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A few days ago when I was feeling particularly down and missing my mama, I got the urge to embroider.  I picked up this sweet cardinal embroidery piece at a thrift store the other day.  It was on an unfinished piece of linen, and the moment I saw the two sweet birdies I just knew I had to have them and do something with them.  Cardinals instantly remind me of my mom, every time I see one.  Since its summertime and Ive been living in my cutoffs, I figured the perfect project would be to upcycle some old cutoffs.  As I was putting on the random patches and stitches, I remembered Kinsey's lace pocket diy from a few weeks ago, and wanted to do something similar to the pockets of these shorts.  I picked a pretty 70's inspired floral fabric and did random colored contrast stitching around them.  I used to make things like this all the time, and I realized its been forever since I sat down and created a little something just for my own wardrobe.  I spent hours sitting on my back porch, with the windows open so I could listen to Ray LaMontagne blare from indoors.  There was a bittersweetness in the air while I thought of my parents and quietly sewed away at my patches.  It was definitely soothing and healing for my soul.
<<< outfit details >>>
headband // thief and bandit
lace dolman top // lulu's.com
shorts // upcycled
shoes // blowfish
necklace // roots and feathers

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Sincerely Kinsey is having a giveaway on her blog with several items, including a Roots and Feathers necklace!



  1. i like the way those shorts turned out :)

    i recently lost my dad & lately have been struggling with how to deal with all the emotions. i think a major creative session might be in order...he always encouraged things like than in me.


  2. The cardinal is so cute! Love him. I also have the same headband and i love it!

  3. those shorts are a caution of unique apparel & i am longing for a pair. if only i looked as good in them as you do. sigh.

  4. cute shorts and adorable booty! :P you did such a great job.

  5. pretty pretty - LOVE the shot of your rings!

  6. Thanks for sharing your touching story with us. It's very healing to make the time to think about someone whilst doing something slow and beautiful. The embroidery is gorgeous and the shorts look amazing! I love the shot of your rings too - great photographs, I've got lots of ideas of my own now! Katie. xxx

  7. They look amazing Laura! So pretty.

    Zoe xx

  8. These are so lovely! I just discovered you through Kinsey...and I'm so glad I did!

  9. Those shorts are incredible!! I am seriously in love and have plans to make a pair for myself! I love your style and am so glad I found your blog (via Sincerely Kinsey).

    I just thought I would share this tutorial with you of my own! It's super easy!


  10. Adorable! I love how effortless and comfortable they look too! xoxo

  11. those shorts are awesome! i love that its unique design! perfect bohemian styled outfit!! i really like this!!

    paint it stripes
    New Photo Diary 'Wind and Sea' is up, Hope you can check it out :)

  12. I love those pockets! They turned out so darling. I'm glad you got to create something so beautiful and heal at the same time.

    Amanda Rose

  13. Those shoes (and your entire outfit) are to die for!

  14. cute shorts - the cardinal is esp pretty, love the white blouse too.

  15. You had me at Ray!! Oh how I love that man. And I love your shorts!!! I am inspired to fancy up a pair of my cutoffs now!


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