The books I found at our local thrift shop the other day.  I was completely in awe that these were sitting on the shelf (among a hundred more) in a shop in our little town.  And the best part, they were all between $1.50 to $3 + 25% off.  Score!
The new books put my piles of books next to my bed over the edge.  It was becoming a bit unbearably messy, so I stole James bookshelf and moved it to my side of the bed.  It feels so good to have all my books (well, the ones I'm currently into, there is a whole other bookshelf in the other room) in my little bedroom corner, since that is where most of my reading happens.  I was having a good laugh with my friend last night at dinner about the fact that just a few years ago, I thought I didn't like to read.  My whole life, I thought books were for the birds.  Until I realized, I was a bird.  Hello, I love them!  I just don't like novels.  Call me crazy, but I'd rather get into my own head then someone elses.  Im probably missing out on alot, and one day Im sure this will change...
Visit.  My adventword for last weekend.  I pulled it on Saturday morning which was perfect b/c I was on my way to a family party.  So I kept this word for two days.  And visit I did.  We had a family cocktail party, a tradition my great grandparents used to have.  It ended up being like a family reunion, and 64 people came!  I got to see cousins I forgot I had b/c I hadn't seen them since they were babies, and now they are full grown adults.  Crazy.  It was kind of weird, seeing my cousins who are in high school all gathered around the table having a great time talking and being silly... I found myself on the outskirts of that circle.  I realized then that I have officially graduated from the kid table to the adult table.  Although I usually mingle with older peeps better in general, it was odd to see the transition before my eyes.  I guess at 30 I can consider myself an adult, huh?  I just don't feel like it most of the time.
My way of giving myself some self love when I was feeling sick.  I took a long hot bath and burned some incense and listened to my yoga mix.  It was very relaxing and just what (my inner) doctor ordered.
A little gift wrapping I have been doing this week for the holidays.  Four days until christmas and Im still wondering what to do for a few people.  I'm really wanting to change my holidays traditions in my family.  At least in my own little family at home (me and James) since I know my whole family wouldn't have much to do with these changes... 
Miss Violet Mae has been sleeping in the bed alot the past few days.  It started the night before last when the winds of change were howling outside all night long.  She was scared and slept in bed with me all night long, which she never does.  And even during the day, she has decided she does not much like the cold weather, and prefers to be snuggled up next to warm floral blankets and teddy bears... I can't blame her.
I myself have found snuggly sweaters and sweatpants to be the norm at home right now.  All I wanna do is curl up on the couch next to a fire and read... and sip on whiskey and ginger beer.  Sounds good right?
Accept.  This was the adventwindow word I pulled the other morning, right after being almost in tears b/c I realized how behind I was on things I had signed up for.  I realized at that moment, I needed to accept where I was, right then.  And beyond just those thoughts I was having, but accept where I am in life, fully.  And then not only accept, but fully embrace.  Accept my body.  Accept the quietness from friends.  Accept my own quietness.  Accept my past.  Accept my challenges.  Accept others with all of their own pasts and challenges.  This is a big word. 
My sweet Bella, glad to be home after a day at the vet.  She is sitting next to me on my computer desk as I type this.  She is my sweetest little friend.

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  1. hi laura! i love this post - so cozy. all i want to do is read too (but not with whiskey... maybe red wine?).those books you got look great.. i love reading about health and the metaphysical etc.. but love novels too... i like a bit of a mixture. happy christmas to you and your lovely family.x

  2. Speaking of books I just got some from purchasing online . One is Comstock Lode by Louis L'amour and the other is The Moroccan Bible from Penguin books .

  3. Aw, what a sweet post. Always love seeing your pets & lovely friends. I agree that accept is a very big word; one that I'm learning to use nowadays. :)

    xo, Adriana.

  4. Book finding is one of my favorite time wasters. :) I can sniff out a good book at a thrift store faster than ... well, really fast. I love how beautiful and cozy your book corner is!

  5. Amazing snag! Wow, I wouldn't know what to do with myself I found such a big stash of the truly unique and fascinating kind of reference books you've stumbled upon. There's always that wonderful novel I've wanted to dive into, that I find at random on a used/thrift shelf, but these, with the crystal clusters you mentioned before, are simply too awesome. =)

    I'm so excited for the family gatherings scheduled for these next two days. It sounds like your cocktail party was wonderful. My family totally needs to do something of this sort. And I am very interested in this Advent exercise. I draw Runes, which take a very similar shape, but I'm always interested in new daily things like these. Simple routines - for lack of a better word - have really opened these insightful doors I never knew about.

    And I'm kind of in awe of how you chose to wrap those lovely gifts. The natural sprigs are so lovely, and such a sweet, original touch. <3

    And oh, my. I need to make my shower more bath-friendly [Weird, silly story involving wine to excess and sliding-door accidents...heh...] . O, how I could use the same!

    Your animals are just too adorable for words. Glad Bella's bill of health is clean.

    I do hope your Christmas is merry. <3

  6. All of those books look really interesting :)
    I need to do the same on so many levels

  7. Happy Christmas to you and big hugs for Bella and Violet
    i love reading your post and i hope in the next two weeks i will find some me time to snuggle up on the sofa and read that book that is waiting for me ...have a lovely time Laura



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