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This post is all about sacred space.  You might have noticed that the blog has a new look on the sidebars.  I wanted to simplify things a bit, and make it a little easier to find all of my links.  I really go back and forth with the simplicity thing.  I see alot of blog spaces that I truly love that are very clean, simple, white.  But anytime I think I want to do something like that with my own blog, my heart does not feel light about it.  Ive come to realize, its just not who I am, and I want this space to always reflect who I am.  There is so much talk going around the blog sphere about how your blog 'should' be.  I feel like that takes away from all of our individual ideas of beauty, and reflections of ourselves.  Id much rather my blog feel like a reflection of me, than a reflection of someone else's idea of pretty.  So anyway... yet again, I revamped my blog.  I tend to do this every so often.  There are still a few adjustments I would love to make, that Im still not certain how to do.  I learn as I go, and I dont know alot about design... So baby steps.  I dont like how the side bars dont go all the way down the blog... Things like that.  But Ill figure it out one day... (my favorite part is the 'visit the shops' link... click on it, youll see why).

Now, about sacred space... (my blog is just one of my little sacred spaces I believe).  Our latest activity in Intuitive Heart Sanctuary was to create a Sacred Space in our home.  Even though I feel like I have done this alot as I have decorated our home, those spaces always get run over with daily stuff.  But, in essence, my entire house is my little sanctuary and sacred space.  I really wanted to join in on this activity though, and have focused attention in one space, and Im so glad I did.

I chose my favorite window in the house.  I was a bit resistant, b/c this is the spot I use for alot of my outfit posts and creative photography... But then I quickly realized how in vein that idea was, and decided to use this space for my new spot of attention.  I first put on Joni Mitchell's Blue album to listen to as I created this space to give myself a sense of peace and focus on what I was doing.  That album instantly makes me feel connected to my mother's spirit, and to happy times.  I then cleared and cleansed the space.

The flag I made for our home had yet to feel like it found its space.  As soon as I started gathering things for this space, I knew right away it had found its home.  I hung my feathered arm band from my sweet friend Alana as a reminder of her brave spirit.  Then I spent some time finding just the right elements I wanted to keep in this space.  The little wooden statue was a gift from my friend Katelyn, and it is a fertility goddess.  I wanted it in my space to remind me of my journey I am working on emotionally with this issue. 

I added many little things that hold love for me.  Special stones that were sent to me from friends, sticks, seashells, rocks and mountain laurel seeds from my parents land.  Crystals that hold alot of meaning for me, including the one my mom held onto while she was leaving us, and the one my aunt gave me after that, one that she carried in her pocket for the better part of her life.  My moms little jadite buddha. Etc.

Then I added a few more elements, like this little blue vase my dad made, holding a huge beautiful feather, my incense holders, one gifted to me by my dear friend Rain, along with the best incense in the world.  The tapestry was also gifted to me, by my friend Staci, who always knows just what I love.  The wooden box that I used as a base, my dad made.  It used to be what we kept firewood in when I was growing up.  For the chair I kept near the space, to sit in and write, or look out the window at the birds, I used my two pillows that have birds on them.  I was very intentional about everything I brought into this space. 
To some, spaces like this may seem odd.  But for me, it does so much for my soul.  Taking the time to nurture a space in your home, carved out just for you, is taking care of yourself.  I instantly felt at peace once the space was created.  I laid on the blanket, put my feet up on the window seal, closed my eyes and let the sun wash over me.  It felt cleansing.  I felt wrapped up in the love of others, from choosing so many things that were given to me with love.

It does not take alot of room to make a space like this.  This space is only about 4'x4'.  Do you have any places you have created just for you in your home?  If so, what type of elements did you use?  How did it make you feel? 
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  1. this made me cry. in a good way but also an ancient yearning way. it's so beautiful. i want to speak in whispers.

  2. I teared up.
    This is so beautiful.

    I cannot wait until I move out/have a place to share with my soulmate that we can do things like this.

    I'm getting into meditation and such and it's so great.

    Thank you for sharing.

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

  3. wow, I love your style. it really is beautiful. And you are right, one's blog should reflect the person, not what others want it to be. I am still new at this blogging thing, so my blog is still very simple and clean, but over the time i intent to change that and implement more "me"-stuff along the way.

    Anyway, I just wanted to show some love, i really like your style. :)


  4. I love these photos! Thank you for sharing your sacred space with us!
    Since my blog is still slowly budding, I'm always tweaking things...jumping back and forth from very simple to more busy.

  5. I love your new blog design and I loved the old one too! I find it refreshing that your space is filled with interesting things to click on. My blog is mostly simple but only because I am not tech savvy to change it, ha ha.

    My sacred place is my studio. I meditate in there as well. Its such a personal space I sometimes feel funny when people other than my husband and son are in there because it's so intimate to me.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful sanctuary!

  6. your mantle an corner nook are wonderful! i find myself, every once in a while, re-arranging the items i love in different places of my home. i realized yesterday that my WHOLE apartment space is sacred and i think that's why i get so stressed when it is messy and dirty. i love cleaning and organizing it. it just feels good.

    i agree about the number of blogs telling others how to blog/how to make a pretty blog. some tips can be helpful, but there's nothing like true personal style!

