Sending My Love Floral Dress...

The day before mother's day, I received this beautiful dress c/o of Ruche in the mail.  It was so pretty and light feeling I couldnt wait to wear it.  It feels just as good on as it looks, it seriously feels like Im wearing a nighty its so comfy.  I love the details of it with the lace front, the waist tie and there are 3 precious buttons on the back.  So sweet and girly.  And a quick pull back of the bangs created a simple 70's hair style.  Makes me look more like my mother when I wear my hair like this.

Outfit detals:
Sending My Love Floral Applique dress c/o Ruche
The Traveling Leaf necklace by me
bangle from Forever 21
feather hair clip from Forever 21
beaded sandals from my BFF

And I painted my toenails for the first time in about 10 years.  I never paint them.  And I honestly cant decide if Im digging it or not.  Sure looks cute with those sandals though :)

We are hopefully about to get some rain here.  They keep telling us so at least.  I never believe it until I see it.

Oh, and I created a Lookbook account today for my outfit pics, super excited!  You can find the link in my sidebar.  Ill be adding new looks quite often.



  1. Such a cute dress! Everything about Ruche is so lovely! I ordered a dress earlier this morning myself. It has been whispering my name for days, and today the whisper could no longer be ignored! Looking forward to checking out your lookbook!

  2. Epps...it is super lovely on you! Ummm, it is very pretty and feels comfy like a nighty?!?!? Where do I sign up!

    xx Cat brideblu

  3. cat, go to www.shopruche.com, or follow the direct link to the dress in this post. it is so amazing!

  4. You look very nice in that dress! Ruche has such amazing items! If they ever wanted a plus size model....I'd be theirs in a heartbeat! Ha ha! :) Hearts, Janna Lynn

  5. loving you in this outfit. Something looks different though. Did you change your hair?

  6. You are absolutely adorable! Love the hair!

  7. nena, yes, i pulled my bangs back :) cute that you noticed.

  8. That dress is SO PRETTY! You look adorable. <3

  9. such a sweet dress! And I personally don't mind your toes painted, the colour's lovely! I dont tend to paint my toes either though

  10. i didnt paint my toes or fingers for many years simply because i make a mess out of it when i do. about 3 years ago i started pampering myself with mani pedis... i dont get that awful acrylic stuff tho... but it looks so much better when someone else does them... oh and those shoes compliment your polish and the dress so well.. you look lovely as always.

  11. you're so gorgeous and rock pretty much everything you put on ; )


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!