Food Inspiration...

As much as I love yummy healthy food, I have to remind myself sometimes why its so important.  I can get in such a creative rush, that I forget to eat until I must eat now now now!  And then I just want to grab whatever is quick and easy.  When I do take the time to do it up right, I love to photograph it for inspiration when I need it.  These aren't photos I share often, but I thought it might be inspiring to someone else.

I know that in the world of 'healthy' foods, these arent even the best, but they are my go to easy feel good meals.  My plates usually look very random like the bottom one.

What are some of your quick and easy go to healthy meals?  Id love to know.



  1. i understand -sometimes i have to force myself to stop creating and eat-especially if i'm on a roll ;)
    i like to make salads -if i'm being 'healthy' ;)

  2. Beautiful still life of food. I always enjoy your photography. I'm bad to grab whatever, too, but when I'm being good, I like chopped salads, a cooked veggie plate with a baked potato or a blueberry smoothie. The smoothie is easy: 2 cups of light soy milk, 1 cup of frozen blueberries, 2-3 packages of Truvia (to taste), depending on how sweet you want it to taste. I put a little cinnamon in mine, but that's optional. Maybe we'll all eat well today with all this inspiration!

  3. Poor man's stromboli: Take a tortilla (I usually have wheat on hand, but any kind will work) and spread on some spaghetti sauce (or pizza sauce if you're fancy and have some), sprinkle with cheese (mozzarella is most pizza-ish, but again, whatever you have works), add whatever toppings (for some reason we always have black olives on hand so that's what I usually throw in to the mix). Tuck the sides and roll it up like a burrito. You can heat it in a microwave, oven or in a skillet.

  4. Hummus and pita is my quickest go to food. Mostly I enjoy spending my time in the kitchen so my idea of "quick" is anything that takes between 30-60 min to prepare. My fave is Arabian Lentil and Rice Soup from Appetite For Reduction. Yum! Sunday mornings I love to scramble some tofu. Oh boy...this is making me hungry! ;)

  5. I have a difficult time eating during the day too. My fiancé likes to make smoothies, as well. They usually consist of orange juice, sorbet or frozen yogurt, mixed berries, bananas, and soy milk or creamer. Maybe not THAT healthy, (kind of fattening???) but he actually NEEDS to gain weight. He's like 5'10" and maybe 115 pounds.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!