    Amy <3

    p.s. i love that people in our group are blogging about our themes. it's inspiring me to share, too.

  7. So lovely Laura. Thank you for sharing this. I'm still working on my space. And this is a great little inspiration. Love you.

  8. Such a beautiful space! I firmly believe everyone should have a nook of their home that is dedicated just to them and the deepest stirrings of their soul. My apartment is small but for me it's the area around my altar (I'm a witch) I have posters and art that means a lot to me hung around it, orange twinkle lights, pictures of dear friends, my crystals, a dreamcatcher, and a some of my favourite books. It's my favourite part of the whole house :)

    Also, I really love your new shops page, the design is really neat

  9. First, I want to tell you how beautiful your blog is! I love the simplified columns, but even more I love how much you left alone. Your blog always feels comforting and welcoming to me, and I just love it. Secondly, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful new sacred space with us! It seems you share more of your heart and soul with us all on a daily basis, and it is a wonderful gift to be shared :)

  10. wow. great job. I love your space. I'm still trying to figure out where to put my own in our small apartment. You gave me a lot of inspiration!

  11. So peacefull... I have only earth colours in my home. I still love it after two years:)

  12. Wow, the post has so much feeling. I felt as if I was there with you as you told the story of your sacred space. I welled up and had a hump in my throat. Thanks for sharing and you space looks amazing and is filled with love. xx

  13. Love the new blog design and what a sweet little sacred spot at your home!

    Have a lovely week Laura!


  14. I adore every detail of your blog. It reflects who you are and your loving, calm spirit. You are one of the most inspiring people I know. I'm so glad you stay so true to who you are!

  15. love the way this corner turned out. i think it's neat to have so many things with special meaning gathered in one spot. very sentimental :)


  16. Looks so pretty!! It's so funny the way you described going back and forth with simplicity on your blog design, because I'm the same way! I completely agree that in the end it should be a space that you feel comfortable and cozy with.


  17. I love that you designed your blog and you sacred space to be so very you and personal---it's a true reflection of you beautiful spirit.

  18. I love this. We have a sacred space in our home that my husband and I created together. We make sure to spend time together in that corner of our home, without distraction, without worry, without anything but each other. Its a beautiful thing, it helps us connect and reminds us to always love more. I think its important to have a space like this, a sanctuary...anyone can create this for themselves, it's just a matter of taking the time and loving care to do it. I know I've said this before, but I totally love your blog!

  19. Your home holds such value and meaning within its bits and pieces. I feel as though each piece of decor means so very much making your home into a beautiful and welcoming place to be in....

    Janelle - J.P Photography

  20. I have an altar -- built-in closet shelving unit that I repurposed, stabilized, and painted. It sits on top of an old WWII army trunk. I've dedicated one shelf to my father -- crystals, dreamcatcher, my childhood drum, oilfield specimen bottle, donkey figurine, pickup truck, bottle of beer, etc. The next shelf is for my grandfather who was very Catholic so I have it covered with religious iconography, statues, holy water, and sweets. The top is decorated with tidbits from nature (i.e. rocks, mountain laurel seeds, meteorites, twigs, feathers, shells, fossils, crystals, wasp nest, pine cones) and Dia de Los Muertos figurines. It's a necessity for me to have a space that's dedicated to my lost loved ones. Also, it's fun to take it outside as well.

    nikieast [at] gmail {dot} com

  21. so gorgeous and so sentimental. i love everything about this space. but the best part is all the personal meaning it has for you.

  22. This is so beautiful Laura. It reflects YOU wonderfully, as does your awesome blog. I'm so glad to be journeying with you through the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary. Thank you for sharing xoLL

  23. I just found your blog, and i love it! From now on i will visit every day :) It's such a peaceful, inspiring and happy place. You seem like such a sweet person! Oh, and i love your taste in music! Joni is one of my all time favorites!
    Love and thunder from Sweden,

  24. Thank you so much for sharig this sacred space with us...so so beautiful, Laura.

    xxoo Marissa

  25. So beautiful and special Laura. I have tears in my eyes. <3

  26. How wonderful! "Id much rather my blog feel like a reflection of me, than a reflection of someone else's idea of pretty." i feel like the word blog in this sentence replaced by just about any other word is a recipe for happiness. I love the new design, and i think it works so naturally with your aesthetic.

    I have a really hard time having a sacred space outside of my creative space, because they so heavily influence each other. Not to mention we sacrificed inside space for a large yard with plenty of room for gardening. I guess that space is sacred in a whole other way!

  27. Just reading this post, the loving way you wrote about this little space and seeing the beautiful images, I felt relaxed and calm, like I could feel the way the sun filters in through the window and smell the soft lingering smoke from the incense burner.

    Not only do you have a gift for creating spaces in your home, you have a gift for creating space here on the blog.

    After reading, I feel like my heart hasa little more space in it today, that the corners of my mouth subconsciously turn up a bit more, and an over all lighter feeling has come over me.

    Thank you Laura.

  28. "taking care of yourself", that's what it's all about.

    and this is what 'stuff' ought to be about, all with meaning, beauty, connection.


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