This is how we spend our mornings now...

taking in the sunrise on the porch with our coffee, IN MY ROBE!  something i could never do in town.  such a refreshing change of pace.  before i would wake up in my dark little house, make my coffee and go straight to emails.  not anymore!  and now that Bella can go outside anytime she wants... me, violet & bella all get to hang out together in peace.

Im slowly fixing up the outside.  james parents were so sweet to bring us two hanging baskets of the prettiest flowers.  i took some really lovely photos of them the other day.  and we brought over all of our gardening pots and accessories.  although it wont be until next season that i can garden.  but its comforting to have all of my momma's things on my porch.

and yep, thats me first thing in the morning!  and dont you just love the way the sunlight comes through the trees?

how do you spend your mornings?  do you give yourself time or do you jump right into the day?

Today we have friends visiting morning and night!  Shall be a good sunday.  And then tomorrow we are going to Ikea!!!  Oh my Im excited!



  1. I'm really so happy for you! Looks like quite a dream come true:) Enjoy every second of it.

    Funny you ask hehe, lately, I've been trying not to just jump right onto the computer in the morning. & instead take things slow and breathe! I'll take a lesson from this post and try stepping outside every morning too.

    Have a lovely Sunday with friends<3

  2. Sounds pretty amazing! On the weekends we definitely enjoy the mornings and just don't jump right into the day! I am so happy for you two!

  3. your new place looks like a dream! i'n not sure if you're in the country or not, but it certainly looks like it. i'd love to be able to feel comfortable to go out in the mornings like that, but unfortunately where we are in milwaukee, houses are in close proximity to one another. someday!

    i'm in the awful packing stage, we move into our second 'forever home' 2 weeks from yesterday. i can't wait to be at the fun stage you are at now :)

  4. gale, so glad you are feeling this urge. its something ive always wanted and never could, so im living it up now!

    meg, yay for your weekends!

    marie, it will be there before you know it! but you already know that since its your second go around! hope this next one is even better!

  5. Ahhh..you look so happy! I love your new place. The photos you've shared so far are simply beautiful.

    On the weekends I try to take a slower pace...maybe read a bit or snuggle with one of my fur-kids. However during the week I have little choice. The 9 to 5 calls! ;)

  6. Your new place looks so nice! We just moved from an apartment to a "real" home, so i know what you're going through.. Have fun in Ikea!! (L O V E Ikea!!)

  7. I use to just jump right into the day. the past few days i've started reading, not getting out of bed. or going outside and enjoying the sun. it makes such a difference in the day!

  8. I've never been in Ikea. The closest 1 is a few hrs away. Someday.

  9. So lovely. My husband and I dream of a tiny farm in Oregon, or California wine country some day. sigh.

  10. Hurray Ikea. Claps hands excitedly.

    I'm horrible at waking up. I always get up last minute and have to rush out the door. But if I do get up at a more 'normal' time I end up being late because I start to putz around. lol.

  11. I have porch envy. ;) You look adorable in the morning. I've been having coffee on the porch too on the few days it hasn't been raining.
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  12. hello laura! to wake up in between so beautiful nature! my husband and I are looking for a house with green muchoo, paravivir more in harmony with our essence and raise children nustros more quiet, far from the madness of ciudad.te Congratulations! blessings!


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