Our Weekend in Photos...

We had a fun filled weekend with company.  Our friend Katelyn and her hubby and daughter came to stay with us to go to the Renegade Fair in Austin.  Over the weekend we went to Isabel's ballet performance, had a bbq, swam in the river, had lots of giggles and way too much good food.  It was so nice to see them and little miss Leena did not want to go home today.  It was a super fun weekend with all of our friends.  There were a ton more people and events than pictured here, but I didnt get it all captured.  I purposely did not take my camera to the river so I could really enjoy myself.  I think I had a kid in my lap this whole weekend!!!  I loved it.  But I must admit, its kind of fun being like the 'gran-friend' who gets to play with them and then they go home :)  I get the best of them!

Now its hard to get myself back to work, but it must be done!  I have orders to fill & ship, as well as lots of blogging goals, including a giveaway!  Maybe tonite :)



  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! Glad you had a good one! :)

  2. This weekend sounded like perfection! Looks like you had a blast! XOXO

  3. Jůůů nádherná sovička:)(That owl is so cute!!!:)
    Lovely photos:)

  4. great pictures! it looks like you had a blast~ just love the pic of the baby toes in the blanket :)

  5. Just found your lovely blog! You guys are a beautiful family! Xo!

  6. These are gorgeous photographs! Looks like a perfect day.

    Just wondered if you'd gotten my reminder email concerning the Creativity guest post series I had asked you about (I think we last spoke about it a few weeks ago).

    I'd love to use a post from you, on your creative process while crafting/etsying - if you've got time! I need to get all the posts for the series back this week.

    Happy week!

  7. that sandwich looks soooo good!! and i crocheted my daughter a blanket when she was a year old and she still has it...your pic reminded me of her bc she has to sleep with it everynight so she can put her fingers and her toes in the holes! looks like a fun weekend you all had.

  8. wow these are just wonderful photos! you capture everything beautifully!

  9. Love the shirt! I wore mine too this weekend! It's on my blog ;)


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