. It's absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Oh my wow these photos are beautiful! Really dreamy :)
    xo Heather

  11. Where is this farm at?
    Very pretty.

  12. Ohmygoodness! Wish we had a wildflower farm in New Zealand. My fave :)

  13. these pictures are beautiful! I'd love to just have a back garden full of wildflowers


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