Yesterday, for 12.12.12 I cleaned my house from head to toe.  Cleaned things I don't normally clean, like the microwave (yuck)... A good deep clean.  It always feels so good.  I felt like I needed my home front to have a fresh start along with all of the energy going around us during this high vibrational time.  I set some intentions in my mind for myself, some new beginnings Id like to create for myself.  Some deep healing and transforming for my year ahead.  Things Ive been reaching for, grasping for, but having no energy to dive into.  I finally found myself feeling excited and ready for the internal changes ahead.  Prepared to face them with less fear on the forefront, which I have only been using as a wall, a shield.  Im ready to break those walls down and create a new freedom inside myself. 

This morning, on this new moon, I started my period and woke up sick with the beginnings of a soar throat.  Im absolutely grateful for it.  Didn't think I'd ever hear myself say that.  But I am.  Being sick, for me at least, is usually a catalyst to treat myself with alot of self love, and prioritize what I put in my body, when I would normally not care as much.  I like to try to heal myself as naturally as possible and avoid going to the doctor at all cost if I can.  So far so good for the past several times Ive gotten sick, or felt like I was getting sick.  Ive been able to smash it all together, or dramatically reduce it so it doesn't come on full blown.  I think it was very fitting that I woke up sick this morning.  A little push forward to detox and release a bit. 

My typical combinations when Im feeling like Im going to get sick are this: tons of water.  apple cider vinegar with grapeseed extract and terra shield ei (although i couldn't find it anywhere today!).  emergen-c. vitamins. green tea with lemon, ginger & raw honey (lots of it).  garlic.  juiced fresh fruits and veggies.  I also just started using good earth living's echinacea and rosemary tinctures.  that's about it.  well, and taking it easy, not over doing it, or just resting all together.  

Today we had errands to run, and it felt so good to be able to leave the house on the first day of my period.  I have always had really bad ones, and for the past 5 months, they have not given me any problems.  Im not sure what changed, besides introducing certain essential oils during the week leading up to it.  Im not sure if that could do it, but it's literally the only thing that has really changed.  I didn't even get a migraine this month, and that is a first!  I'm really hoping my body is regulating itself out.  Taking care of myself naturally through these things has been a long learning process.  I had alot of help a few years ago from my boss, but since leaving, Ive had to figure things out on my own, which has been a really great thing to have to do. 

This week I started along with Messy Canvas's adventwindows project, Come Thou Long Expected.  It was originally for the month of december, but I came late to the party, like I usually do, so I just jumped on, and quickly realized this could be done at any ol' time.  I saw my friend Rain doing it and it looked intruiging, and Im loving it so far.  You should totally check it out.  These are my first 4 days of words I pulled.  The first 3 days I journaled along with the word (only two shown).  Yesterday's word, breathe, I just did.  It's been fun to dive into a solitare word each day. 

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  1. I too started that cycle of the month. Cycle Sisters!!
    What do you use for cramps?

    1. i haven't done alot for my periods, sadly. ill take aleve for cramps the first day, but im trying to ween myself off of that. calming hot teas, a natural cooling cream on my abdomen, and rest. i need to try out some vitex, cramp bark and raspberry leaf. i just haven't gotten any yet. i did start using DoTerra's Solice ei blend a week before i start morning and night, and that was my biggest change. it has many herbs for this time, so i think it really helps! my friend said the vitex in it could be whats regulating me. this is one area i need to pay more regular care too... one of my changes im looking forward to making :)

    2. well I will just have to keep up on this because I am trying to change over all of my medicinal medicines and also have yet to do anything with this part of my life.


  2. Woah! I also started my period too! Haha.

    It's always interesting to try and heal yourself naturally. For me, when I come down with something, I always get into the experiments. Go through all my herbal medicine books and find all sorts of exotic herbs to try and cure myself. It makes the whole sick part a little bit less sick feeling. :) Take care friend~


  3. I'll have to try those homeopathic cold remedies. I catch colds quite frequently during the winter and spring as my husband is an elementary school teacher and have we two children in school. I'm never safe. So looking forward to Apothecary Circle!

  4. I am going through a bit of a detox at the moment. For the last week I have been feeling like I am getting sick:(, I love Emergen C & Apple Cider Vinegar for these times as well. Have you ever tried Kombucha? It is another must have for me! Xo


  5. I haven't explored too much (yet) about the connection our bodies make with the cycles of the mooon, but i'm very curious... I know you too are cancer, not sure if that has anything to do with it... I got my period the day after the new moon and my cycles for the last 6 months have been changing! Although, I used to be pretty regular. Any insight?


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