Foodie Love - Cucumber Tomato Salad >>>

 Its been a while since Ive posted a food post!  Food is something that is very up and down for me.  I have a love hate relationship with it.  Im a sucker for things like chocolate chip cookies, and also for being a procrastinator and waiting until I need something quick quick!  So on days where my head is very much into my work, which is most days, I tend to not eat so great.  Ill just grab some seaweed chips and artichoke dip and have that for lunch.  May not sound all that bad, but its definitely not a very balanced diet when I do that.  But, when Im on a good train track with food, I love it.  I enjoy preparing food for the most part, I just never allot myself enough time to do so.  The other day we had a family get together at my Nanna's and my aunt brought the simplest cucumber tomato salad and I fell in love with it.  It was so easy to make, took just a few minutes and I had enough to eat for 3 days! 

 Ingredients: cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green onions and italian vinagrette. 

The second day I had it with guacamole and sesame & seaweed chips.  

The other day I also made the prettiest colored shake I just had to photograph it.  And I had to drink it in this purple cup b/c of the color!  Do you ever choose your cups or plates b/c of the color against your food?  I do, almost always.  Im a nut.

 I dont remember what was in this shake, or I would list it for you...

BTW - I redid the blog a bit!  New banner, and a few new things on the sidebars.  xo.



  1. That looks all kinds of delicious! And look at your blog, oh man! Adorable!!

  2. that salad thing looks yummy! i totally buy glasses and plates and think of how different foods would compliment it haha kinda quirky but eh--there's art in everything! : ) diggin the new set up too!

  3. I've loved all your banners, and I love this one too : ]
    And I don't know how, but you make healthy food look so delicious!

  4. so yummy! I can eat cucumbers and tomatoes all day long.

  5. Now I will think of you/this every time I pick a bowl/cup based on my food!

  6. LOVE IT!!!! and YAY!!!


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